Finally Together

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic
Kendra and Sarah like Robert and John for a while but will they finally be together?

Submitted: March 13, 2010

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Submitted: March 13, 2010



Here is a little information on the characters so you dont get confused....Sarah and Kendra are freshman at Panther High..Since the beginning of school Sarah has liked Robert but it seems like he wont give her the time of day. As for Kendra, she talks to John but its like he doesnt get the hint that she likes him. By the way Robert is a freshman alsoa freshmanbut John is a junior.

One day during freshman year the second to last week of school. The principles were letting them have a free day. They could either go on the track, the gym, or walk around the school. Kendra and Sarah decided to walk around the school. While they were walking John came over to them.

John: Hey can I walk with you guys?

Kendra wouldn't talk so Sarah had to answer.

Sarah: Yeah sure. We were just walking around aimlessly though

Kendra: Yeah it's kinda boreing.

John: I wanna talk anyways.

Kendra got kinda nervous, but was fine after a few minutes. They were walking down a halls getting lost and messing around. When they ran into Robert sitting on the floor with his back against the lockers. Sarah walked up to him.

Sarah: Hey Robert, are you ok?

Robert: No Mary dumped me.

Sarah: Oh I'm sorry.

She said it like she was sorry but she kinda happy that they were over maybe she would have her chance now.

Robert: It's ok.

Sarah: Do you want me to stay and we can talk?

Robert: Yeah but I don't want you to have to ditch your friends.

Sarah looked at Kendra and John with pleading eyes.

John: Go on I have to talk to Kendra about something private anyways.

Kendra: Yeah go on umm...just text me ok?

Sarah: Ok, and don't hurt her or anything John I like you and wouldn't wanna hurt you.

He just laughed grabbed Kendra's hand and walked away. Sarah sat next to Robert. They just sat there for a while in silence. When he finally said something.

Robert: So... why did you stay?

Sarah: Because I thought you shouldn't be alone and maybe you would need to talk and I couldn't just leave you here.

He just smiled a little and they just started talking about anything and everything: music, life,school, exes, and love.

After about an hour Kendra texted Sarah.

Message convo:

Kendra: Omg he told me he LIKED me!!

Sarah: Omg really yay!!!

Kendra:Yeah he also asked me out and I said yes.

Sarah: Yay! This is great.

Kendra:Yeah it is. So, how about you and Robert?

Sarah: We're just talking you know friend stuff.

Kendra:Oh, well maybe it will lead to something else hopefully but i g2g ttyl bye.

Sarah: Ok bye ttyl.

Robert and Sarah kept talking.

Robert: thank you for staying it meant alot.

Sarah: No problem. That's what friends.....

But before she could finish he kissed her quickly but softly on the lips.

Robert: I'm sorry I don't know what....

But before he finished she kissed him and they just kept kissing untilthey heard footsteps and it was Mary. She had had been looking for Robert.

Mary: Robert can I talk to you ALONE for a minute?

She said giving Sarah the evil eye. Robert looked at Sarah with questioning eye. While holding back tears she said...

Sarah: Go on I'll be here.

After he left Sarah sat there and cried. She knew he would go back to her and she had lost her chance. She got up and walked and saw them talking. They were talking about getting back together. Robert saw Sarah. Mary looked back and Sarah ran. Robert went to run after her but Mary stopped him. Sarah ran to where Kendra was and explained the whole thing while crying her eyes out. After Robert and Mary were done he came to find her, because he realized that he might actually like Sarah and she seemed to treat him better than Mary ever had so he went to fine her to tell her he wanted to give them a chance. All of a sudden he heard yelling

Guy: FIGHT!!!!!

Mary had come up to Sarah and called her all kinds of names because Robert had told Mary hethought he hadfallen for Sarah when he kissed her and that set her off. Mary punched Sarah and they started fighting.The teachers broke them up but they were still yelling at each other. They went to the office. Robert came and found Sarah in the nurses office trying to keep her forehead from bleeding everywhere.

Robert: Omg. Are you ok? I am soo sorry I left you. I have something I want to tell you.

Sarah: Yeah Im fine, its ok no need to be sorry. Oh and what is it you wanted to tell me?

Robert: I wanted to tell you that me and Mary are over for good.

Sarah: Oh.. Im sorry.

She said hesitantly

Robert: And I did it for you. I wanna be with you. When we kissed I felt something I havent before.

Sarah: Really me too.

They kissed again. John and Kendra had been watching.

John: Awwwwww.

Kendra: Oh wow John haha.

Robert and Sarah pulled apart and laughed. John looked at Kendra and just randomly kissed her.


Robert and Sarah laughed. Sarah's punishment for the fight was she had to clean some class rooms. Which wasnt that hard since John, Robert, and Kendra helped. So they got done in about 20 minutes and they had to stay 1 hour. The rest of the time they goofed off.

After they were done they all went to John's house. Sarah and Kendra said they were going to each others house so they wouldnt get into trouble. Robert said he was going to John's. Well they got there about 5 and messed around till about 11. When John all of a sudden saidhe wanted to watch a movie. So, John and Kendra went to find a movie.

Robert: Can I ask you something baby?

Sarah just sat there because she couldnt believe he called her baby.


Sarah: Oh sorry. Yes. Sorry i just couldnt believe you called me baby. haha.

He just laughed and hugged her.

Robert: I just wanted to ask if you would.....if you would be my girlfriend?

Sarah: Hmmmm.........(he got a worried face). Yes of course i will.

He sighed with relief while grabbing her into a hug and kissing her. It had that same feeling it did in the hall.Just then John and Kendra walked back in.

John: Geez when we always leave and come back your always doing that!

Robert: What?

Then he kissed Sarah.

John: THAT!!!!

We all laughed and spent the night watching movies all night till morning. They hung out all weekend. Going to the movies, park, and each other's houses. They barely ever seperated.

Monday: They went to school and met up in the hall in front of the office and said their good mornings. John kissed Kendra and Robert kissed Sarah. They all walked around till they finally sat down at a table. Just a few minutes later Mary walked up to them. Sarah and Kendra gave her evil looks.

Mary: Robert can I talk to you for a minute?

Robert: What is it Mary?

Mary: Please just for a minute.

Robert kissed Sarah and got up. She watched them walk into the hall behind a wall out of her view. And the flashbacks of what happened from the last time hit her and she started to cry. Kendra looked at her.

Kendra: Sarah are you ok? Whats wrong?

Sarah: Yeah just thinking about the last time she asked him to talk and what happened.

John: Oh yeah she is such a...a meanie. Yep thats what she is. Wow I used colorful language.haha

That got Sarah and Kendra to laugh. I t had been a few minutes and Sarah got worried so she walked out in the hall when she did she saw Mary about to kiss Robert. She walked over to them pushed her away and kissed him so passionatly. Mary got so mad.

Mary: Whatever. Pick that tramp over me.

Robert: I am, I will, and I did. Oh, and shes not the tramp.

She walked away red with embarrasment and anger. From then on she didnt try to split them up because she knew she couldnt.

Senior Year:

John had been planning on proposing to Kendra for a while now and with the Senoir Prom coming up he thought it would be the perfect place to do it.

Kendras proposal:It was prom night and they all looked great. Kendra had a green medium long dress it had silver swirls and pretty butterflies on the bottom. John had a green and black tux to match her. Sarah had a strapless kinda short bluesparkly dress. Robert had a blue and black tux to match her. They were all dancing when the announcer picked up the mic.

Announcer: Its time to annouce king and queen, and your queen is Emily Johnson. Your King is Michael Jones.

Everyone was clapping. They were preps of course they would win.(No offence to preppy people) But John jumped up on the stage.

John: Kendra come up here babe.

Kendra: John what the hell are you doing?

John: I have been dating this beautiful girl for four years and i want to spend the rest of my life with her.

He got down on one knee.

John: Kendra, baby will you marry me?

She stood there for a moment.

Kendra: Of course I will.

He jumped up and put the ring on her finger then kissed her like he never had before.Everyone was clappiing and congradulating them.Then John, Kendra, Sarah, and Robert celebrated the rest of the night.


Robert had been talking to John and Kendra about proposing to Sarah. He had wanted the right time and place to do it and he decided he would do it at theirgraduation.

Sarahs Proposal:It was graduation class of 2013. Everyone had gotten their diplomas. Robert got on stage.

Robert: Will the prettiest girl come up on stage?

A bunch of girls stood up and proceeded to go up on stage.

Robert: No, not you girls. My girlfriend.

They scoufed and walked off. Sarah came up and stood next to him.

Sarah: (whispering) What are you doing?

Robert: Me and this gorgeous girl have been dating for a wonderful four years but i dont want to date anymore.

Sarah got worried and started to slightly cry.

Robert: Because I want you to be my wife.

He down on one knee

Robert: Sarah, will you marry me?

Sarah: Oh my god. YES!!!

He jumped on put the ring on he finger and spun her around stopped and kissed her while everyone cheered and hollered.

Thier Futures:

Kendra and John's Life:They got married on july 23rd 2016. John was a drummer in a very succesful band with Robert. Kendra was a designer. They had a beautiful house. They also had 2 children. One boy,Dante John Turner, born on Jan. 20th 2017. One girl,Amy Lee Turner, born Jul. 24th 2019. They lived a wonderful life together.

Sarah and Roberts Life:They got married June 14th 2016. Robert was a bass guitarist in a very successful band as I had mentioned with John. Sarah was a computer specilaist and stay at home mom to two boys. Oldest boy, Robert Micheal Vanetten Jr. born Dec. 2nd 2017. The youngest,Kyle Lee Vanetten, born Dec. 14th 2019. They lived happily ever after.

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