Choose a Twin

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One twin gets thrown in a river and is seeking revenge on the other twin.

Submitted: May 27, 2012

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Submitted: May 27, 2012



angryChose a twinangel

When Bella & Scarlet where born, their mom and dad tried to hide Bella from everyone. It did not work, because when Bella was 1 week old, the police showed up and threatened to bring them all to jail if they did not get rid of 1 of the kids. They chose the one that cried the most. (Scarlet) They put her in a baby pool boat and sent her down a roaring river.

For years Bella had no idea she had a sister, not to mention a twin sister. Until one day, she was cleaning the basement when she stumbled upon a dusty, old diary. She wiped off the cover and it said “Things We Will Never Tell Bella!!” She opened it up to a list witch read:

  1. She has a twin sister that we had to basically throw into a river. (In a toy boat) (The Mississippi River)
  2. We took her teddy not Santa

Bella immediately grabbed her backpack and told her parents that she was going for a walk. She hopped into her mini water powered speed bike (MWPSB). She pressed the location button and said “The. Mississippi. River national Bridge” Suddenly a strike of light flashed, the leaves floating in the air froze, and a purple, green, yellow, swirling portal showed up and she flew through. She saw talking squirrels, singing leaves, and many other weird things on her way through the portal. When she reached the end of the portal, she was on the edge of the National Mississippi Bridge.

She walked up and hopped onto a huge log and floated down the river. She fell off and was yelling “HELP I CAN’T SWIM!” Suddenly a young man used a vine to pull her out. “Hi my name is Snake. But you can call me Jake. Why where you in the river if you can not swim?” asked Jake. “My long lost sister was thrown in the same river in a toy boat just 12 years ago.” cried Bella. “Do you mean Scarlet?” asked Jake. “YES! SHE IS STILL ALIVE!” screamed Bella.

“She is not only alive but she is our queen. She saved a baby alligator and because alligators where considered the kings, we considered her a queen.” said Jake. “Ok, before I get too excited, is her last name rustling?” asked Bella. “Yes, do you wish to speak to her?” asked Jake. “Absolutely!” screamed Bella. “Well she would be in log #249(The logs where houses made of logs) by now so why don’t you just go see her?” said Jake.

“Will you bring me there?” asked Bella. “Sure, no problem, except the fact that you are actually wanted here.” said Jake. “What do you mean?” said Bella. “You know how you where chosen over her, well she held a grudge and had us hire the harshest police in the universe. If they see me with you, I will get punished too.” said Jake. “YOU WHERE JUST GOING TO LET ME GET ARESTED!” yelled Bella.

Suddenly he took her hand and said “FINE I WILL HELP YOU, but you have to trust me. I have to pretend to turn you in, and then you use this laser pencil to cut the bars and get to your sister, but you have to act scared.” explained Jake. Jake took out a button that had a label that said I found the girl. He tied her up and then pressed it.” That is a little tight don’t you think?” said Bella “Do you want them to believe me or not?” said Jake.

Then the guards showed up and handed Jake the reward. (The reward was a life time supply of fruit.) “YOU TRICKED ME! YOU JUST SAVED ME TO TURN ME IN! I WILL GET YOU” yelled as she winked. “Recognize me?” said one of the guards. “Jordan! What on earth are you doing!” said Bella. “Getting revenge from when you dumped me right before prom and I was hired to do this. Oh and this is Rob, he just loves seeing people suffer.” said Jordan.

When they got to log #249, Jordan presented her to the queen. (Scarlet) “Then Jake came out from behind the queen’s chair. “Great Job Snake, You’re an amazing undercover spy.” said the queen. “WHAT YOU REALLY DID TRICK ME!” screamed Bella as she struggled to break free! “What did you expect?” asked Snake. “I expected you to be a friendly.” screamed Bella.

“Jordan, use the DNA copier Machine on me!” said Scarlet. Jordan scanned Bella and then a pill came out of the machine. “Scarlet took the pill and Then she looked (And had the same DNA as Amanda) just like Amanda. Then she said “now I have 68 hours to commit a crime and then turn you in for it. MAKE SURE SHE STAYS PUT! OH and I will leave the News on for you.” said Scarlet. “What exactly are you going to do?” asked Amanda. “I am going to kill our parents and when the police show up, I will shoot them too! BYE NOW!” said Scarlet. “Jordan I will do anything if you release me!” said Bella. “Well I guess I still have feelings for you.”

Then Rob Tied Jordan up right before Jordan released Bella. “Nobody is going anywhere!” said Rob.

48 hours later, Scarlet got back and showed Alissa the news paper and said “Ha, you are so dead meat!! Why is Jordan tied up?” asked Scarlet. “Jordan tried to release Amanda!” said Rob. “Well throw him in our secret underground jail.” said Scarlet.

Suddenly there was a knock on the door. The Man said “Bella Rustling! We know you are in there! You have 1 hour to come out. Don’t try running because we have the whole forest surrounded.

Scarlet put a helmet on Bella’s head and erased the memory of everything that happened today and typed in a new, fake memory, which was I did kill my parents and shot the police. Then Scarlet took a pill which turned her back to herself. She pressed the button that tied her and everyone to the wall except. “The lie detector test will not work because only Bella will know that she did not do it, but her brain thinks otherwise and hopefully she will not figure out that the only way to prove herself innocent would to get them to do a lie detector test on Me.” thought Scarlet.

Then Dave (The chief of police) broke in and had Jacob handcuff Amanda. The other police untied Scarlet and everyone else. “She tried to killed mommy and daddy! Now I am an orphan!” cried Scarlet. “Don’t worry little girl, we will take care of her and we will find you a foster family to live with.” said Dave.

“COME ON YOU! YOU ARE GOING TO BE IN PRISON FOR A LONG TIME.” said Jacob. “NO! SCARLET USED SOME SORT OF MACHINE TO MAKE HER DNA THE SAME AS MINE AND DO ALL THAT HORRABLE STUFF! I SWARE! DON’T YOU HAVE A LIE DETECTOR OR SOMETHING?” screamed. “We don’t have to use a lie detector we have DNA proof and there is no such thing as a machine that can copy someone’s DNA. She kept trying to run away. Dave put her to sleep with a needle because she wouldn’t stop trying to run away. She was put in the back of the swat car.

When they got to the US maximum security Prison, Dave put another needle into Bella that put her back to sleep, so it would not be so hard to get her in.

When Bella woke up she was wearing an orange jumpsuit, black shoes, and an ankle chain. “What is going on?” screamed Bella with fear. “You are in jail and you are staying here for 30 years.” said Dave. “30 YEARS! PLEASE JUST DO A LIE DETECTOR TEST ON ME! I AM BEGGING YOU!” cried Bella.

“FINE, but if you are lying I will personally request that they double your time in here. So, do you still want me to do a lie detector test?” asked Dave. Bella immediately said “YES” Dave took a Walkie Talkie out of his poket and said “Open cell number 7 on floor 80.” The cell slowly opened. Dave said “If you try to run, I will have them triple your time.” Dave grabbed her by the hand and walked her to the lie detector room, had her walk in, and said into the mike “Did you commit the crime you are being punished for?” “No! Scarlet used some sort of machine to make her DNA the same as mine and do all that horrible stuff!” said Bella. “NOT TRUE, HER MEMORY SAYS: I killed my parents and shot the police.” said the machine.

Bella locked the door with a stick. “WHY YOU LITTE, You will have to come out some time because everyone gets hungry. Bella grabbed the laser pen out of her hair. “What are you going to do with a pencil? DRAW?” said Dave.

But Dave stopped laughing when he saw that it was a laser. Bella used the laser to cut a hole in the ground and jumped in, she dug all the way to Scarlet’s secret underground prison and released Jordan and everyone else.

“WHAT ON EARTH ARE YOU DOING? DO YOU WANT US ALL TO GET ARRESTED FOR REAL?” asked Jordan as he grabbed her and jumped into the hole with her and then blocked the entrance with a bolder. “Tell me that the police aren’t following you!” said Jordan. “Um they kind of are” said Bella. Jordan filled in the tunnel halfway with dirt. “I guess I am just going to say I gave you that pencil and go to prison with you.” said Jordan. “I AM NOT GOING BACK!” said Bella. “Yes you are.” said Jordan as he blocked her way.

Suddenly 2 police guards with guns said “you are both coming back with us.” Jordan pretended to struggle, while Bella really was struggling.

When Bella saw the end of the tunnel she started to cry again. Dave grabbed her and said “the judge said she would happily triple your time, so now you will be here for 90 years, if you live that long.” Dave dragged her back to her cell while Jerry questioned Jordan.

Jerry: What where you doing down there?

Jordan: I can’t tell you

Jerry: You better, if you want to live

Jordan: fine, I was the one who gave her the laser pencil and I helped her commit the crimes.

Jerry: Well then, you’re coming with me.

“Normally it is a lot harder to get people to admit to things. Normally people struggle when I arrest them. He must be very weak.” thought Jerry as he was bringing Jordan down to a cell. “Say hello to your new cell-mate” said Jerry. “Jordan! No! Please don’t put him with me!” said Bella. “Why not?” asked Jerry. “HE IS MY X-BOYFRIEND” screamed Amanda. “That is your problem not mine.” said Jerry as he threw Jordan into the cell with her.

“I can not believe you did not tell them what really happened!” said Bella. “Well, I would have, but you broke the lie detector room and because of that they would not have believed me if I told them. They would think I was crazy like you.” explained Jerry.

Suddenly a message came from the message box. It said you people are too dangerous to come out for food, so we are just going to bring it to you for the next 90 years. “Dinner, for prisoners # 9,959 and 9,960. You have a sink in the cell so wash the dishes by 7:30pm or you go into the hole.” said Jacob as he opened the extremely small window and put 2 plates and 2 bottles of water through it.

“I can’t believe this is really happening!” thought Bella as she ate. (Rice, water, and boiled eggs) “This is actually better than that hot mush that Scarlet gave us.” thought Jordan.

Jerry came to pick up the clean dishes. First Jordan put the dish through the window. “Good” said Jerry Then Bella put hers through the window.

Jerry found a spot and said “you did not wash this! You just rinsed it! You get 1 hour in the hole tomorrow at 12:00pm, NOW LIGHTS OUT!” Jerry pressed a button on the wall that turned out all the cell’s lights. “But I did wash it” said Bella. “That was a big mistake” thought Jordan. “OK THEN, MAKE THAT ALL NIGHT STARTING RIGHT NOW!” screamed Jerry. He took out his took out his Walkie Talkie and said open cell 7 on floor 80 and dragged her outside and threw her into the hole and locked it shut.

The next moring, Dave came outside and unlocked the door to the hole and said “Hope you changed your mind about talking back and not cleaning your dishes missy!” said Dave as he pulled her out and brought her back to her cell.

“You are lucky, the judge said because you 2 are children, you will be released early. But when you get out the police will monitor your every move when you go to a foster home together.” said Dave. “REALLY WHEN will we be released?” screamed Bella. “In 5 days” said Dave as he walked away. Bella hugged Jordan for the 1st time in 2 years. She yelled “I will follow the rules of this place for only five more days!” screamed Bella.

5 DAYS LATER………………………………………..

“Jordan, Wake up! We are being released today!” said Bella. Dave came up to the cell and said “That is true. You are being released from jail. But you have to wear these anklets that will sound an alarm if you try ANYTHING BAD OR IF YOU ARE SEEN DOING SOMETHING ON A SECUITY CAMERA!” Right before Dave was about to sign them free, the anklets set an alarm off and it said “BEEP these 2 kids are going to hunt Scarlet Rustling down and try to sneak into your lie detector room and put her in. Then ask her if she tricked the guards. BEEP” “Oh really, Well if that is what you want me to do, then I will, but if you made me bring a little girl here for nothing, you will go right back into your cell for another 95 days.” said Dave as he had the kids get into the swat car.

When they got to Scarlet’s foster home, Scarlet knew that Bella figured out how to catch her. Then Scarlet’s foster mom answered the door. Dave said “I am sorry, but I have to take Scarlet down to the station. I believe it will only take 5 to 10 min.” “Is she in trouble?” asked Rose (foster mother) “I don’t think so, but just in case we are going to do a lie detector test. Because 2 children won’t shut up if I don’t.” explained Dave as he grabbed the little girl’s hand extremely gently.

Scarlet was crying the whole way there. When they finally got the lie detector room, he had Scarlet step in and he asked “Did you frame Bella? Do you have a secret underground prison?” “NO is the answer” said Alissa. “BEEP incorrect she said to Bella “I am going to kill our parents and when the police show up, I will shoot them too! BYE NOW!” Then when you arrived she put a helmet on Amanda’s head and erased the memory of everything that happened today and typed in a new, fake memory, which was I did kill my parents and shot the police. Then Alissa took a pill which turned her back to herself. She pressed the button that tied her and everyone to the wall except and Jordan used the DNA copier Machine on Me.” said Alissa. Jordan scanned Amanda and then a pill came out of the machine. “Alissa took the pill and Then she looked (And had the same DNA as Amanda) just like Amanda. Then she said “now I have 68 hours to commit a crime and then turn you in for it. BEEP” said the machine.

“Well then, if that is true you Scarlet will be in jail for 3 years and when you get out, you will be watched by surveillance cameras everywhere you go and if you try to do anything bad at all, an alarm will go off. As for you Bella, you are free to go and Jordan, you will show us this little underground prison and for every person down there, Scarlet gets an extra year.” explained Dave.


“Fine, you have a choice, jail for 3 years and the surveillance cameras and the anklet or surveillance cameras, consoling, a tutor after school, detention both in morning and night, Saturday school every week, Sunday school, and ankle tracking device.” “How long for the second choice?” asked Scarlet. “For the amount of years you would be in jail if you where an adult.” said Dave. “Which is?” asked Alissa. “Lets see, with everything combined that you did, it would be about 159 years plus the amount of people you have locked up in jail or the first choice.” “I choose the second choice.” said Scarlet while crying.

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