Mature Enough

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Flash Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

Kat has found herself wound up in the world of drugs and illegal activities, thanks to her abusive boyfriend.

*Looking for suggestions to make into a longer story of a worried mother.

“Move, moron.” Kat said, pushing her peer in the crowded hallway.

Her black buckle boots clacked down the hallway as she pushed person after person away from her.

Kat was tall with long legs, and short black hair that reached her shoulders, and her pale skin strongly contrasted it. Students tried to dodge her, but her menacing look scared them away.

Just as the bell rang she entered her Econ class, slammed her books down, and took her seat in the front of the class where she had been strategically placed.

Mr. Heebs passed out the tests, “You have 45 minutes to complete your Chapter 6 test, keep your eyes on your own paper, no phones, no talking.”

Halfway through the test, Kat leaned over to the dainty red-head, “Move your hand.”


“I said move your fucking hand.”

“Katherine, is there an issue here?” asked Mr. Heebs.

“No, sir.”

“She tried to copy my test!” the red-head tattled, drawing attention to herself.

“Oh shut up you skank.”

“Katherine! Office! Now!” Mr. Heebs said, practically dragging Kat out by the arm.

Soon she found herself in the chair across from Sister Anne’s desk, which she knew all too well.

“Katherine. Again? You’re on academic probation already, two fights so far this year, and now cheating? Are you serious?”

Kat sat in silence and starred at the clock on the right wall.

“Enough is enough. I’m calling your parents. 3 days out of school suspension.”

“Can you not?” Kat said, blandly.

“Katherine I don’t care. Now go.”

Kat got her bag and left the school. But instead of going home, she went downtown to a back ally, where she knew she could get what she needed.

“Just a fifth, Carlos.”

“Vodka?” he asked.


“That it?”

“How much Badrock you got?”

“About a gram.” He replied. Kat looked into his dark, weary eyes while debating the purchase. She noticed he’d lost weight. Carlos was a heavy set Mexican man in his 30’s. He’d become a coke addict recently in addition to pain killers. He did his best to physically disguise his addictions, but could never shake the look that screamed, “Be careful, I’m shady.” He was a friendly man, and he and Kat had become rather close over the years, for some reason he always treated her as a daughter, even though as far as Kat knew… he didn’t have any kids. She trusted him but resented the fact he furthered her addictions.

“I’ll take an eight-ball.”

“That’s my girl.” Carlos smirked.

“Haven’t seen you in a few weeks.” He said as he reached in the back compartment of his SUV.

“I blew all money, literally.” Kat said, laughing.

Carlos chuckled, “Yah I’ve been there.” He handed Kat the bag, and took her cash.

“Thanks C.” She said smiling, and turned around to leave.

“Hey Kat?” Carlos called out.

She turned back, “Yah?”

“When you come here, don’t wear that little school girl uniform… there are a lot of fucked up people out there.”

“Thanks C, I’ll remember that.” She replied, and left while Carlos watched her, making sure she left safely.

Kat got in her car, and put the key in the ignition.

Ringggg, ringggg, ringggg.

“Hey, Mom.”



“Sister Anne called and said you left at 11:15!”


“Katherine it’s noon!”


“Where are you!?”

“Almost home.”

“Your GPS says you’re downtown.”

Click. Kat hung up and starting driving home.

Twenty minutes later she pulled up in her driveway.


That was her front door, and her mom storming out of it.


“Jesus Christ, Mom calm down, I didn’t even do anything.”

“Bull crap. Get inside.”

It started raining as they walked inside.

“Come in and talk to me.”

“No. I’m  going to my room.”

“No you’re going to talk to me or I’m calling Dr. Voy!”

“Mom talking to a therapist isn’t going to make me hate you less.” Kat said dryly with her back turned, while she walked up the stairs to her room.

Kat sat on her bed and scrolled through her twitter feed, she heard her mom downstairs crying on the phone and turned on some music to drown out the sound.

Her dad was on a business trip, so she was pleased she didn’t have to deal with him. Whenever she was being punished she could always hear him downstairs saying, “Maureen, what are we going to do with that girl?” It was his signature phrase.

It had been dark and raining when her mom came up stairs.

“Knock, knock.” She said.

Kat rolled over from her position on her stomach, “What?”

“Want anything to eat? I’m going to bed soon.”

“I already told you I’m not hungry.”

“But honey you haven’t ea-“

“I said I’m not hungry.”

“Alright, do you want to pray with me tonight?”

“Mom you ask me every night and the answer’s always the same.” Kat said, rolling back over.

“Okay… well goodnight, I still love you.” Maureen said, closing the door and leaving, not expecting a response.

She heard her mom’s bedroom door close. She sprang out of bed and grabbed the paper bag she got from Carlos earlier, removed the vodka, hid it in her closet, and threw the remaining contents of the bag out the window.

Kat put on a little black dress and a pair of black converse shoes. She locked her door, turned off the lights, and carefully scaled down the tree outside her window.

A red mustang waited for her on the side of the street with the lights suspiciously off.

“Hey Ace.” She said smiling, and sliding into the passenger seat.

“God damn.” Ace said, “You’re looking good.” He slid his hand up her exposed thigh and slowly under her dress.

“Stop.” Kat said laughing.

Kat looked Ace in the eyes and smiled. She always found herself getting lost in his soft green eyes. Which were a counter-balance of his dark black hair that seemed to match his leather jacket. Kat never knew what it was about him that made her so intrigued. Maybe it was his defined jaw bone, or his height, or how much older he was than her, or maybe his movie star smile? She didn’t care. She thought for sure her secret relationship was true love.

She pulled out her bag, and threw the little plastic bag inside of it towards him.

He picked it up, “Holy shit, baby! Let’s do a bump right now!”

She grabbed it from him, and delicately made two lines on the center console with her credit card.

They both snorted their lines, after, Ace grabbed her face, “I love you, I fucking love you!” He said, and promptly stuck his tongue in her mouth.

He put the car in first gear, and took off down the street, past houses that all seemed to look the same.

“Where are we going?” Kat asked.

“Your favorite place.” Ace replied, giving her a smile and showing his perfectly aligned teeth.

Later, he pulled into the lot behind a bar downtown, close to the ally where Kat was earlier.

“Follow me.” Ace said, taking her hand and leading her into the back entrance of the bar.

“Ace what are you doing?”

Ace proceeded, and held open the back door for Kat. He led her to the room next to the bathroom.

“What the fuck Ace? Is this a fucking janitor’s closet?”

“Welcome.” A small Italian man said as Ace stepped through the door.

He had jet black hair, slicked back in a 50’s fashion, and wore an upscale looking suit. He appeared to only be five feet tall, although seated. The single hanging light in the dark room cast a shadow from his nose, making it appear to be much bigger than it already was.

“Who’s your friend?” He said grinning, in his strong Italian accent.

“Kat.” She said extending her hand.

He shook her hand, “Kat, huh? I like it. You’re very beautiful.”

“Thank you.” She said grinning and tucking her short hair behind her ear.

“Please. Sit down. I’m Martin.” He said gesturing to the two chairs across from his desk, similar to the Catholic School office.

“Ace, how’ve ya been?”

“I’m doing all right, Sir.”

“What can I do for you?”

“To be honest, I need some money.”

Kat shot Ace a confused look.

“For what? If you mind my asking.” Martin said.

“I’m leaving the state for a few weeks, and my business isn’t exactly generating enough revenue if you know what I mean.”

Kat’s eyes widened, and she tried to pretend like she knew what he was talking about.

“You’re preachin’ to the choir,” he said chuckling, “you’re gonna need about 6k, right?”

“Yah that’s what I was thinkin’.”


“6k, you get three months to pay it off, 25% interest rate. You can wire the money to me.” Martin said, sliding a contract across the table.

“Sounds good.” Ace reached for the pen.

“What the fuck? No, no. 6k, FOUR months to pay it off, and TEN percent interest rate.”

“Hahahaha, Kat shut the fuck up.” Ace said with a forced laugh and gritted teeth.

“Ohh, a little banker we have here don’t we?” Martin said, leaning forward, “You let the big boys handle the money, okay sweetie?”

“You’re getting ripped off.” Kat said to Ace, and leaning back in her chair.

Ace signed the contract anyway.

“Thank you.” Martin said, “Now get the fuck out of my office.” He said with a fake laugh, but they both knew how strongly he meant it.

Ace didn’t say a word until the parking lot.

“Kat, what the fuck?!”

“I thought I was helping!”

“You just embarrassed the both of us, you stupid bitch!” Ace screamed, getting in the car and turning on the engine

Kat reached for the door handle but it was locked, “Baby, let me in!” she said banging on the window.

Ace apprehensively unlocked the door and started the car. It was silent for a while when he started driving, until Kat spoke up, “Why do you need that money?” she said softly.

“I gotta leave for a little.”

“Did you get caught?”

“No, not yet.”

“Are you going to get caught?”

“Yah, if I stay here.”

“How long will you be gone?”

“A couple months, maybe a year.”

“And what am I supposed to do while you’re gone?”

“I was going to ask you to come with me,” Ace started, “but after what happened back there… maybe this break will be good. Ya know?”

“Are you saying you want to break up?” Kat asked, fighting back tears.

“I’m saying I want a break. It’ll give you some time to mature a bit.”

“Mature!? You think I need to mature? Wasn’t I mature enough when I was 15 lying on my back, while you promised that our six year age difference didn’t matter? Wasn’t I mature enough that when you over-dosed last year, I called the paramedics and left, so you wouldn’t get another charge, since I was high too? Wasn’t I mature enough to get a fake ID and bail you out of jail? Wasn’t I mature enough when I was driving a car full of your drugs across the city? And wasn’t I mature enough to forgive you for the twenty  times you cheated on me? I’m starting to think that maybe you aren’t mature enough for me. I’m also starting to think that maybe when you leave, you shouldn’t come back.” Kat said while tears poured out of her eyes. It was everything she has ever wanted to say to him for two years condensed into a minute.

“Get out of my car.” Ace said, dryly.

“Ace we’re a half hour fr-“ Kat started to shout.

“I don’t care.”

“Just take me home!”

“I TOLD YOU TO GET OUT OF MY FUCKING CAR!” Ace screamed belligerently, while pulling over on the side of the free-way, with the veins in his neck throbbing, and spit flying out of his mouth from his clear articulation.

Kat complied, and quickly got out of the car and slammed the door.

Ace rolled down the window and threw her purse at her, spilling the contents when it hit the pavement, and drove off furiously.

Kat gathered her scattered belongings and sat down on the side of the freeway. She watched cars drive by while she cried in the cold, September rain, and thought about all the reasons she had no one to call. She thought about how all her old friends resented her, when they picked up a volleyball and she picked up a joint. She thought about how her dad was never proud of her, and that’s the root of why the never got along. She thought about how many times she disappointed her mother, and how her mom had every reason to resent her. She thought about how she had yelled at Ace. Oddly enough, thinking of Ace is what plagued her the most.

Kat picked up a phone and called a number that was not saved in her contacts, but memorized.


“Kat! Everything okay? I don’t usually sell this late.”

Kat felt herself relax from the familiar tone of his voice.

“I need a ride, C. I’m sorry I know it’s late.”

“What happened?”

Kat explained from the beginning: bumping coke, Ace’s friendly attitude when he first retrieved her, the shady Italian man, how angry Ace became when she asked for a fair price, when he locked her out of the car, all the harsh words she said to him, and finally him kicking her out in the middle of the free-way.

` Carlos pulled up a half hour later to where Kat told him she’d be, right before the Exit 230 sign.

She recognized the dark green SUV just by the headlights.

“Carlos!” she said, sliding her lengthy body into the passenger seat, “Thank you! So much! I don’t know what I would have done.”

“No problem at all, amiga.” Carlos smiled.

A half hour later of small talk and directions, Carlos neared Kat’s neighborhood.

“Here, take this.” Kat said, handing him a $20 bill.

“No, no. I’ve taken too much of your money. I only want one thing from you in exchange for this ride.”

Kat felt herself tense up, it wasn’t in Carlos’s nature to ever talk to her like that.

“What is it?” she asked timidly.

“Promise me you’ll never talk to Ace again. I mean it, that guy is nothing but trouble… and you know it.”

“It’s not that easy.”

“I know it’s not. When Carmen left me I was heart-broken. Watching my only daughter and the love of my life walk away wasn’t easy. But I knew it was best for them. You have to be like Carmen, Kat. You have to do what’s best for you.”

“I had no idea you had a daughter.”

“I do. And I love her more than anything in this world.”

“Do you talk?”

“I pray to god every night we will.”

“Have you tried to?”

“I’ve more than tried. Her Quinceañera… it was last week. I kept calling and calling to wish her a happy birthday. I even called her mother and offered to pay for the whole thing. And nothing. Not a single reply. And do you know why?”

“Why?” Kat asked.

“When we were married I treated her like Ace treats you. Time and time again I chose pain killers and alcohol over her. I went out and cheated on her every night. My beautiful wife…” Carlos paused; and his fighting back tears was more than evident. “Eventually I kept showing up to my job at the factory drunk and high. Once my boss caught wind; that was the end of that. I didn’t have the motivation to look for a new job, so I did what I could to support my family and myself… I started selling. Carmen found out that I was paying for our daughter’s diapers in money made from selling opiates. She did what any smart woman would do and she left my ass.”

“I’m so sor-“

“Kat,” Carlos said pulling onto her street, “before this gets worse. I beg of you, cut this guy off. Before you know it you’ll be 19 years old with a kid on the way. You’re a smart girl and you deserve so much more than this… stop with it all. Be a high school student for a while… ya know? Trust me… if I could re-do those years, I would.”

Carlos grabbed Kat’s shoulder and pulled her close, he kissed her on the forehead and whispered, “Do the right thing.”

Without a word Kat got out of his SUV, and silently entered her house.

Submitted: December 04, 2014

© Copyright 2020 sarajanemorse. All rights reserved.

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