Tartuffe the Pig

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Children Stories  |  House: Booksie Classic
Just a fun story about a Pig. If you want a laugh this is the book for you.

Submitted: March 15, 2015

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Submitted: March 15, 2015





Hello there my name is Tartufo the Pig, and I know what you are thinking what the heck is tartufo. Whell, tartufo is a wonderful dessert, it has ice cream, chocolate sauce, pecans, and many other things. If you did know what Tartufo is then I just wasted your time. Anyway, this is a book about my life story, my life is pretty simple, I mean I'm only a pig, that can write!


I was born

It was a cold silent night on the farm my mother was in a great deal of pain and I was charging through. I'm just kiding this is not that kind of book. But, I was born on a cold night. I remember when I first saw my mother, her soft, caring eyes. Just kiding, the first time I saw her was when I was born and nobody remembers that! but i know her eyes were soft.


Traveling the world

So anyway your probably wondering how I learned to talk, read, write and spell. Well as you know I'm not the averaged pig, I am a sucsess in mutation. I have a brain capacity of a 11 year old. If you read my other book Mr. Pig, great book by the way, you would know that I traveled the world doing tricks, whell we spent a long time in Italy.


We tored every city Rome, Naples, Caserta and a bunch of other cities. That's how I got the name Tartufo, it was Joe's (my owner) favorite dessert. When Joe was stuffing his face with Tartufo I snuck out and met some Italian guy with a huge waxe-up  mustache. His name was Leonardo and he talked a likea thisa. From that point on we traveled with Leonardo.



Since he spoke to to me like the most adorable thing on the planet, even though I am, he really, um am I supposed to tell you he inspired me or something. He didn't exactly do that. He made me giggle, oh who am I kidding a laughed and snorted when ever he talked because a) he is funny and b) he sounded funny! I wanted to sound like that.


My first word

After I decided I wanted to sound like Leonardo I spent all my free time trying to do that, so I guess it was no longer free. Anyway I tried over and over trying to say one word, my favoreist, most scrupdidilydomsios word, pizza pie! And after weeks of practice I finally said it "pizza pie"


Jibber jabber

Once I learned my first word it was easy, in fact maybe to easy. I


once I could talk that's all I did. That's what humans do, but I did it more. You understand though, I was a newly talking pig, there was nothing like me but me.

Once Joe and I left Italy we never saw Leonardo again.


An education

Since I knew I would never see Leonardo again I wanted to, um, kinda... follow in his footsteps, I guess you could say. I wanted people to know why I talk. The only way to really do that was to be on cbs live! But, I don't have that kind of publicity yet. The next best thing was to write a book. The only way to do that was to get an online education


As you probably know most online school will exept anybody or anything. So, getting in was a breeze. The first thing they tout was reading and writing, at first I had these weird things called spelling tests and we had to write essay things then, my favorite part a short story, the school became my editor, they told me what to add and what was wrong. It was awesome!



As you know or can imagine everybody has to graduate. It was fun, I guess. I mean no more editor. I was kind of a relief because people are always more likely to publish a book of a pig if the pig when's to school, right?


What will happen next

I know this is kind of weird but nothing has really happened since I graduated. besides my books being published so, I guess I'll just have to wait for something to come to me. But until, then you don't want to read a book about me waiting for something big to happen... or would you... Anyway until then I hope you liked this book on my weird but cool life. Bye!




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