My Journey To Save Earth

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Its the introduction of my book.......

Submitted: March 15, 2014

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Submitted: March 15, 2014




Imagine, you sat on internet to check your mails, and suddenly sees a mail saying

 My name is Mark and I have 

Come from future through

Time Machine which had crashed

Need your help

When Sarah checked the address, she found the mail was sent by her friend Dimple. She likes to tease her especially when Sarah share some of her thoughts about Time Machine, because she wants to invent it. Dimple too want too is an astronaut like her. Sarah had choose this profession because she believe that, the solution to make TIME MACHINE lies in space.

Then she took her cell and called Dimpy. As soon as she said hello Sarah stared “don’t try to send me those mails again. It wasn’t funny at all”……” hello, which mail dear” Dimple said unknowingly. “Come at my home I will show you which mail” she said sarcastically……......

Than in 2014, NASA send them to Mars for a special.

When it was the time for them to reach mars there rocket landed on earth……but it was not the earth of 2014, it was………2034…..

And when they went to their house Sarah was shocked to see……..herself there………

Then the real story being when Old Sarah sent Sarah to earth….and then Sarah does a very big mistake….. 

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