Invisibility and justice for al!

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High school girl turns invisibleband pulles prankes and fights crimes

Submitted: December 22, 2012

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Submitted: December 22, 2012




Im Sara this this the story of how I turned invisible! My love for school on a scale of 1-10 10 being love it is a negative 2. My current English grade, 20 days before finals, is a 56. My teacher has given me a short story assignment that I have to finish to pass the class. When I got the assignment I was so upset then out of nowhere I sneezed and broke out in hives. Then I was so shocked! I realized I was starting tuning invisible! Everyone started freaking out saying where did she go! I was completely invisible now! I started to calm down from the shock of being invisible and I realized this is awesome. I could do whatever I wanted. So I decided to go home and take a nap. I was so happy I could go home once I woke up I watched television and played video games for hours. My dad came home calling for me because he heard I left school. I was playing video games but he didn’t notice I was there. He was pretty upset I did feel bad. I stayed up all night and played video games. After a couple days I got bored of television and video games so I decided to go to school the next morning and play tricks on people. My day started in first period math. I gave everyone wedgies and I wrote fuck you all die on the bored. After math class I went to second period science class I was bored listening to my teacher talk about fossils so I flickered the lights and slammed the door for five minutes everyone got scared and ran away screaming. I went to third period and started thinking about what I should do next. I decided to say boooo and knock things over. I was having so much fun scaring people I didn’t want the school day to end. Fourth period care and I decided to go to different classes and slam doors and flickered lights. After that I decided to go to English class where this all began. I got bottles of water and poured it on everyone’s heads. Everyone was so scared. I decided that maybe I should do my short story so I don’t fail. I grabbed a paper and pencil and sat down to write everyone was gone from me pouring water on them. I thought up a story pretty quickly and started writing. The lunch bell rang I was invisible so I stole pizza and coffee ate and listened to music. After lunch I went to life skills class threw markers at everyone and flickered with the lights. My next class was sewing. I went on the computer and blasted heavy metal and wrote rock on on the white board. I was finally at my last class of the day it was gym class so I decided to watch the the guys get changed yes i was naughty and i started thinking this wrong i should be helping people.I took the bus home and took a nap before I went home. When got home I kept working on my English paper. My dad was still upset that I was missing. I finally finished my English paper at twelve in the morning. I was very tired so I put my paper away and went to bed. I woke up at six am and got ready for school because I wanted to turn my paper in. I tuned my paper in right away and went back home to sleep I was very lazy! When I woke up, I realized I was getting sick of being invisible. It was lonely almost like being a ghost. I decided I needed get used to it I watch family guy and American dad and eat popcorn to help me get over it a little. I went to bed at about one am. I woke at ten am and saw that I was getting hives again and I sneezed and I realized I was turning visible again! It freaked out because I had no idea how I turned invisible in the first place then suddenly I was visible again. I guessed I would never know. I told my dad and the school what happened they were shocked. I did end up passing all my classes. I did not get in trouble for stealing food scaring people or missing school. A lot of people were still mad about being scared to death. My family was happy to see me again no one really believed my story my story, but there was nothing they could do to prove it was a lie. Everyone decided to forget about it. I was lucky i wasn't in trouble. I decided to fake sneeze to see if would turn invisible! And it worked I turned invisible again! i was so shocked i had no clue how I was turning invisible but, I could control now by sneezing! It was so funny to me. I didn't know what to do. I ended deciding i would just keep it a secret I figured people would not be able to handle it. I keeped playing around turning invisible and visible over and over again. The semester was finally over I was so happy to be on winter break. I had no school so I decided to have fun and go mess people in the street. I Had so much fun messing people giveing them wedgies and hitting them even tho it was mean. Up tell Christmas I stayed up all night and ate junk food and watched tv played games and messed with people I couldn't wait for Christmas. Christmas finally came and I was very happy it was one my favorite holidays. MY house had beautiful lights and decorations and a big tree tree with lots of presents! I watched tv all day tell that night I opened my presents I got a 3ds xl, nintendogs, mario kart 7 and the sims. I was so happy i loved video games. Then new years came and stayed up tell midnight and watched the count down on television. New years was fun but not as good as Christmas I thought. New years and break ended so I had to go to school and i was sad.The morning before school i thought maby i should tell one person so i decided to tell my boyfriend. His name was shawn he had blue eyes, short blond hair, skinny, cute and was my age I loved him. He said thats incredible! Sara baby Know what You should beat up the the asshole popular kids there mean to everyone. I said YES I WILL DEFINITELY DO THAT I WANTED REVENGE I HATED THEM SO MUCH. So before class I punched and kicked the crap out of The three of them and they ran screaming in fear it felt great.I decided that night to turn invisible sneak out and see my boyfriend we talked for houres about my invisibility and that i should help people. The next day after school I decided i should try to fight crime. I stoped robbers at a jewelry store I went in and knocked them out. every one was wondering what happened they didn't see anything. I was proud of myself and so was my boyfriend shawn who bought me a police scanner so I could fight nereby crime. I mosly did burgleries but, It made me feel good to help people. Me and my boyfriend were boyfriend were so happy together. When it was my 19 birthday and he proposed to me. We were were married and he helped me fight crime we fought all kinds of crime. Some very sick people out there! It wasn't much later i had a child! She turned out to have invisibility to! And we still today fight crime together for justice!

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