When Darkness Swallows

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Okay, so this is about a girl - I don't mention the name - named Ariada - again, not mentioned - who is home alone when things take a turn for the worst.

Submitted: October 29, 2010

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Submitted: October 29, 2010



I didn’t know what to do; I mean, run, hide, call someone, what was I going to do?
Hide – where? Run – where? Call – who would I call? What was I going to do?
The darkness was already taking in my home, my street, my living room, engulfing me into darkness, it stretching like an awaken cat over my floor; stretching it’s arms, taking up more space.
I was chewing on my nails nervous, contemplating over what I was going to do – hide under a blanket, run to my room, or call my mother, who was out shopping with my father and little brother, Grayden.
‘What am I going to do?’ I muttered to myself.
I heard a sound outside, and swore to myself, jumping with fear.
‘Stupid darkness and its stupid self, and so stupid that it’s full of fear, scaring my stupid self into hiding like a child.’ I muttered to myself. ‘I mean, it’s not even alive. How could it hurt me, much less get into my house?’
I shrieked; I couldn’t help it. The fear was taking over my body, freezing my toes and fingertips, numbing them, making my limbs slower, making me stumble…
I shivered. What the hell does it want? Me? What did I ever do to it – turn on a night light in the middle of the night? Since when am I going to do that? I need darkness to sleep all night. I thought numbly, and laughed humorlessly to myself.
A nightlight.
I shivered again, rubbing my arms, trying to cause friction to warm them. Doesn’t it always work?
Not when you’re scared so badly that you’re hiding on a couch, in a Snuggie. A voice in my head said.
‘Shut up,’ I muttered, grasping for my toes, watching the darkness.
It was stretching over my hardwood floor, taking in the table, the TV, the remote, and most of the other things in my living room.
‘What do you want!?’ I snapped, feeling foolish.
I’m talking to myself, and hearing voices in my head. That’s never good.
I looked again – it was closer to me, stretching over to the bottom of the couch, and I freaked.
‘Leave me alone. JEEZE!’
I heard a hissing noise, and wrapped my legs around my legs, shivered, and gritted my teeth. I looked around the room, seeing no light, just some color on what was left of the couch and me.
I snapped.
Jumping up, I tipped my toe into the darkness, and recoiled.
It was ice cold. Like glacier water; so cold, that you’re body numbs, having no pain, only extreme coldness.
‘Oh my god,’ I whimpered, rubbing my toes.
Is it really true that the door to the Spirit-World is thinner around October and November? Because if so, then spirits are really visiting me.
And trying to hurt me.
I looked down; the darkness was reaching my toes, and I closed my eyes, waiting for it to happen.
I opened one of my eyes, and was faced with someone.
I screamed.
It was a person, who was hurt conversely, blood spattered over its ruined face.
I screamed again.
I screamed a lot that night.
Okie, I hope you like it! It's my first attempt at a Short-Story, so please comment - good or bad, I don't care. :)

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