The Lucky One

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The girl that changed my life..

Submitted: November 09, 2014

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Submitted: November 09, 2014



She: Be my best friend

Me: No, I’m not taking a bargained position J

She: Bye then.

“How could I ever be her friend, after those late night conversations, talking hours and hours over the phone and not getting tired. The moments of excruciating laughter, making the passer-by think of us as insane, added to that the cheerful fashion of teasing each other by calling names, conjecturing of traveling all over the world, and planning those little things. Somewhere, I was picturing a future with you, and then again, you gave the reality check. Not everything is in my hands, and I realized letting go like a gentleman is just another part of our lives.

But before I leave, there are a few things I would like to say, that I will cherish forever and I will not be able to forget no matter how good or bad life gets. You are the reason I used to hurry back from college just after the classes ended, you are the reason I used to be online on Facebook all evening, you were the one who brought the childish laughter back to me, and let me assure, this one month of interaction with you has made me a different person. A happier one. Now whenever my teacher comes in to seize away my cellphone while I use it in class, my attitude, becomes like,”Kyun? Tere baap ki property hai kya? (Why? Is it your dad’s property?)”.

But I’m afraid. Afraid that the dark days of my past will soon again haunt me. I will become the same old monotonous Saraswata with no delights in life. The routine life of the university will again grab me with its large claws.

But, these are not any of your concerns. You have found the guy you loved and now, you are happy. Your happiness matters to me. Your voice, your tone, your texts, will be stored in the deepest chambers of my heart, protected, forever. I know a thing for sure. No matter where life takes me, or as to how many women I meet, I will never ever be able a person like you, a second TJ.

Anyways, make the best of your life, and stay the way you are forever. Good luck! :’) #Tj

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