Its Just You And Me Now

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Just a scene i think that should of been in the movie it would of been cute, and mae whitmans performance was great and bill pullman was great in it and he was hot then. Lol i enjoyed writing this. hope you like and review it.

Submitted: August 15, 2012

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Submitted: August 15, 2012




It's Just You And Me Now.

Just a little scene that should have been in the movie. I loved bill Pullman and Mae Whitman in this as father/daughter.

Patricia did not know what really happened to her mother, she thought she was asleep and now it is just her and her father the president of the United States.

"Daddy where are you going?" she asked her father, he was in his pilot suit ready to get rid of the aliens so they could go home.

"Munchakin daddy has to go and tell the bad people to go away." He said to his daughter "Can I come?" she innocently asked.

"No sweetheart am sorry you can't but you are going to stay with jasmine and her son Dylan and her dog… I know you like dogs" he smiled.

She smiled "can we get a doggy?"

"Of course baby when this is over though"

"Will the bad people hurt me?" she said.

"No of course they won't I won't let that happen." He could not even think of that, not after what happened to his wife.

"Am scared daddy" she said to him as she said to him before on the plane.

"Hey..." He whispered. "Look at me Patricia" he never used her name like that before unless it was something serious.

"I need you be to brave ok? Be brave like I told you on the plane, be brave for daddy and for mommy, she's looking over us now and she wants you to be brave and safe" he whispered.

Patricia starts to cry now, he hugs her tightly to him "its ok honey… it's all going to be ok".

"Is mommy going with you?"

"yes she is going to make sure I am safe and that she will make sure I come back" he said tears coming to his eyes.

"I love you daddy." She threw her arms around his neck once more.

"I love you too my munchakin, it's just you and me now" he said. He pulled away, kissed her forehead, and led her to jasmine.

"Right I have to go now" he took Patricia's hand into jasmines hand.

"Please look after her jasmine. Keep her safe until I get back". he said seriously

"I will Mr President don't worry". She said to him she took Patricia's hand. He nodded "your dad will be ok Dylan" he said to the little boy and walked away but heard Patricia's cries he looked back.

"Daddy doesn't go," she shouted. Breaking away from jasmines hand and running to him

"Baby I have to I will be back soon…" he said

"Love you daddy" she once said again and hugged him.

Jasmine came over and took Patricia's hand as he pulled away and looked in his daughters brown eyes which where his wife's eyes.

"I love you my munchakin," he once said again. He was determined to walk away without looking back. he took a deep breath and walked away it hurt him so much walking away from his only daughter and not knowing If he would survive but he would make sure he would for Patricia and for America and his wife she wouldn't want him to die and to leave Patricia.

After the defeat of the aliens

He landed his plane, and got out, he was very happy they won. He was met by his secretaries welcoming him back and cheering. Until he saw jasmine walking towards them with Dylan Patricia and their dog. Patricia saw him and ran to her father while shouting him.

"Daddy daddy!" she shouted. She was swept into his arms, and hugs and kisses where placed all over her, all she could do was hug him and say, "we won daddy".

"Yes we did". He smiled. "Thank you jasmine" he said, "Your welcome …..where's Steve," she asked. They hear a roar above them and see two planes coming down.

Steve and David get out and walk towards them. Jasmine races to Steve and Connie races to David.

The president and the others walk up towards them. After a big reunion and thank you's, president Whitmore picks up his daughter snuggles his face into hers and hugs her, they look up at the sky.

"Happy 4th July daddy". Patricia says to her daddy.

"You too my little munchakin." He kissed her cheek.

They all knew everything will be ok now, but the loss of was difficult on the president and his daughter.

Yeah I know… I couldn't help but keep this to a 200 hundred word to 772 hundred word. I enjoyed writing it leave some reviews…

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