Carving I love you

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She carves I love you in the cold, grey stone

She hates this world. and everyone that's in it
They try to change her, make her just like them
They cherish the lies she tells and hate everything she loves
Her heart is big, but it hurts too much to love
She watches the beauty vanish from her world

By the time she meets him, she's convinced she'll never smile again
He has a fragile heart, cherishes her soul
He holds onto her like she's his lifeline, without her he'll fall
She's learned to never put her faith in a man
And he can't handle the distance she puts between them
He self destructs, and than he's gone
She's alone again. and no one seems to care
They hated him, like they hate everything else that is frail

She spends hours, days, by his grave
She knows he'd hate the empty words they'd planted there,
as much as she does, maybe even more
She carves I love you in the cold, grey stone.

Submitted: August 30, 2007

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