My Dad's A Secret Agent??

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A girl who finds out her dad is a secret agent and learns to listen!

Submitted: August 05, 2012

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Submitted: August 05, 2012



My Dad Is A Secret Agent???


It was a beautiful day; Kristina was walking around her dad’s yard when suddenly she stepped on a hidden button, which blew up the whole house. “WHAT DID YOU DO?” asked Robert. (Her Father) “I don’t know” responded Kristina. “Well I guess I have no choice but to tell you now. I am a secret agent and now we have to move to the KDS prison.” said Robert “PRISON! WHAT DO YOU MEAN? WE DID NOT COMMIT A CRIME!!!” screamed Kristina. “Relax, not in prison. There is a hotel underneath the prison for secret agents.” said Robert. “Ok, phew! For a second there I thought you committed a crime!” said Kristina “Now get into the car.” said Robert.

When they got there, Dave said “IS THAT PRISONOR #938 (Sally Summer)?” “No she is my daughter Kristina Alabaster.” said Robert. “Phew! If you where helping a prisoner, I would have to fire you and you would go into jail for at least 5 seconds!” said Dave. “The hotel is this way” said Dave. Dave pressed a button, typed in a code (39302858395939583895849395394032529512993) and a door opened. “Long code” said Kristina. “It has to be or a prisoner could break in!” said Dave as he showed them a room for 2.

Suddenly the alarm went off, and Dave said “Sally summer has escaped from her prison cell!” “Sweetheart stay here because you look just like her and I don’t want them to end up mistaking her for you. 

As usual, She did not listen and exited the hid-out. Sally summer saw her and thought “She looks just like me! I am going to knock her out and switch clothing with her. Then I will tie myself up to a pole in a cave with her stuck to green glue!” said Sally as she grabbed the girl. “Where are you taking me? HELP I A M BEING KID-NAPED!” screamed Kristina.

When they got to a safe cave, sally knocked out Kristina, took her clothing, and then glued her feet to the cave floor. When Kristina woke up, she was stuck to the ground and green goop was holding her hand near sally’s neck. (With a knife)and sally had her clothing on and had her cell phone. “I am calling My dad!” said Sally. “Daddy I am in a cave, are you able to track me by my phone?” said Sally. “Yes I can! I will be there with backup faster than a rabbit running from a hunter.

“I am here and I brought Dave.” screamed Robert. “Dad she got stuck to this green goop right before she was going to kill me!” responded Kristina. (Sally)

Dave cuffed Sally (Kristina) and put her into the swat car. When Kristina got back to the hotel, Robert said “I warned you about leaving the hotel! Now you are grounded! You are to stay in this bed and not move!” “please just one more chance” said Kristina. “Fine, but don’t leave the hotel! I have to go guard prisoner #938!

When Robert got there, Sally said “It is me Kristina!” “Right and I am a nurse!” said Robert. “No really it is Kristina! I can prove it!” said sally. “Well then prove it!” said Robert. “You keep a file of your prisoners fingerprints, so if you compare my fingerprint to the girl living in the hotel, you will see that it is me!” said sally. “Fine! Dave can you bring me prisoner 938’s finger print and the ink?” asked Robert. “Give me your left middle finger.” said Robert. She held out her finger, Robert pushed it down on the ink and then on the paper. “WHAT THE! It is you!” screamed Robert. “Dave, you know how my daughter looks just like Sally summer?” asked Robert. “yes.” Responded Dave. “Well Sally Summer is in the hotel area and my daughter is here in the prison cell. “What, let me see that fingerprint.” said Dave. “Ok, here is the plan: you go down stairs tell Sally to come on up, then we book her!” said Dave.

Robert went down stairs and asked Kristina to come up. “I am not supposed to come above this level.” said Kristina. “OK THAT IS IT!” screamed Robert as he picked up Sally and brought her to the chief. “What is going on?” asked Sally. “I think you know SALLY SUMMER!” screamed Dave as he cuffed her to the bar of a cell. “How did you find out? That girl looked so stupid!” screamed Sally. “She asked me to take her fingerprint.” said Robert. Now to take yours! Robert shoved the ink pad on Sally’s left middle finger and compared it to the original and it matched!

In the end Kristina and her dad lived in the hotel until they got a new house and Sally was in prison for 70 years.


The End

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