Somnium: The Ranger

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

Cornered by a dragon, a ranger seems to appear out of thin air to slay the beast but leaves before granting the group a word.

~~ Katherine staggered and rolled behind the piece of debris that had been shattered from the tower. She panted and gripped her sword tightly down at her side. What were the rest of them doing? She leaned back and tipped her head over the stone to look at her companions.

 Nabora jumped over the stone next to her and glanced at her. "Hey, Kay, takin' a break?" She smiled at her friend before glancing back and drawing an arrow.

 Katherine watched her aim for a moment before she let go of the arrow, she glanced over the rubble with her friend but they both had to duck as the dragon blasted them with fire.

 The fire stopped flowing abruptly as they heard the dragon screech in pain.

 Katherine and Nabora looked up over the debris of rock quickly to see which one of their friends had finished the dragon off. They stopped as they watched a stranger in a black hooded cloak pull a sword out of the dragon's skull. Nabora looked to the right of the dragon at Rahjah, the furry of the the group.

 He looked equally bewildered and shrugged at her when she sent him a questioning look.

 The figure standing on the snout of the dragon turned and stepped off gracefully before walking away as if it were nothing.

 "Hey, wait!" Nabora jumped over the rock and ran over to the figure.

 The person turned and held up the sword to halt her.

 "Yeah, yeah, real intimidating. Who are you?" Nabora walked up next to the blade and hooked her bow against her back. Slim build but baggy clothes... looked like a girl...

 The person said nothing and kept her head down, shielding her face from Nabora's eyes. The stranger shook her head after a moment and dropped her sword to walk away.

 "Hey! Ranger, get back here!" Nabora ran after them.

 Rahjah leaned against the dragon's head casually and crossed his arms as he watched Nabora harass the helpful stranger. "I don't suppose you seen when exactly he got here did you?"

 Katherine shook her head as she approached him and sat down on the nose of the beast. "The only thing I seen was him pulling his sword out of the dragon." She shrugged. "Bet it's a Light Elf," she nodded to herself. "Really tall."

 Rahjah scratched the fur behind his ear. "Yeah, and a Ranger, more than likely an Elf."


 The Ranger now stood silent in front of Nabora. She said nothing and kept her head down. She shook their head again, more to herself than to her, and suddenly turned to sprint to a tree. She easily swung herself up the tree until she were at the highest branch that would support her.

 Nabora frowned and planted her hands on her hips. "I just wanna talk and what good is that gonna do you?"

 The Ranger lifted her fingers to their lips and whistled four short notes.

 Nabora rolled her eyes. Idiot, she thought.

 There was a shrill screech and Nabora jumped as the Ranger leapt from the tree. A snow white Roc flew under the Ranger, pulling them up just before they hit the ground to fly off.

 Katherine and Rahjah watched in surprise as the Roc and Ranger disappeared together through the mountains. "That was unexpected," Katherine muttered.

 Rahjah laughed quietly. "Imagine how Nabora feels."

 Katherine grinned to herself and watched Nabora turn and walk back to them, looking frustrated and defeated. "Hey, wait," She straightened up suddenly. "Where's Vance?"

 "I'm fine."

 Rahjah turned around with Katherine to look at Vance, sitting on the back of the dragon next to its wing. "How long have you been there?"

 Vance had lit one of his makeshift joints and sat quietly with his legs crossed and the joint held to the side between his lips. He shook his head and pulled the joint out of his mouth between two fingers and blew the smoke up past his face. "Since before you got here."

 Katherine smiled at him. "You see that Ranger?"

 Vance shook his head again and stared at where he had last seen the Ranger. "I don't like him."

 "How do you know it's a him?" Katherine turned slightly on the dragon's nose, she assumed it was a guy too, but she really was just curious. "It coulda been a girl."

 "Nope," Vance flicked some ash off the end of his joint and blew out some smoke. "It was a guy, d'you see his hands?"

 Rahjah and Katherine shook their heads.

 "He had a gold ring on his left hand, ring finger, over the glove." Vance held up his hand and bent his ring finger a few times.

 "So, he's married?"

 Vance shook his head. "Not married," he paused to blow some smoke at Rahjah. "It was Kitsune customary."

 "He was not a Kitsune. He didn't have a tail and he was too tall. I'd recognize my own kind."

 "I know he wasn't, but female Kitsunes make those for the man they wish to marry-"

 Rahjah frowned. "Don't tell me like I don't know, I haven't been away from my tribe that long."

 Vance rolled his eyes and smashed his joint into the bottom of his boot. "I'm telling Katherine, get over yourself."

 Katherine smiled and pulled her legs up on to the dragon to cross them. "But if he's not a Kitsune, and he has a band, then how does that point to the idea that he's a guy? She could have stolen it."

 Rahjah cut in before Vance could show him up any more. "A golden band with three vertical grooves is a symbol of brotherhood without blood relation. Females are not seen on the same level as males. They cannot wear them. Even if a woman were to steal it, it would be pretty pointless, they have sentimental value but little metal value."

 Vance nodded. "The band had three groves, therefore, it was a guy."

 "There was no way that was a guy."

 Vance looked past the other two at Nabora. "Why?"

 "She moved too prettily."

 Vance frowned. "Prettily?" He paused. "Gracefully?"

 Nabora shrugged. "Whatever, it was a chick."

 Rahjah smiled and shook his head. “I personally think-“

 “Stop it.” Vance slid off the dragon and straightened up as he stretched his back out, showing off his unusual height for a human. ''It was a guy, and the next time we see him, we'll go the other way.”

 Katherine frowned. “Why do you dislike him so much? He helped us.”

 Vance dropped his head as he slouched, shoving his hands in his pockets. “You said yourself he was probably a Light Elf.”


 He shook his head. “Never did like them...” he muttered.

 Rahjah rolled his eyes. “Racist,” he growled.

 “I put up with you don't I? You fluffy rug.” He threw a handful of scales at Rajhah.

 Rahjah jumped at his gesture and held his hands up defensively. He frowned when he realized what is had been and picked one up to lazily throw it back, lightly hitting Vance between the shoulder blades.

 Vance granted him a momentary scowl before easily dismissing it and heading back towards town.

Submitted: November 03, 2013

© Copyright 2021 SardonicAutumn. All rights reserved.

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