Jacob, The New Boy - Chapter 1

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I came up across this story in my Old Account (blackwriter13) and I decided to post it up again. Since I cant log onto my old account I decided to post my old stories on my new account.
It has been changed, but it's still kinda the same.
Hope you enjoy.

Submitted: November 08, 2011

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Submitted: November 08, 2011




My name is Jacob. 
I'm a real person.
Well, when I was alive at least. 
My life was pretty plain and simple. 
Get up, go to school, come home, watch t.v, then sleep, and do it all over again. 
That was until...
Oh you'lle find out later on. 
So yeah, this is my life. 
Until it Changed, for the better. 
This is my journal. 
They say Guys don't keep journal's. 
They say it's a girly thing to do. 
I say, Whatever. 

Dear Journal, 

Today was not so great. 
I got to school late, and on the way there I tripped in a puddle. Just my luck I guess.
I got my new Volcom jeans wet. Not cool. 
I got there and they sent me straight to my first class, where they were  everyone were forced to introduce themselves.
We were in a circle.  
 It was kinda wierd. 
I sat down and waited for my turn. 
When it got to me I said, "My name is Jocob, and I love to cook." 
Some of the jocks were coughing, "Fag" under their breath. Then they all laughed.
It was embarrassing for the moment.
At least until a few girls in the group mentioned how they like a guy who can cook
Then the so called jocks coughed up thier pride.
What a bunch of no brainers. 
Then the rest of the day was really boring. 

I made one friend. His name is August. I think he is kinda a spaz. But, oh well. 
It's funny because his birthday is in August. 
August 10th to be exact. 
His folks must have been out of ideas to name thier son on a month he was born in.

Dear journal, 

Nothing reallyinteresting happened at school today, But after school August and I went to, what he calls, "The hang out" .
"The hang out" is behind a tree next to a skate park. 
With no skaters in it.
But when we got there, It was filled with posers, and some girls.
August freaked out. Questioning If my heart was beating as loud as his.
Not really. I could have cared less actually. 

August is a retard.
Well not a retard, retard. He is very brave.
He went up to one of the girls and asked if he could make out with her. 
They did. 
It looked really gross. 
And she looked like she hated it. 
But he looked like he was having a blast. 
Why would she agree if she would end up hating it? 

The addicts were all over me, asking me I had a ciggarette or a blunt. 
No. I do not smoke or get high. 
Wouldn't want to hurt my poor brain cells.
Since I don't have as many as Brain Lard I need to keep as much as I got. 
Brain Lard was the smartest kid in school. 
The dude got all A's. 
He's likely to get accepted by Harvard, Princeton, And Brown University in a few years. 




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