Detention Camp

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Jessica gets framed for doing something she didn't do. After a long time of fighting, she will be sent to a place many don't know exist.

Submitted: May 21, 2012

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Submitted: May 21, 2012



Detention Camp

By: Sara Lajoie

“Jessica! You are going to be late for your first day at your new school.” yelled Bella. (Her mom) “Coming!” yelled Jessica. “Are you missing something?” her mom said while holding Jessica’s favorite pen. “Thanks mom, you rock” said Jessica as she walked out the door.

She missed the bus and she had to walk to school. She was late for the first day of school! Her teacher gave her a detention just for being late on the first day of school. “But, But, it is the first day and I am new here. Can’t you cut me some slack?” said Jessica. “If I cut you slack now, 767 times later you will say the same thing. No I can not cut you some slack! Now TAKE YOUR SEAT!” screamed Mrs. Salamander. She took the detention and sat down.

The teacher went to the bathroom and said “Don’t move one inch!” Amanda stood up and said “Is that your special pen you’re holding?” “Yes” said Jessica. Amanda snatched and put it in her mini safe in her pocket. Then the teacher caught Jessica standing up and reaching toward Amanda. “Physical bulling that is 5 detentions! IF YOU WANT 10 FOR DISOBEDIENTS THEN STAY STANDING, IF NOT SIT DOWN NOW!” screamed Mrs. Salamander.

Jessica raised her hand. “Yes Jessica?” said the teacher. “Amanda took my special pen and put it in her mini safe in her pocket.” said Jessica. “Now you are not in kindergarten. Amanda give it back now or you get 8 detentions. That would get you a one way ticket to detention camp again this year! Amanda gave it back to Jessica. “What is detention camp?” asked Jessica. “Behave and you won’t have to know.” said Amanda.

After class, Jessica asked Mrs. Salamander “can you please tell me what Detention Camp is?” The teacher showed her a picture with information on the back. It looked exactly like school but with a gray bus. “This program is supposed to straighten out a student top to bottom with all flaws. Depending on how bad the student is, there is a chance they will get a choice between jail and here.” She read out loud.

“There happy now? Oh and Mr. Stevens wants to talk to you, he is our superintendent.” said the teacher. Jessica was scared and she slowly walked to the superintendent’s office and knocked on his door. “How are you? No matter, I hear that you and Amanda had a little fight and that you got a lot of detentions.” said Mr. Stevens. “I know Mrs. Salamander can be pretty hard core. But, that does not mean you can beat up another student for it! I am going to let it fly because you are new here. If I hear that you tried to hurt another student again you will be in a lot of trouble. Here is your pass and goodbye now!

Jessica went back to class. Mrs. Salamander still marked her tardy, even though she had a pass. After school Jessica decided to walk home.

On the way home, she ran into Amanda. “I will get my revenge on you.” said Amanda as she patted her back! (Backpack)

When Jessica got home she noticed she was missing her special pen again. She looked everywhere around the house, under the couch, in her bedroom, in the fridge, and even in the garden. It was not any where in the house. “Honey, what are you looking for?” yelled her mother. “My pen!” replied Jessica. “You might have left it at school!” yelled her mother.

Jessica got snuggled up in her covers and started to weep. The next day at school she was still crying. She stopped when she got to the classroom because the pen was in the teachers hand.

Mrs. Salamander was talking to the superintendent. “I know who this pen belongs to and I have proof. Just watch!” The teacher secretly said to the Mr. Striver

“Ok this pen was left on the floor in my classroom, so who does it belong to?” Mrs. Salamander asked. The class was silent because they knew she would only return something if that person was in trouble.

Suddenly Jessica raised her hand and said “That is my pen.” Then the police walked in through the back door of the classroom. “So it was you who did it!” said Dave. (The chief police) “Did what?!?!?” said Jessica.

“Don’t play dumb! We know you wrote:

I have a gun!! And I am not afraid to use it! So there better not be any lame speeches at the assembly Mr. Fatty! Oh, Sorry I mean Mr. Striver! On the Superintendent’s whiteboard.” said Dave. “I would never do that!” said Jessica. “Don’t Lie! The proof is that the pen was used to write it because the ink is and exact match to the ink on the whiteboard!” Dave said as his backup cuffed her. “No I did not do it, don’t you have a lie detector or something!” screamed Jessica.

Then Amanda walked up and gave her a friendship bracelet. “I made this for you because I thought we could be friends and I guess you can still have it.” Jessica kept yelling and crying as she was put in the police car. “You will stay in this cell until court tomorrow morning!” said Michel. (One of the police guards) “I am begging you! Can’t you just check the lie detector? Please?” cried Jessica. “Fine, we will check the lie detector! Now let’s go, but if you where lying about this whole thing you will be in double the amount of trouble.” said Dave. They had her sit in the chair and say yes or no after Dave said “Did you do the crime?” “BEEP she is faking” went the lie detector.

Man was Dave mad and he grabbed her and dragged her back to the cell. “I KNEW IT WAS YOU! Now you have no way of defending yourself at court tomorrow. Are you happy now?” said Dave in a very angry voice. “But, But, But, your machine must be broken or something because I told the truth!” said Jessica. “Stop faking, and just face the facts! Now goodbye.” said Dave.

“How did this happen? I thought things where going great, I made a new friend and I was at a new school” Jessica said to herself as she stared at the bracelet Amanda gave her. She eventually cried herself to sleep.

“Get up! It is time to go to court!” said Dave as the guards in front of her cell cuffed her again. Jessica was starting to cry again when Dave yelled “SHUT UP, IF YOU CAN’T DO THE TIME THEN DON’T DO THE CRIME!”

“Wait! When was it against the law to write on a whiteboard with a pen?” said Jessica desperately. “It is called breaking and entering! In other words you where trespassing!” said Jerry (One of the guards) who seemed to feel bad.

“Grandpa, you are a police guard!” said Jessica. “Can I have a moment alone with my granddaughter before we bring her in?” asked Jerry. “Fine, but if you try to help her escape, you will be fired and you will face her punishment!” said Dave. “Sweetheart, it kills me to see you like this. Why did you do this? I can’t get you out of this mess because it is my job as a police to bring justice.” Jerry said as he was crying.

“Ok, you had your little talk. Now it is time to bring her into court!” said Dave. The officers cuffed Jessica to a chair. Jessica struggled to get free, sadly she couldn’t.

Dave went up to the judge and whispered “Your honor, we did a lie detector test on her and she was lying the entire time.” “Is that so, then we can just skip to the punishment.” replied Ms. Judy. “Jessica Ballet, you get a choice between jail and detention camp because you are not 18 or older. So which one would you rather?” asked the judge. (Ms. Judy)

Jessica thought back to the picture Mrs. Salamander showed her and quickly said “Detention Camp!” The judge looked surprised when Jessica said detention camp instead of jail. “Very well, the bus will pick you up in 2 to 3 weeks and your teacher is to fill out this sheet.” said the judge. Then she handed the sheet to Dave.

“But, you will be staying in a jail cell until we get a bus to bring you there.” said the Judge. Jessica stopped crying and seemed relieved as Dave cuffed her again. 2 ½ weeks later, a gray bus with bars on the window showed up. Jerry woke Jessica and said “This is your last chance to change your mind kid” “Why would I do that? By what I heard, this place is just like school and that is way better than jail.” said Jessica

Jerry just frowned as he cuffed his own granddaughter and was shaking and weeping as he did it. Jerry walked her to the bus. Jerry was still crying as she got taken away to detention camp.

“Cheer up, I know it is hard when your own family member gets taken away.” said Dave. “But I was the one who did it to her. I should have helped her escape instead, but that would be against the law. I swore to always obey the law as a police officer.” said Jerry. “She has to learn her lesson though. Now let’s go get some coffee because that always cheers you up!” said Dave. “Ok, I guess you are right.” said Jerry.

When Jessica was got to the detention camp, it looked nothing like the picture. It looked like a maximum security prison! She was terrified. She almost fainted. There was an electric fence, and guard dogs.

When she got inside, she calmed down because the inside looked just like school. The police brought her to the one and only homeroom. “Another child to put to work.” said the officer. (Jim) The desks had a chain attached to the leg of the chair and the other side on the chain was attached to the children’s ankles. Jessica sat down and the officer chained her ankle to the desk.

“What’s with the chain?” asked Jessica. “So you can’t escape!” said Jim. “Why would I want to that?” asked Jessica. The police was confused. “How could a goody two shoe like you get here?” thought Jim as he walked away.

“Well, I guess I could explain all the rules or I can just hand you a sheet of paper with rules and punishments to breaking them. Here you go new kid.” said Mr. Mandrela.

“Ok, class is over! Jim, bring them to their rooms!” said Mr. Mandrela. When Jessica got downstairs, she saw jail cells with beds, school supplies, and 2 uniforms. One uniform said school and the other said bed. “Lights out and lasers on!” said Jim as he closed and locked all the cells. Jessica got comfortable and went to sleep. In the morning she was awoken by a bell. She was late for her class. She threw on the uniform and dashed to the classroom.

Halfway there, she got caught by Jim. “Why didn’t you set your alarm? Don’t you know what happened to kids who where late?” said Jim still looking confused. “Kid because you are new and you seem like a good kid who just made a mistake, I will give you a pass to be late.” said Jim. “Thanks, and I think their lie detector is broken. Bye and thanks again.” said Jessica.

“Stop! Wait! No running in the hall or …. That!” yelled Jim. Jessica fell through a trap door in the floor and into a chair which automatically locked her in it. “I can’t help you now kid! I have no choice but to press the RIH alarm, sorry.” said Jim.

A loud alarm went off, the little room she was in turned red and released sleeping gas. She woke up to electrification. She Screamed and then cried “What was that for?” “Breaking rules 1-2 RIH ( NO running in the hall!) And this is for being late to class!” said Mr. Mandrela. He shocked her again. “But, I have a pass!” said Jessica. “Sorry kid, but Jerry told me the entire thing and now you will get shocked for lying!” said Mr. Mandrela. He shocked her once more. “Hold everything!” said Dave. “I just scanned this place for technology in the prisoner’s possession and she seems to have a lying bracelet, the lie detectors only weakness!” said Dave as he grabbed the bracelet. “Who gave you this?” asked Dave. “Amanda Rustling, she gave it to me when I was taken away to jail.” responded Jessica. “Amanda is a normal around here. I think you where framed. Did you have the pen before you left school?” asked Dave. “NO because Amanda took it from me again.” said Jessica. “Jim and Jerry go get Amanda Rustling.” said the chief. When they got to Amanda’s home, her mother knew something was up. “Hi again officers do you need my daughter again?” said Mrs. Rustling. “Yes and she is in a lot of trouble if the story is true.” said Jim. “Amanda! Care to explain?” said Mrs. Rustling. “No time for chit chat, we got to bring her to detention camp for a really good reason.” said Jim as he grabbed the girl. “What is going on? I behaved this year!” screamed Amanda. “Not if the story we have is true!” said Jim. When Amanda arrived, she saw Jessica was very mad. She knew she was in trouble for something, but she did not know what.

She tried to run, but Jerry grabbed her and cuffed her to the lie detector chair. “Nobody messes with my granddaughter!” said Jerry.

The officers did a scan on her to make sure she was not wearing a truth or lying bracelet or something like that. Dave walked up to her and asked “Did you frame Jessica?” “NO, I was trying to make her hate school like me, by being nice to her. I wasn’t trying to get her arrested.” replied Amanda. “BEEP CORRECT BEEP” said the machine. “See I told you I behaved this year.” said Amanda. “Besides, just because ink matches ink from a pen doesn’t mean that the owner was responsible.” said Jessica. “How did the teacher get the pen?” asked Amanda. “Well we did not check that.” said Dave. “How about we check the DNA on the pen.” suggested Jim. “Great idea! Let’s do that right now.” said Dave. “Um, Hello, aren’t you going to un-handcuff me?” said Amanda. “Oh right, there you go.” said Jim. Dave grabbed the pen and put it into the scanning machine. “Beep the ones who touched this item is:

  1. Jessica
  2. Amanda
  3. Bella
  4. Mrs. Salamander” said the machine.

“It can’t be my mom because the only time she touched the pen was when she handed it to me. Also, she has never been to my school. So it must be Mrs. Salamander.” explained Jessica. “Don’t worry kids, you are free to go For Now.” said Dave.

“Do you kids need a ride home?” asked Jim. “Yes please” replied Jessica.

In the end, Mrs. Salamander was fired and sent to jail for 2 ½ years. Bella became the new teacher. Amanda went back to her evil ways and Jessica never got a detention or went to detention camp again.

Why Mrs. Salamander did it:

Her mother (Scarlet) had a large fight with her TWIN SISTER, Which was Belle.(Jessica’s mom) So Scarlet told Mrs. Salamander to get the revenge she could not get. The story of scarlet and Belle is in the story “Choose A Twin”.

Explainations: Mrs. Salamander used to be Scarlet Rustling, the rest of it is explained in the book “Choose A Twin”


  1. Bella Ballet (Her mom)
  2. Mrs. Salamander (Scarlet is her 1st name)
  3. Amanda Rustling
  4. Mr.(Sander) Striver
  5. Dave Bearer
  6. Michel Blander (One of the police guards)
  7. Jerry Bowler(One of the guards)
  8. Ms. (Kathleen) Judy. (The Judge.)
  9. Jessica Ballet
  10. Mr. Mandrela

© Copyright 2019 saralajoie. All rights reserved.

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