Pheonix High School Chapter 1

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Urban reminisces about what happened to him this summer and all of it comes back to him.

Submitted: October 10, 2011

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Submitted: October 10, 2011



OK .Phoenix High school, my cage, my hell hole for eternity. Now you must be wondering what I am speaking of. I personally don’t hate my school I just simply hate the people that are in it. I’m sitting here in my English class wondering what my future will be like. I wonder if I will be rich, handsome, Strong, and Funny? I doubt it. I look up at the blackboard: in script it said Assignment: Write about something that no one knows about you. 

Well, that’s easy I guess. I open up my notebook and try to write something but my hands freeze up on me. How can I write what happened to me over the summer on a piece of paper that Mr. Crazy will read? I can’t find the words to describe it or write it. I put down my pencil and think back to the times life was good.

My parents were getting along and the girl that I had a crush on finally noticed me. I was an ordinary boy in school hoping to get noticed by girls and be popular and loved and admired by many. Ever since that day when I was invited to my first party all my friends kept talking about how everyone was going to be there. 
I overheard a rumor from the boy’s bathroom that the cutest girl in school was going to be there. That night I got excited and dressed up cool. My older sister said that girls don’t like it when boys over dress, it’s a big turn off. So I toned it down a little and wore my coolest clothes. My sister loved it and said that all the girls in the party would notice me. I wore a black aeropastle shirt with dark jeans. Since I am skinny and tall my clothes fit me perfectly; skinny and long. 

Mom and Dad thought I was sleeping over at Travis’s place. Yeah right. My older sister drove me to the party and she promised she wouldn’t rat me out and tell Mom and Dad.
Once I got in the party the smell of beer and weed whiffed up my nose. I walked over to my friends with a smile on my face. 
"Hey guys" I yelled over the desiring techno music.
"Hey Urban, cool clothes man." Thomas nodded his head to the music.
Here, have a beer man, and take a load off" Mitch smiled: I could tell he was on the verge of passing out. Out of every one of my friends he was the one who always drank- almost every two weeks when he wasn’t playing sports. Though we were just in the Freshmen, Mitch acted like a senior.

"Thanks man" I accepted it.

I never drank beer in my whole life so I don’t know what it taste like or how it feels. I’ve always wanted to know what it feels like, so I gulped down a few sips of it. It burned the back of my throat, as it spilled into my body my throat closed and eyes burned. Since the guys were watching me, I didn't want to seem like a loser. So I forced myself to drink two more. In a distance I saw some girls taking shots of something that looked like water. They invited us to join, which we did. Though it was a competition, I didn't win. I had a light amount of shots. My head started to become a blur. 

I escaped to what looked like a bathroom. I opened it and saw a boy talking to himself. I walked past him and wet my face with extreme cold water, it felt like little needles pricking its way into me. I hear footsteps behind me and a hand is placed on my shoulder.
My head started to turn and I fell to the ground and the boy was on top of me, he whispered something in my ear and smiled like an evil clown. I felt something like hands under my shirt they traveled my entire chest, exploring around unwelcomed. The heat of his body and his hands felt good on my cold chest. 

"What are you doing? Stop" I managed to say in the darkened room; though my thoughts were all wrapped under pleasure.
"You know you like it." His deep voice mentioned. After a minute of his hand all over me I started catching myself together. Then that was when it happened; it felt weird and dirty. He hurt me, took control of my territory, hurt me, and hurt me again. I felt tight, and sultry. 
"Huh?" I cooed. 
I saw the boy’s face, his crystal gray eyes making holes past my skin. He laughed kissed my cheeks and said "I’ll be back for you". I heard a door slam shut and the sound of me breathing heavily. I breathed in the scent of alcohol and out fear. I pulled myself together and left the room before he could come back. I walked past everyone, and saw Thomas hugging a red headed girl, that was the last thing I really actually thought of. 

I walked and walked to wherever I was going, and suddenly burst out laughing so totally idiotic. My feet started to hurt and felt sore. I knew I was definitely drunk for sure.

"Are you alright?" A blond haired girl asked, her voice full of concern for me.

How pathetic, right? I shook my head and licked my frozen lips. Her hair almost shined under the blue moon and her face was as beautiful as a painting. Red lips that could speak in an intelligent manner and her eyes that gently made you feel warm like mom’s pancakes.
She walked up to me and I hugged her, I pushed her and she landed on the bushes. 
"Get off me, who are you?" She yelled. I kissed her and she escaped from me and ran down the street, she ran so far that I didn’t see her anymore; all I saw was her outline. 
I lie on the bushes all throughout the night, and wake up in the morning itching like a dog, and my head hurting. What happened last night ?

That day I shall never forget. 
That day, I became a murderer, a criminal, a fool. 

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