Im a vampire #3

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Basicly David is out of jail, and has a job as a janitor, and is looking 4 revenge!

Submitted: August 05, 2012

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Submitted: August 05, 2012



Revenge in Kindergarten


Hanna was walking down the halls when the janitor came up to her and had her come into the janitor’s closet. He tied her to a pole and shrunk her to the size of a 5 ½ year-old and put a bracelet on her wrist. “What did you do.” said Hanna in a cute voice. “What happened to my voice? Why is everything so big?” asked Hanna. “You are 5 ½ again! I did this because your mommy and aunt got me locked up for 70 years! But I used this ray to make myself young and I figured why not turn you into a little kindergartner!” said David. David untied her and grabbed her hand. “Lets get you to the office, you cute little girl!” said David.

“I found this kindergartener running around the halls.” said David to Mr. Striver. (The superintendent) “I will call the elementary school right away.” said Mr. Striver. “What is her name?” asked Mr. Striver. “Hanna Lumper is her name. said David. When the truck got here Hanna said “There is a white Truck with rainbows and teddy bears on it and Plush Bars on a window right outside.”

“That is right and you are going to kindergarten.” said Mr. Striver. “WHAT, NO, I WILL NOT GO BACK TO KINDERGARTEN! I AM IN 11TH GRADE!!!” screamed Hanna.  “Its fun to pretend, now let’s get you back to your classroom.” said David. “I am not moving an inch!” screamed Hanna. “I will carry you then!” said David. David carried the struggling girl to the truck and said “You are just like your aunt Kathleen! You are Stubborn! Your cousin is next!” Hanna tried to use scissors to cut the plush bars, but underneath all the soft plush was metal.

Jim was driving the truck. “JIM! You are a police! What are you doing?” asked Hanna. “Kindergarten is a prison to little girls & boys. This is a less scary swat car. Hanna Tore all the Plush stuff and sprayed the outside with a water gun and it was a swat car!

When they got to the kindergarten, Hanna dashed out and sprayed the entire truck with water. “What on earth are you doing?” asked Jim. “I was seeing if it really was a swat car underneath and why would you put a little girl in a swat car?” demanded Hanna. “We cover up the scary part and I wasn’t supposed to tell you about the whole swat car thing.” said Jim. “Well you certainly told me and I am going to tell Dave!” said Hanna. “WHATEVER! This is your new teacher, Mrs. Fisher. I am not in kindergarten! “Yes you are, you have our class bracelet. “OK everyone lets pretend we are a train and chuga chuga right into our classroom.” said Mrs. F.

Meanwhile at the high school, David found Abby and had her step into the Janitor’s closet. Then he shrunk her to the size of a 5 ½ year old as well. “Here is a nice little bracelet.  “Let’s get you to the principle’s office.” said David. “Mr. Striver, I found another Kindergartener running around. “I will call the elementary again.” A new white truck showed up with the same details. “What is with the truck?” asked Abby. “You are going back to kindergarten sweaty” said Mr. Striver.  “Whatever you say.” said Abby. Dave had a lot less trouble carrying her to the truck. “You are just like your aunt, kind and you go with the flow.

Jim was driving the truck again and Abby said “I know this is a less scary swat car.” “How did you know?” asked Jim. “It is the same car my mother got driven home from the Police station, when David was a Vampire.” said Abby. “Wait a moment, would that vampire want revenge on the 2 girls who got him arrested?” asked Jim. “Yes and he shrunk me from and 11th grader to a Kindergartener.” said Abby. “Ok now I am suspicious. I am going to take you, Hanna, and David to the station for questioning.

When they got to the kindergarten, Hanna was in recess. “Abby! David got you to?” screamed Hanna. “You are both coming to the station for questioning because Abby said that David shrunk her.

When they got back to the High School, David knew that Jim was suspicious. Before Jim got into the janitor closet, He pressed a button, which turned the regular Bracelets into lying Bracelets and His into a truth bracelet.

“David, come out of the closet!” demanded Jim. David came out and then Jim cuffed him! “All 3 of you are going to the station for questioning. “Whatever! I have nothing to hide!” said David. “Well then get into the less-scary Swat car!” screamed Jim.

“Hi DAVID! YOU ARE TOTALLY BUSTED!!!” said Hanna. “I think you will be surprised with the results of the lie detector. I am a clone of David!” whispered David. “Jim! Look he is a clone! His blood is purple! He is probably at his old castle.” said Abby. “Lets Go TO THE CASTLE!  

Meanwhile, the real David was at his old castle rebuilding his dungeon and searching for his bat that turned him into a vampire in the beginning. “Coch-Coch! Come on out and re-bite me! Please?” said David.  “SQUEEK!” said the bat as he bit David again. David’s fangs grew back, he could fly, he could turn invisible, he was super fast, and super strong!

When Jim got to the castle, a hawk grabbed the kids and flew them up to the new tower! “LET THEM GO!” screamed Jim as he was using his grappling hook to grab the hawk’s leg. “How about I bring you with!” said the hawk as he twirled around tying him to the hawk. Jim reached for his taser, but he could not reach it.

By the time they got to the top of the tower, David was a full vampire again. “Who will be in a jail cell now?” screamed David in extremely angry voice. David used sleeping gas to put all 3 of them to sleep.

When Jim woke up, he immediately unlocked the door with a toothpick and reached for his taser. “Looking for your taser, little officer?” asked David as he used Jims taser against him. But before he could tase Jim, Jim grabbed the taser and shocked David with 50,000 volts of electricity.

When David woke up, he was handcuffed, and a regular human again. “Coch-Coch! Come out!” screamed David. “SQUEEK!” said the bat as Jim froze the bat with a freeze ray and then poured the antidote into the bat’s mouth.

Suddenly, the bat turned into a little girl. “What is going on?” said Cara as Jim cuffed the little 4 year old. “You are going to the station for questioning with everyone else. “WHAT! I DID NOT DO ANYTHING! I WAS POISONED BY A ROCK THAT I FOUND WHILE DIGGING IN SANDY AREA. THEN DAVID HYPNITISED ME TO BITE HIM.” screamed the little girl. “We are just doing a lie detector test.” said Jim. “Relax and save all that for the lie detector room and you will be fine.” said Abby. David smiled and said “here, I want to give you a bracelet.” said David. “NOT THIS TIME! I AM PRYING OFF THOSE BRACELETS AND HAVING EVERYONE PUT ON A ROBE! SO THERE WILL BE NO FAKING THE TRUTH!!!!” screamed Jim. “NOW GET IN THE SW..” screamed Jim when he was interrupted by Hanna. She said “He meant to say get in the plush truck.” “She is a little girl! Do you want to scar her for life?” whispered Abby to Jim.

“Whatever, just get into the truck!” said Jim. Abby and Hanna just walked in because they knew it would be fine. Jim had to tase David and then shoved him in and Cara was trying to run away. “Abby came out and grabbed the little girl’s hand. “It is ok, we will be fine! It is David who should really be worried.” said Abby. “But I am cuffed, doesn’t that mean I am in trouble?” asked Cara. “Did you do anything wrong?” asked Abby. “No” responded Cara. “Do you really think the US government will punish you for nothing?” asked Abby. “NO” responded Cara. “Then come on! Let’s just get this little lie detector test over with.” said Abby as she brought the little girl into the truck.

When They finally got to the station, Dave came up to them and whispered to Jim “I know this may scare the little ones, but they will have to stay in a jail cell until we can get the Lie detector room fixed.” Then Jim whispered to Abby what was going to happen. “Can’t you just send Cara to a daycare?” asked Abby in a quiet voice. “I’ll ask the chief.” responded Jim. He asked the chief, and the chief says “NO! I am very sorry, but rules are rules!” “Ok listen up kids, you are all going in jail cells until we get the lie detector room fixed.” said Dave. “That was not a good idea to tell a frightened 4 year old” thought Abby.

Cara started to freak out again! Cara was running all over the place, when she finally fainted. When Cara woke up, she was on the bottom of a bunk bed in a jail cell. “I’m in, in, in, in, in, in, in, in, in Jail!!!!” screamed the little girl. “Relax, it is ok.” said Abby. “No it’s not! I am in jail and Jail is for baddies and I am not a baddie!” screamed Cara. “We will only be here for 6 days.” said Hanna. “Why are we here anyway.” asked the weeping little girl. “The lie detector room is broken and they can’t figure out who was involved and who wasn’t without it, so we just have to follow prison rules until it is time.” explained Abby.

“Dinner for Temporary Prisoners.” said Jerry as he put 3 plates and 3 cups through the tiny window. (Hot coco, steak, spinach, and potatoes) “Can I talk to the chief?” asked Abby. “Fine, open cell 592 on floor 6.” said Jerry as the cell slowly opened. Cara tried to run out, but Jerry said “NOT you pipsqueak! Abby!” Abby stepped out. She was forced to go through a weapon detector. She put her Pencils, Scissors, and toothpicks on the tray. Then she was allowed to see Dave.

When she got to his office, she said “Dave, um can you do me a favor?” asked Abby. “I am not releasing you, if that is what you want!” said Dave. “No, I wanted to talk to you about Cara. She thinks she is in trouble. Can you talk to her and tell her that she isn’t in trouble right now.” asked Abby. “Absolutely! Bring 4 year old Cara to my office.

“Listen Cara, I know you are scared. You are not in trouble! you are just staying here for a little while. I make a deal with you, you can bring 4 things from your house here for the 6 days and I will put a TV in the cell you are staying in. I will even leave the cell door open. You just can’t come out of the cell. Ok?” explained Dave. “OK!” said Cara feeling a lot more relaxed.

When she got back to the cell, she was a lot happier. “Did Dave explain to you?” asked Hanna. “Yes and he is letting me bring 4 things from home and he is putting a TV in here. “Anything to calm that girl down” thought Abby. 

6 Days Later……………………………..


“The lie detector room is finally fixed! So, let’s go pry those bracelets off and then get this test over with.” said Dave. David pretended to struggle. While the 3 girls followed.

“OK David! you are first, Get in there!” screamed Dave.

“Dave- Did anyone in this room help you with your plan.

David- yes Cara did, she re-bit me

Dave- David, switch places with Cara.

Dave- Cara Did you re-bite Him and why.

Cara- I did re-bite him because I was hypnotized to do so.

Dave- dismissed”


“Ok all three of you are free to go, except you DAVID! You are going to be executed!” screamed Dave as Jim and Jerry booked him.

That was the end of the Vampire named DAVID.


The End


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