Little Billy and Little Ann

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I had to write a poem for my English class for Valentine's Day, and this is what I came up with.

Submitted: April 07, 2008

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Submitted: April 07, 2008



Little Billy, just an ordinary guy
He was honest – never spoke a lie
He did as he was told, given a lot of trust
His chores were always done, as they must
He lived poorly but with little regret
His mother, however, lived in constant fret
Little Billy had no father known
At the sign of a child, he had flown
All in all, he was still very glad
His emotions knew no meaning of sad.
Little Ann was extremely wealthy
With that, she was extremely healthy
Her servants took care of her well
They were always there – she never fell
With large company, she wasn’t on her own
She was always afraid of being alone
Faces were everywhere, but none were mom and dad.
Not enough time, it was quite sad
She lived like that since she was a tot
They had never talked to her a lot.
Little Billy was six when he first met her -
Her being Little Ann in her designer fur.
She was six as well, both so very young
And at the time, spring had sprung
Little Ann had little freedom
Luckily, nearby, Little Billy suffered boredom
“Want to come and play with me?”
Little Billy spoke to she
Little Ann was very hesitant to decide
But she had resolved to confide:
“I’ve never played with another before.”
“Well, that’s quite a bore.”
Little Billy smiled at Little Ann, and he showed her a game
It was called ‘hide-and-seek’ but she thought it was lame
“Give it a try!” Little Billy told her.
Little Ann didn’t like it, but said “Well, if you prefer…”
So they played the game, and it was fun
Soon enough, there went the sun!
Little Ann’s posse came and took her away
She shouted “I’ll come back another day!”
And so she did, the very next morning
A great surprise! A visitor without warning
Little Ann and Little Billy were always together
Rain or shine, whatever the weather!
He was there, and she was there too
At the same time, they suffered the flu
But together, they didn’t mind at all
Best friends until six years later, that fall.
“I have to leave now,” Little Ann said one day.
“Why? We have plenty of time to play!”
Little Billy was very surprised
Alas, it was their demise
Little Ann had to move away
“We’ll meet again, I pray!”
With a hug, the children said “Good-bye”
Both thinking, “Oh why, oh why?”
Years had passed since then
And both remember way back when
They never forgot each other
Determined to never find another
For what they didn’t know it so long ago
Their knowing did indeed begun to grow
And when they were old enough to tell
They’d fallen under that darned love spell.
Now both were twenty, and lonelier then ever
They haven’t seen each other since forever
Little Ann wasn’t little anymore, and neither was Bill
They both longed for each other still
When she could, Ann came back to the place
And she saw Bill, face to face
Neither spoke a word, but both of them knew
Their love really was that true
They gave each other a giant embrace
They knew they were at the right place
They talked as if she had never moved
And with that, they had proved
Love can last so very long
Unhindered, too strong
They were together again,
And of course, that was ‘The End.’

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