I'm a Vampire #1 *Here's David*

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Travel  |  House: Booksie Classic
Kathleen think they are vampires and go on this long adventure.

Submitted: June 18, 2012

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Submitted: June 18, 2012




Here’s David

It was a beautiful day; Kathleen was ready to go see “Vampires before Dawn.”

When Kathleen asked her mother to go, she said “NO YOU ARE TOO YOUNG! IT IS PG 13 AND YOU ARE ONLY 9 YEARS OLD!” So, she found a theater where it was free and told her mother she was going to see “The Little fuzzy friends.”

When she got to the movie, there was an advertisement for them having a real Vampire Bat in the cage next to seat 5B. “This is just a myth, so I am going to insist I sit next to the bat.” thought Kathleen. “May I sit next to the bat?” asked Kathleen. “yes but you must sign this contract saying that we are not responsible if you turn into a vampire or die.” said Jared.(Part of the theater staff)  “Whatever!” said Kathleen as she signed the contract.

During the horror movie, one of the kids kicked the cage over onto ground, causing the cage to open. Everyone ran out of the theater, except for Kathleen. She held out some blueberries and a rat toy, When the Bat Bit her. Man did she scream.

“She was bitten! Get her and lock her up so she can’t hurt anyone!” yelled one of the kids. (Nick) “WAIT, I SCREAMED AT THE MOVIE, THE STUPID BAT DID NOT TOUCH ME! SO LEAVE ME ALONE!” screamed Kathleen as she ran out of the theater.

When Kathleen got home, her mom said “I looked up that movie you said you where seeing and it doesn’t exist! Go to your room!” Kathleen used her make-up to cover up the bite marks, But it was not easy because of how deep it was.  

The next day, Kathleen looked in the mirror and she could not see her reflection. “It is just fogged up” said Kathleen as she walked out the door. During school she had to apply 2,850 coats of sun block because she was burning up so easily.

“Will all members of track please come to the Gym. Repeat all members of track come to the Gym.” said the principle on the loud speaker.

When Kathleen go to the track, her coach said it is time for the race to see who gets kicked off the team! So go go go!” Kathleen Ran faster than the speed of light.

When she got home she went to her room and did her homework. “I have to ask somebody for advice on what to do about being bit by a vampire bat! Wait I know, I will ask sierra! She always knows what to do!” thought Kathleen. “Um ok 330-748-4832 is her number.” said Kathleen. “ring ring ring” went the phone.

“sierra- hello

Kathleen- If you where right and the vampire bat bit me, would you still be friends with me?

Sierra- Of course I would! Why? Where you Bitten?

Kathleen- yes and I need to know if there is a way to reverse the curse!

Sierra- well there is only one way to undo it, and that is to follow the map of desperation and to find the stone on destroy island!

Kathleen- will you e-mail me the map?

Sierra- yup and it is sent! But you need to wait for me because I was kind-of bitten too. 

Kathleen- I did not see you at the free theater.

Sierra- well I was dressed up as a boy so you would not have recognized me. Point is wait for me! I will be over in like 15 minutes to explain everything. Bye

Kathleen- Bye!”

When Sierra got to Kathleen’s house, Kathleen was floating in the air.  “Hurry we only have 1 week before we become eternal Vampires!” screeched Sierra.


“It Looks like we have to go through the valley of deadly sharks first!” said Kathleen. “Well let’s go!” said Sierra.

When they go to the valley on deadly sharks, there was a sign that said you must swim through the valley without waking the sharks. “EEP!” went Sierra. “SHHHHHH~ do you want to wake up the sharks! Now let’s go!” When the girls started to swim through, one of the sharks woke up and started to chase them! They tried to float but the valley had some sort of device that stopped them from using their powers! So, they swam for their lives.

Suddenly a dolphin showed up and scared the shark away! Kathleen was terrified, but Sierra said “that is the dolphin that I released when I was five years old, she must recognize me!”

“Can you lead us out of this valley?” said Sierra. “EEEP(yes follow me)” said the Dolphin. The Dolphin led them safely through the valley.

When they got to the volcano of black, sierra took out her grappling hook and swung over the bears and landed on the other side of the volcano.

Then once they got to the valley of deadly spikes, Kathleen swung across on the vine and then sierra swung with her grappling hook again.

Then they rolled a log across the water together and finally made it to the cave.

Suddenly a zombie guard rose from the ground and said “none shall pass, for this cave is for cursed vampires only!”

“We are!” said Kathleen. “then fly, your powers are not blocked in this area.” said the zombie. “ring” went her phone.

“Kathleen- hello

David- put it on speaker

Kathleen- ok

David- you two went on that journey for nothing because I tricked you!!! Ok I switched your mirrors with fake glass stickers, installed an anti-gravity system in your underwear, and gave you my running shoes! Ha ha and um ha!”

“you are going to get it when we get home!” said Kathleen. “you are not allowed to leave” said a mysterious voice. “is this some sort to mysterious voice?” asked Kathleen. “NO I am the vampire police!” said Derek. “then why can’t we leave?” asked Sierra. “you know too much, so get them!” said Derek as a bunch of zombie guards grabbed them and threw them into BIG LOG WITH A BIG RECTANGULAR HOLE IN THE CENTER.

Suddenly monkeys threw 853,832 bananas inside the log. (Zombies where still holding them down so they could not run) Then some beavers cut down 63 trees and made them the size of bars, bees used honey as glue to put the bars in place. The zombies just sunk threw the ground and they where trapped.

“The Bananas will keep you alive for now.” “My mom will come for me because I left a copy of the map and a note saying that I took this path!” screamed Kathleen.

“I wouldn’t worry about them.” said David while showing his fangs. “What are you going to do to our parents?” asked Sierra. “Let’s just say, I am going to have dinner for everyone for over 4 weeks.” said David. “WHAT!! PLEASE DON’T KILL THEM OR EAT THEM!” screamed Kathleen. “How about I just eat YOU!!!” said David. “NO! I AM BEGGING YOU!” screamed Sierra. “I will be back, don’t get comfortable.” said David.

4 weeks later~ Sierra and Kathleen where out of bananas and they where almost out of water that was provided by the fresh water spring in the middle of the Cage.

“Wait, why didn’t we just use the spring water to loosen the bars, by wetting the honey?” asked Sierra. “Hey! Why didn’t we think of this sooner? Great idea” said Kathleen as they used the spring water to loosen some of the bars.

They where finally free. So the 2 girls headed home to find both of their moms and a dad in vine handcuffs, and David was guarding them.  “I am glad he did not kill them yet. This is our chance to save them.” explained Sierra.

Suddenly 2 zombies grabbed them. “I knew you would come! Now Y0U CAN WATCH THEM PARISH!” said David. “I know I am going to regret this but” thought Kathleen. Then Kathleen bit of the zombies arms and ran toward her parents.

“That was a big mistake. NOW INSTEAD OF BEING MY PRISONERS, YOU WILL BOTH BECOME ZOMBIE SERVENTS AND NOT REMEMBER ANYTHING FROM YOU PAST LIFE!” screamed David as he bit their parents. Then When he was about to go for he kids, Sierra threw a jaw-breaker in his mouth. David’s Teeth broke, making him a normal human, for now.

“I know there is a cure for being bitten, so give it to us NOW OR ELES.” Screamed Sierra. “You aren’t Vampires!” said David. “YOU BIT OUR PARENTS!” screamed Kathleen. “DEAL! I WILL BE BACK WHEN MY TEETH ARE FULLY GROWN AGAIN.” said David as he disappeared into a blob of smoke. All the zombies disappeared and all the forest animals went back to doing their normal and natural thing and in the end they where both sent to foster homes and where never to leave the backyard.



The End For Now…………………………

© Copyright 2020 saralajoie. All rights reserved.

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