Final Chapter

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This a story of finding stillness and peace yet choosing life

Submitted: November 23, 2011

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Submitted: November 23, 2011



I stand on a wooden weather beaten jetty, staring into the brown murky river of the Amazon jungle. Though I have been here several times, the tranquility is spell binding and pulls me like an invisible force. Almost helpless, I am captivated by its stillness.

The dragonflies catch my attention as they dance freely on the surface of the water, not off put by the unappealing stench of the river. This courtship ritual is joyous and is only ended by the sudden movement in the undergrowth close by.

The heat of the sun already feels heavy on my back as it begins to rise slowly from its evening’s rest. The tall trees and their massive green leaves, offers very little shelter. A slight breeze from the river, offers little consolation.

The silence of the jungle engulfs my very conscience and my very being. I close my eyes and gently raise my arms, surrendering with ease to the stillness. I concentrate on relaxing my breathing until it is barely audible. I am at last as one with my surroundings and I feel the heaviness of worry and anguish slip away.

I imagine this is what the transition between life and death is like. To quietly fade until there is nothing left but the air circulating in the wind, without pain and without fear. Without the need to do anything but scatter the fallen leaves on the ground. I feel the pain in my heart melt away. The memories disintegrate. The fears dissolve. The only thing that lingers is the cherished love, which sparkles like small diamonds in the rays of the sunlight.

The peace with follows is unprecedented. To feel this peace, this sense that I belong to something so vastly important, I can't hardly comprehend my very existence. And then with little awareness, I no longer exist. I have transformed into the white fluffy clouds in the sky, into the water that triumphantly falls down Angel Falls and the air that you breathe.

I am no longer a being with a purpose. No goals. No tasks. No aspirations. Just the gentle freedom that comes when you accept that there's things in this world that are beyond comprehension and imagination.

So with reluctance of leaving this place, I very slowly take my first steps towards a light so very bright, I can barely look at it. I know who is waiting and I know I must go.

With this, I bid my goodbyes quickly, avoiding unnecessary pleasantries. Those who have abandoned me, removed permanently, with hope that perhaps one day they will forever forgotten.

I barely have time to prepare myself or to consider what shall be. So the world I have known is slowly eroded. I turn my back and gently float towards the brightness and into the unknown.

As my consciousness is returned, I am aware that Evan holds my hand softly as Lily plays with my hair. The gentle name mummy is whispered. Then with a smile and the sense I've arrived, I open my eyes.


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