Lee Hicks

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Witness the story of the great and powerful Lee Hicks as he travels from the Pyramids of Egypt, to the war torn Nazi Germany.

Submitted: February 20, 2013

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Submitted: February 20, 2013



My history teacher once asked my class to write a report on someone who made a gigantic impact in history. This is my report…
There have been many faces in history that have made amazing impacts, and changed the course of history. Some of these history makers include: George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, and John Stamos. However, over the course of my high school career, I did some research and found this website all dedicated to the biggest history maker of all time, Lee Hicks. Lee Hicks was first mentioned in the Bible. They said that he was born the day Jesus was resurrected. However, many historians believe that the second coming of Jesus was actually Lee Hicks being born. Hick’s was born in the Fountain of Youth, (according to historians) and was blessed with eternal life. This was the first time that the name “Lee” was used. He was often called “Leo” by his few friends and family. Many historians believe that King Leonidus, who starred in the movie, “300” actually stole the name from Hicks but never admitted to it because he was bullied as a child by Hicks. Anyways, Hicks never knew that he had this power until one day when he turned 24. Yes, 24. He was scaling the ancient pyramids when he lost his grip and fell. Surely Hicks thought that his life was over here. However, when he hit the ground the impact was so hard the Grand Canyon was made. Hicks was shocked, for he was alive, with not a scratch on him. Hicks began to experiment with this power, and at the age of 40, he gained new powers. Hicks had powers that no one could imagine, like lightning bolts, fireballs, and the force. Hicks used these powers for personal gain. He went on sprees robbing banks, he used his mental powers to fix the lottery numbers and win the mega millions. Hicks had everything he ever wanted. Until one day…

The government researched Hicks; they followed him everywhere he went. They noticed that he had no records, no date of birth, no family, nothing. One day the government sent FBI agents to Hicks mansion made of gold. They knocked on the door and asked if he was home. Hicks, using his morphing abilities, transformed into his cleaning lady. He led them to the basement and revealed to them his basement was actually not a basement, it was a prison. Hicks laughed, well, it was like a cackle, but he laughed at them. Anyways, he kept them hostage and treated them very well. He asked what they wanted and they said that WWII has started and they need him to sign up. Again, Hicks laughed, this time it was a chuckle, and said he’d go to Germany and make sure the war was stopped by next week.

So Hicks flew to Germany and knocked on Hitler’s front door. When Hitler opened the door, Hicks punched him in the face and said, “Stop it.” Historians don’t believe these were the exact words Hicks said, but they said it was something like that. But, Hitler didn’t stop. Hitler got up and began to engage in hand-to-hand combat with Hicks. Hicks noticed that Hitler was actually very strong and agile for a man of his age. The fist fight lasted for days, until finally Hicks through Hitler off the balcony of the Eagle’s nest. Hitler fell 2 feet to his death. Yes 2 feet. Hitler fell on his head which caused him to have a brain blast (Jimmy Neutron wasn’t the only person). However, Hitler couldn’t handle it so it resulted in him having a heart attack instead. To leave no signs of Hicks, Hicks took Hitler back into the Eagle’s nest and dropped poison down his throat to appear that Hitler committed suicide.
Hicks won the war for the Allies, but didn’t take full credit of his actions. He stated that he fought in WWII, but didn’t personally stop Hitler and the Nazis. There are a lot more events that Hicks did to change history, but his actions were never seen or recorded, in fear that Hicks will unleash his powers on them for ratting him out. A few recent changes in history that Hicks created, was writing the song “Friday”. Hicks originally was going to sing the song, but Samurai Jack was on and he couldn’t miss the series finale, so he left it on his desk next to the window. Sadly, the song was taken by the wind and fell into the hands of the dreaded Rebecca Black. Since not even Hicks knows who the hell Rebecca Black is, he decided to let her sing the song and knew that the song was so bad that her singing career would die faster than she would.
Hicks currently lives incognito. He shape shifts every few months to keep his identity hidden. However, he is always watching, and waiting to again affect the course of history for the greater good of man.
That was my essay; I hope you were not offended. However it is all true, and if it wasn’t and if Lee Hicks found I was spreading lies, then he would personally put a stop to it himself.

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