The Last Drive

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A young couple, Ryan and Sam, drive through a rain storm to Ryan's parents house where Ryan is planning something big for Sam.

Submitted: August 10, 2012

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Submitted: August 10, 2012



"I have a surprise for you." Ryan said, poking me from across the car.
"What is it?" I ask, excited.
"It's a surprise, I can't tell you." He says, grabbing my hand and twining our fingers together.
"You're such a jerk." I tell him but gratefully gripping his hand tightly. There's music playing quietly and it's pouring out, so hard you can barely see in front of you. He's driving carefully towards his parents house. We've been dating for two years as of today, we graduate in two months and we're going to colleges half an hour away from each other. I can't even describe how much I love him.
"I don't think it's ever rained this bad." I comment, squinting at the windshield.
"Yeah I know." He says, turning the windshield wipers on even higher so it looks like they might fall off.
"Want to get out?" I ask him.
"What?" He looks over, surprised.
"Get out and run around in it. It's New England, it wont last forever. Please?"
"We're going to have dinner though." He says, but slows down.
"And we will be wet." I say, laughing my hardest laugh as he actually pulls over. It's a little road, there's streetlights too far apart so it's dark and the rain sounds like it's hurting the car.
"Really?" He asks, half taunting me.
"Yeah." I open the door and the car starts to get soaked. I jump out and am drenched and can't see anything but the headlights of the car. I see him come around the car and run over to me. I'm wearing a dress, he a nice suit jacket, but it doesn't matter.
"Want to dance?" He yells over the sound of the rain.
"Dance?" I can tell my makeup is falling down my face. Ryan lifts my arms over his shoulders and I go up on my tippy toes and kiss him as he puts his hands on my waist and we sway. I rest my head on his chest and we stay like that in the pouring rain.
"Sam?" He yells in my ear.
"I love you."
"I know."
"A lot. More than I ever thought I could love someone."
"I love you too." I look up at him and he brings his hands up to my face and kisses me.
"Can we get back in the car?" He asks.
“Yeah, I’m freezing.” I laugh and he opens the car door for me, something he hasn’t done since our first couple weeks of dating.
Our first date was the best and worst date I’ve ever had in my life. He was late because his car broke down, a different one than what we’re driving now and we missed our movie and dinner reservations he had made. I thought it was all over for that night, we had nothing we could do. I told him it was fine and we could go out again tomorrow night instead but he wasn’t happy with that. We walked through the park for an hour talking about nothing I could remember now and he held my hand. I thought that was amazing, that he would hold my hand. He was sweet and nice and then it started pouring. We ran for cover to the car but were already soaked so instead we ran around in the rain for the ten minutes it lasted. I went home soaked and happy as ever.
“My mom is going to kill us.” He laughed, climbing back in the car and pulling away.
“Why? Because we’re late.”
“No, I’m always late. We’re soaked.” He laughed again. The road we drove on was twisty and dark and empty tonight.
“Call her, warn her.” I tell him.
“Can you?” He hands me his phone and I go to his moms contact and call.
“There’s no signal.”
“Well then we will be a nice little surprise.” He says.
“More surprises? What’s mine? Please?”
“You’ll see after dinner.”
“After dinner? Come on, please?” I beg him.
“No, trust me, it’s worth it.”
“Fine.” I say, fake mad but smiling.
We’ve only had one big fight that I thought would actually break us up and it was because he thought I was cheating on him.
“You really think I would cheat on you? We’ve been dating for eight months and I’m going to cheat now? Why on earth would I cheat on you? You are ridiculous!” I yelled at him. We were sitting in his room and he had just asked if I was cheating on him with Josh.
“You’ve been with Josh more than me lately! And he was saying to Andy how you guys had sex! What am I supposed to think?” I stood up off his bed and just screamed out.
“Like I would have sex with him! You think just because I’m not a virgin anymore I’ll have sex with anyone?” We had sex for the first time about a month before that.
“No! I was just asking, I just wanted to make sure!”
“So instead of jacking him up for saying he had sex with your girlfriend, you thought you’d jack me up about it?”
“Well what kind of ass would I have looked like if it was true, just kicking his ass right there because I overheard something?”
“So you don’t trust me?”
“I do trust you, I love you, I just wanted to check, why are you yelling at me? I thought you’d like it better if I was honest and asked you rather than believing it or just kicking his ass.”
“But you do believe it if you’re asking me, right? If you didn’t think it was true you wouldn’t have asked. Instead, you would have said ‘Hey Sam, Guess why I had to kick Josh’s ass?’ Not “Hey Sam, did you have sex with Josh?’”
“Okay, I’m sorry, I know your not cheating on me.”
“No, it’s more than that. You don’t trust me. How am I supposed to have a serious relationship with someone who doesn’t trust me?” My voice cracked at the end because it finally hit me we might break up.
“Sam, don’t cry, I’m sorry, I do trust you, I’m stupid, I-” I left before he finished and stormed out of his house. I’m glad his parents weren’t home because they would have heard all of that, the part of how I’m not a virgin and how we’re fighting and how I’m crying as I run out of his house.
“Sam! At least let me drive you home if you want to leave.” He had called after me from his porch but I ran until his house was out of sight. He called my phone but I ignored it to call my best friend, Ali, to come and get me. I stayed at her house that night and cried all night. She told me I was doing the right thing and that it will work out one way or another, all the corny stuff best friends tell you when you cry. We had bought and ate a whole thing of ice cream and we turned both our phones off so Ryan or anyone else could talk to us.
The next day I woke up late to her shoving me.
“Ryan’s here and he looks like he just got hit by a truck.” She said. I sat straight up and ran downstairs to the front door. It was the first time Ryan ever saw me un-showered and without makeup and in addition, my face was swollen from crying all night.
“I kicked his ass.” Ryan said. He had blood on his shirt, his eye was black and there was a cut across his forehead that he still has the scare from.
“What?” Was all I could say, Ali stood close behind me.
“I went to his house, asked him what he said and he said you guys did it so I kicked his ass.”
“Are you sure he didn’t kick yours?” I asked, laughing a little bit, pointing to the blood on his shirt.
“Oh this is his.” He says and I hug him.
“Come in, you look like you just survived a plane crash.” Ali said and we cleaned Ryan up as he told us the account of his fight. The cut on his head was from when they went to the ground and his head hit Josh’s porch, the black eye from one of the few punches Josh got in. I saw Josh at school the next day and he looked way worse than Ryan did. It was the talk of the school for weeks, that my boyfriend kicked someones ass for talking bad about her.
“What are you thinking about?” He asked me, breaking me from thought.
“Our first fight.”
“When I beat up Josh? Yeah, that was my first and only fight.”
“I love telling people that story.”
“It was worth it.” He grabbed my hand again. Ryan lives in one of those random houses in the middle of nowhere in the outskirts of town when I live in the middle of the city. We still have about ten minutes before getting to his house.
“Slow down.” I tell him, noticing he was going almost fifty which wouldn’t matter if it weren’t pouring harder than ever.
“I’m excited!”
“Your surprise!”
“Shut up, now you’re being mean about it. At least give me a hint?” I ask.
“It’s a gift of sorts.”
“I didn’t get you anything.” Thinking it was for our anniversary.
“Well you wouldn’t get it for me, I have to get it for you.”
“I don’t get it.”
“You will.” He laughs, looking over and I catch his eyes for a second, lost at how green the were. His eyes were the reason I went out with him.
I had barely known him, he sat behind me in our English class and I had always thought he was cute. He’s tall, brown hair, green eyes, and a little nose that turns up a little at the end. We had talked a couple of times over assignments and one day he stopped me after class.
“Sam?” He asks, he seemed nervous when I turned to face him. He was standing extra close so I had to look up. At this point he was about five or six inches taller than me. Now he’s about eight.
“What are you doing this weekend?” My heart stopped for a second before taking off in record speed.
“Nothing, why?”
“Would you like to go out with me? I’ll pick you up and we can go see a movie, go to dinner. I’ll pay?” That’s when I noticed how pretty and green his eyes were.
“That’s so sweet.” I said, smiling like an idiot.
“No but, I’d love to.”
“Alright, sweet.” He smiled real big and hugged me. I hugged him back surprised and we exchanged numbers as we walked slowly through the hall.
“I’ll text you the details.”
“Alright.” I smiled and he waved and went in another direction.
“Ryan!” I yelled, looking away from his eyes and at the road, or more or less, the woods we were heading into.
“Shit!” He yelled and turned the wheel sharply and we spun out of control. I held on to the seat and door, having forgot my seat belt when I got in after the rain. I watched and it all slowed. We spun around, Ryan was holding on the the wheel and his right hand went out towards me to grab me and I reached for it and it was like those running dreams when you just can’t run fast enough, I just couldn’t grab him fast enough but I did. His foot was slammed on the break, his left hand trying to straighten us out with no hope. His body leaned towards me from the inertia of the car and I pulled him closer, again, not fast enough. Looking out the windshield was like being drunk with the spins but it was all real.
It all moved normally again as the car slide off the road and fell down the shoulder into the woods. It flipped but before finishing the rotation was caught on a tree so the car stayed on it’s side. Ryan’s side of the car was up in the air and he crashed onto me and I felt something crack in my right arm as it was crushed under both of us. I think it was a rib that broke from the weight of his body hitting me and my head ached when our heads collided. Then everything was suddenly still and quiet.
I was in pain all over but at the same time I was numb. It felt like something was dripping on my head, probably from the rain but I couldn’t see a leak. I didn’t want to move but I moved my eyes. The car was on it’s side, the windshield was cracked all over but still in one piece. The headlights shined into the forest and I could see the rain falling. Ryan’s body was half on top of mine, laying on his stomach over my hips and legs but otherwise laying on what used to be the passenger side door.
“Ryan?” I asked, he moaned and adjusted so he was laying on his back next to me. I looked over at him and could see blood all over his face.
“I’m so sorry.” He whispered.
“It’s not your fault, it’s fine.” I felt light headed and dizzy but the solid thing that remained was his face.
“I love you, you know.”
“I know, I love you too Ryan.”
“What hurts?” He asked.
“Everything but I’m also numb.”
“Where’s my phone?” He patted his pockets with his left hand only, keeping his right very still.
“Here.” I found it sitting on the ground by my feet and handed it to him. He dialed 911 and waited for it to start ringing but there was still no signal.
“I always told my mom living out here was a bad thing.” He laughed a little and I smiled but couldn’t laugh.
“I think we’re going to die here.” I whispered.
“No, we’re going to be fine, someone will find us.”
“I don’t think they will.” I was being honest, I thought we were going to die. Either bleed to death or something, Ryan was loosing a lot of blood and I’m sure I was in pretty bad condition. Somehow, I was calmed by the idea, like today was the day, I woke up, got ready, had lunch with my mom, watched TV, Ryan picked me up, and now I’m going to die.
“We could get out.”
“Climb out your door above us? I’m pretty sure I broke an arm, a rib, and something else just isn’t right. I think this is just it Ryan.”
“I’m sorry.” His voice cracked and I reached out to him, wiping blood of his face with my good hand.
“I love you.” I told him, my voice cracking too and a single tear falling. He touched my face and kissed me lightly.
“Do you want your surprise?” He asked.
“Of course.” I whispered. I went to tuck hair behind my ear that fell on my face but it wasn’t hair, it was blood gushing from somewhere on my own head, I paid no attention to it. Ryan reached in his pants pocket and pulled out a little square box.
“I love you and I couldn’t imagine the rest of my life, whether five minutes of a hundred more years, away from you. I know we’re young and we have so much to do before we even think about this stuff but I want you to be mine. No matter what. Will you marry me?” He opened the box and there was a little diamond on a band of a ring. It was beautiful. I let a few more tears fall from my face.
“Yes.” I nodded happily and he took the ring from the box, still only using one arm, and put it on my left hand.
“Would you have said yes at dinner?” He asked.
“Honestly, I would have.” I said and he smiled and kissed me.
“I think you’re right.” He said, twining our good hands together.
“What?” I asked.
“That we’re going to die.”
“I know.” I’ve only seen Ryan cry twice before. Once at his grandfather’s funeral and once when we watched the Titanic and Jack died. This would be the third and last time I watched him cry. I cried too and we held each other as best we could.
“Let’s get married right now.” I said.
“Now?” He asked, wiping tears from his eyes.
“Do you, Ryan O’Connor, take Sam to be your wife?” I asked.
“I do. Do you Sam Lynch take Ryan to be your husband?”
“I do.”
“I know pronounce us man and wife. We may now kiss each other.” I chuckled but kissed him.
“Sam O’Connor. I like it.” I smiled and he kissed me again and I closed my eyes.
At the moment, the fuel tank that had been heating up due to the crash exploded and the couple was killed. They were found when the cops were called from the fire the car explosion had caused. Their bodies were charred and didn’t resemble the kids they once were except for the ring that somehow stayed on Sam’s finger and their hands that never let go of each other.

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