Blake the Blade Of Grass

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Children Stories  |  House: Booksie Classic
Blake the blade of grass proves himself by killing the lawnmower

Submitted: March 16, 2015

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Submitted: March 16, 2015



Our heroes adventure starts with Blake the Blade of Grass planted on a field, looking for something to do. Then, in the distance he sees something, it's coming closer, and closer, then he realized it is the lawnmower, and BAM! Blake hit his head on the floor, un conches. And as his colossal eyes started to depict the scene, he realized that part of the field, was dead.

He thinks to himself, what can a puny, two season old grass piece of grass do to save the rest of the field. And then it hits him, no blade of grass was that much more hefty than him, I mean, grass can't grow that tall. So what was stopping him? He bid good bye to his family, or what was left of it, and set off on his journey.

The first step was to unroot himself from the ground, and that's very risky for a piece of grass. That took him about an hour because, let's face it, Blake is not herculean. But now, he was ready to go.
The second thing he had to deal with was the blacktop, a cruel, dry, place for any plant. He adsorbed a heap of water and started the long trek to the edge of the blacktop. 
He was half way through when he suddenly spotted a deer, the eaters of grass, deer are almost as bad as lawnmowers. He dashed for safety, but the deer already saw him and was charging at Blake, but then he stopped.

"Hey, big eyes!" Screamed the deer
"Y, y, yes" stuttered blake 
" you want a ride?" 
"Is this one of your nasty deer tricks, because I'm not falling for it!"
"What trick, I don't like the taste of grass, I'm Tony."
"Oh, ok sure" and with that the small hero leaped on the end of the deer's nose.

When they reached the sandbox deer couldn't take him and further, for he had a fear of getting sand stuck in his hoofs. So Blake took another big gulp
of water and got on his way. 

Trudging through the dry sand was hard work! It took him hours to just get a fourth of the way there, and the shed that stored the lawnmower was at the back of sandbox. But then he saw a bunny, he was afraid at fist, but then, looking back on the day that he had, he realized the bunny might not be evil, he might even be willing to give him a ride!
"Um... Hi little guy! Do you want a ride? I'm Alice," the bunny said enthusiastically .Yes! Thought Blake
"Yeah, just one, minor question, you eat carrots not grass, right?" Asked Blake 

"Of corse silly!" And with that the bunny brought him to the shed.
Blake stood there, staring up at the great fortress of the lawnmower, gave himself a pep talk, and limboed underneath the crack between the door and the floor. 

Once in the shed he saw the giant sleeping monster, and he knew what he had to do. Blake gathered oodles of sticks and shoved the in the blade compartment, jumped on the flicky thing, that he knew would wake up the lawnmower and would start his blade. The lawnmower got jammed up and then the blade fell off.

Tony and Alice were waiting patiently for his return, and when Blake came out of the shed, untouched, Tony swooped Blake up on his nose and they sprinted all the way back to the field. The people of grasslandia named him king and they lived in peace for a while, but then the school got a new lawnmower...

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