It was too much...

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Young Adult  |  House: Booksie Classic

When life gets too much, you have to do what needs to be done.
This was one of those times...

I looked down at my body. It was round, chubby and ugly. My hair held its place around my head like a cone, and it never moved. My eyes were a dull shade of blue, and my nose was circular and boulbus and distracting. I had acne that just wouldn't go away no matter how hard I tried to get rid of it.
But the worst part of it all was my smile. When I smiled, I looked like a chipmunk. My teeth were yellow and crooked, and since my family couldn't afford Invisaligns, I was forced to wear ugly, metal braces that weren't even working. And when I complained about the pain, I was told that I was too ugly to be alive.
And I believed them.
Life just wasn't worth it anymore. I had never felt so alone and helpless, and I just wanted to leave everything behind.
No one would miss me. They'd wonder what had driven me to this, sure, but they would just carry on with life as it was. My death would never make a difference to any of them...because I'd never made any kind of difference anyway.
I looked down at the counter. The little orange bottle of Aspirin was probably enough to kill me. I picked it up and unscrewed the cap, shaking little white painkillers into my hand. When I grabbed my bottle of water, I could tell I was shaking.
This is the right thing to do, I thought to myself. No one loves you. So just do it.
I took a deep breath and put my hand to my mouth. I felt the pills sink onto my tongue, and I took a swig of the water in my hand.
I barely made it upstairs before I hit the ground. Then, all of a sudden, everything went black.

Submitted: October 27, 2010

© Copyright 2020 SarahAmyMcNeil. All rights reserved.

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AHHHH. I think I'm in shock of how awesome this is. well actually, no. I'm not shocked at all. LOVED IT.

Wed, October 27th, 2010 6:33pm


Thanks! That actually means a lot, I'm not kidding...:)

Would you mind maybe spreading it around? I'm just getting started on this, but it'd be nice for people to know about me:)

Wed, October 27th, 2010 11:40am


WOW! this was really good. your a pretty awesome author. :)love it. keep up the great work.

Fri, November 5th, 2010 7:16pm


Thanks! Like, SO MUCH! :)

Mon, November 8th, 2010 6:48am


wow sarah oh ya. LOL 2 all her other readers in the future ask her about her childrens story about the horses. BTW she might not respond to that question and is probably going 2 get mad at me 4 posting this. :P
luv u 2 sarah!

Wed, November 10th, 2010 2:56pm


But I love you.
I am NOT telling anybody about that!!!

But, I'm glad it was good??

Wed, November 10th, 2010 7:01am


wow, that was really good.

know who it is?

it's me!



Sun, November 14th, 2010 9:16am



Um, thanks! :)

Sun, November 14th, 2010 9:28am


hello! That was a really good story, although it was very sad. I liked how you described yourself. (I mean your character, i dont know what you look like in real life). Good job again. And, if you have a moment, please check out my stories? Thx!

Mon, December 27th, 2010 1:54pm


Thatnk you! It was supposed to be sad. I really like describing things, I feel it gives the story more value. And aha, I look nothing like that in real life xD

I definetly will check out your stories! I'm sure they'll be great :)

Mon, December 27th, 2010 7:46am

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