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Dan's pissed with Josh.... What's new?

Submitted: December 20, 2011

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Submitted: December 20, 2011



The guards took us in and sat us down at the table. I was on the far left and they placed Josh all the way down at the other end. Fuck no. Josh had to have done this on purpose. That bastard. Ever since that night where his fingers had been ghosting over when I needed him the most and me groaning out he has been acting like a complete wanker.
Rubbing up against me when walking through the hallways, whispering dirty words into my ear every now and then and even placing his cubby ass on my lap when he clearly knew I had a problem down there that day. And yet we still haven't talked properly.
I was pouty at the end of the table, signing the things the kids brought for us with little enthusiasm. Josh knew why I was being such a drama queen and he look down the table and winked at me. Cheeky bastard that man is. He obviously knew I had feelings for him but the questions was, did he too? Or was he just being so obnoxious that he wanted to see how far he could push me until I had just had enough. Yep, that seems most definitely like the Josh thing to do.
The crowd hadn't been that big this time around and the line was nearing the end. A petite little blonde headed girl had walked up to Josh and he had turned in his little Franceschi charm and was flirting her up like there was no tomorrow. He didn't have any real interest in her other than the fact as long as she kept flirting back he would be happy. Well Joshy boy. Two can play at this game.
A cute red headed girl came to my end of the table and as best to my ability I started flirting with her also. I could see the scorn look on his face and I smirked to myself this time. Josh was pretty upset that I was actually fighting back.
The other members had been oblivious as until now and they got a little suspicious. The looked at each other with puzzling eyes and then back and forth to me and Josh. It got quiet then.
I heard Josh whisper into the whores ear, "Why don't you come meet me backstage after I'm done here." Okay, that pissed me off big time. I stood up slamming my hands on the table which scared Max out of his wits and stormed off back into the prep room. Well, Josh certainly got what he wanted this time. "Dan! Wait!"
I didn't care what he had to say, I was furious now. Why would he even do such a thing. I stormed into the room, slamming the door behind me which was no use considering Josh was right on my tail and came in not too long after. "What the hell's your problem Franceschi!? You can't just go around doing all these things you know?" "Dan...." I cut him off. "No Josh, I'm tired of hearing all these excuses from you." "I like you Dan okay!!! ....a lot actually...." he had started to awkwardly rub his hand through his hair and staring at the ground. I scoffed. "And this is your way of showing it? Prancing around making me a sexually frustrated mess and then hitting up some random girl? Sure doesn't sound very boyfriend like to me." "I never said anything about boyfriends.." " You know what I mean Josh!!"
"Well, if you ask me you're the one that was being the total bitch these past couple days." Josh had decided to fight back now. "Excuse me?" I take a step closer to him. "How is this my fault Josh? Please do explain, I'd loovvveeee to hear this one." The sarcasm level in my voice was very high.
Josh takes a step closer to me also and now were standing just inches apart and he's looking me into the eyes. God, the gorgeous eyes, mmhhnmmm... No, bad Dan. You're furious with this boy right now. "Well?" His response to that was wrapping his band around the back of my head and forcing my lips onto his.
Woah, I most certainly didn't expect that to happen. My head was becoming a little foggy at kissing Josh. Me kissing Josh Franceschi. Josh Franceschi was kissing me. Hell, he wouldn't even give hugs to some of our fans and yet here he is, smacking lips, (and now I may say tongue) with the nobody drummer of our little band.
Josh had moved us over to the couch and I was still a bit lightheaded but all I cared about was that he kept grinding on me. He let go of the kiss, "Are you still mad at me then?" He said with a little smirk. "Come here you bastard." I say as I take his head in my hands and force him back onto my lips. God, those lips.. I just imagine them being everywhere... everywhere......
"Well, well, well. Look what we have here." Fuck. It was The rest of the band. Max, Matt and Chris all standing there in front of us with arms crossed as Josh was still laying on top of my body. No one said anything, everyone was silent. "Get off of me you bloody wanker." I shoved Josh off my body and he makes a thud onto the floor. I sit up and stare awkwardly at the ground. What was I supposed to say? Our lead singer and I were just making out because I have gay feelings for him? Yeah, that would go over well.
"Didn't I tell you Max? Said Matt. "Didn't I tell you that there was something funny going on with these two?" Max nods in a agreement trying to hold back his laughter. Bastard. "But." Max chimed in, "I really don't see Josh as the dominate one in the relationship. But, with Dans feminicity and all." "Why you little arse." I take whichever item is the closets to me and chuck it at Max and it hits him in the side. The item happened to be a pillow though so it didn't do much damage and Matt and Max walked out of the room giggling uncontrollably.
"Good job guys, just don't be making out on stage you faggots." Gotta love Chris don't you. He left the room and Josh looks up at me smiling.
He gets up from the floor and straddles me the couch. My hands go to his hips and make little circles around the little part of open skin with my thumbs. "Great job you did there Josh, that's exactly how I wanted to come out the the rest of our band." "mmhhmmm" Josh just agreed with me being to preoccupied by something else. I look down where Josh's eyes were staring and by the time I know it my zippers down.
"Jos.. UNHH." His hand had found its way to my dick and he had it out, pumping it slowly. I leaned my head back and held onto his shoulders for support. Completely forgetting what I was about to say to him. "Am I forgiven now?" I nod my head frantically. Not being able to talk as his hand builds up speed around my now hard cock. I could really get used to this. "Josh.... Oh My GOD." Josh hearing these moans come from my mouth is turning him on also and I find my way to his zipper and dipping my hand inside and finding his which is not to hard now considering he's already hard also.
"Daannnnn." He breaths out. Hearing him say my name as we jerk each other off is music to my ears. He maneuvers his wrist in such a way that I come right there and then and Josh reaches his high not to long after.
He collapses on top of me so his head is laying in my lap and I stroke his hair as we each ride out our orgasms. He looks up at me and we just sit there for a while, staring I to each others eyes.
"Dan, I think I love you." "I think I love you too Josh."

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