Mesperyian: Goddess of torture and punishment

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This is a short story of Persophones and Demeter's daughter and the jealousy of Aphrodite over her outstanding beauty.


(goddess of torture and punishment)

(symbol is the mask or black roses)

Mesperyian is the daughter of Hades god of the underworld. Mesperyian was born when Persephone left for the first time to visit Demeter during the warm seasons. During her absence Hades found himeself so lonely after being with the lovely Persephone that he constently found himself thinking of her at the most randomest times. At these times he sometimes found himself experiencing a type of day dream. He began to see and vision what a child with Persepone would be like. Sometimes Hades would vision this child so much that she took on a form, but soon as though never there, the image would vanish into thin air. After several weeks though and no word from Persephone, Hades grew so lonesome that he took on depression. This depression became so stong that when he began his now daily dream he visioned the child so perfectly down to her last strand of hair that when he was done she did not vanish this time, but came forward and sat down next to him. He named her Mesperyian who grew to be a lovely woman more attractive than Aphrodite. Aphrodite hearing of Mesperyian grew very jealous of her gossiping beauty. So one day Aphrodite took it upon herself to visit the underworld and forever set straight who was the most beautiful. When she got there she was so astounded and awed by Mesperyian's looks that she hesitated, but sure enough was enraged with jealousy and hatred. Aphrodite knowing she could not kill Mesperyian because she was a goddess soon devised a plan. Weeks passed and word traveled and Aphrodite become more jealous, but she knew she had to wait for the most perfect moment and sure enough a few weeks later that moment soon arrived. Mesperyian longing to stretch her legs and breath fresh air surfaced to the ground from the underworld for a walk. Being envisioned as Persephone's daughter she also loved nature. So Mesperyian walked to the far east for many steps when she came upon the most lovliest comb Mesperyian had ever seen made of gold and pearls with leaves of the most highest quality etched into the gold. Astounded by this discovery she became very excited and decided to try the comb so she used it to pen back her silky strawberry blonde hair not knowing that the comb was part of a devious plan on Aphrodite's part. Having stuck the comb just right into her hair, the gold picked up the heat of the sun and burst into blazes of fiery heat and wicked flames. Mesperyian caught off guard tried to demolish the flames with her right hand only did she stop when the fire was out. Hurriedly she ran to the nearest river only to be revolted by the image reflected back towards her for her silky hair was no more than mere ashes and her face a mass of hideous remains. Peering down to her right hand she saw the hue of charcoal and cracked nails. Being a goddess Mesperyian could not die, but she had a weakness due to a lack in her system that Hades had left out of the vision, her skin was not immortal to fire. The only harm fire could do to Mesperyian was to shrivel her skin and burn it dark as coal, the damaged would never worsen nor would it ever heal. This was one of the reasons she was to never go outside for fear that she would somehow catch fire, but curiousity of the upperground air had led to just that. So before further complications could accur Mesperyian returned to the underground miserable and angry at heart where she soon ordered for Hephaestus to make her a mask of intemidation. Upon wairing the mask she did not feel whole though and felt as if something was missing. To fix this she did as Hades had done to create her, she envisioned wings of darkness and evil to take root and grow out of her back to give her the strength to fly and a right hand of metal and sharp claws for power and pain. With the new attire also came a change of heart, Mesperyian had always taken after Persephone's kind heartedness and love of nature, now only yearned for torture and punishment. So when Mesperyian saw someone misbehaive her ways or her mind she grew angry and would go about seeking her revenge on poor souls who was the root of the situations by flying upon them and sweaping them off the ground only to tear them to shreds with her metal hand and feed them to the three headed beast of the underworld. Some day Mesperyian punished more people than of other days, many say that the day she most seaks was Judgement Day, but others would disagree saying that the day was forever called Halloween and Mesperyian that was the start of costumes to scare people off with her blood chilling mask, wings of only thought of only as a demons and hand of metal spears.

Submitted: July 03, 2009

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tania lee

i loved this more like this whoot whoot haha

Fri, January 14th, 2011 12:24pm


Do you mind if I use Mesperyian in my story?

Wed, June 8th, 2016 11:31pm


Amazingly well written. Also, how on earth do you get your books popular on booksie? Teach me your secrets.

Thu, June 7th, 2018 11:19am

Kelsey Vandelar

Welp, I finally found it. The story that has made me a meanie online because people have confused a work of fiction for an actual piece of Greek myth that is utterly disprovable with a Google search. As a Classics major who has extensively studied ancient Greek myth and culture before they even went to college, I am constantly correcting people who genuinely believe this thing is true and have then gotten labelled as being "mean" for doing nothing more than clearing up a misunderstanding. I do not write this comment (years after the fact) to be bitter or to say that no one should be able to enjoy this story. I only write it to make clear as someone who has studied the ancient world for the entirety of her college career, that a work of fiction is not to be confused with reality and that saying that Mesperyian is an actual goddess is spreading gross misinformation of a religion, people, and culture that actually existed centuries ago. Just because a religion is dead and gone does not give us the rights to rewrite it and canonize what was intended as a work of fiction. I say this as someone who writes her own stories centered around Greek myth and as someone who is tired of having to clear up misconceptions. Everyone please continue to enjoy this story, but do not, I repeat DO NOT treat it as actual mythological text. Should you so badly wish to see this goddess legitimized, then search for the evidence yourself through ancient art or text.

Tue, July 10th, 2018 2:46am

Pandora Sirena

Kelsey Vandelar, I agree with you that clearing up misconceptions is a good thing, so I am here to clear up one of your own: the religion is NOT dead and gone =)
There are millions of people all over the world who still worship these gods to this day. I can't decide whether I'm baffled or just sad that someone who studied the Greek pantheon during all of her college career doesn't know that.
Then again, it wouldn't be the first time. I've even seen a book on the subject whose author stated, on the foreword, that not a single mortal believes the Greek gods anymore. Welp....

Mon, August 20th, 2018 6:25am

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