Interview with a homeless man

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a homeless man forgotten

Submitted: June 15, 2009

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Submitted: June 15, 2009



A city that never sleeps yet its demons overpass the angels

The sun shines and hits its fluorescent lights on the tall buildings marveling out its warmth and glow

Shadows of people walk around in a dark cloud full of isolation

A homeless man crouches in the corner of a building trying to break the feel of a cold wind

A baby cries in his or her carraige not worrying about the mistakes of parents

Pigeons fly here and there in magnitude waiting for a handout

People line the streets with dogs taking them for a walk and yet the homeless man sits in wait for a scrap of food

Blood from his callouses warm the foot of his heel as he shudders

Sweat from his brow lies on his forehead as the rain washes way the pain from a forgotten city

Scent feels the air with his bitter taste of homelessness

Smells of food haunt the taste of his mouth and warms the emptiness in his belly

A woman cries out Help! But noone hears the city that never sleeps

A city glows with pride as a homeless man shivers in the cold

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