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Some stuff are just crazy

Submitted: March 31, 2013

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Submitted: March 31, 2013






With the morning rays
M all set to go
A journey to the valley
So white with snow

Awesome weather
Bright n shiny day
The air never so fresh
Loving every bit of may

But as my fate is
Never smooth is road
With flat tires i sit
Disgusted and bored

Came to my rescue
A rider of wind
Took me to the shop
With my tire n rim

Interesting man
Many stories he had
And as we finished our tea
All was ready in his launchpad

Dropped me off
I was back on track
In the valley tat night
All hotels jam pack

Lucky i had reservation
Great weekend i had
Back to the suburbs
Its time to get mad

On the way i thought
To meet the helping rider
No where to be seen
On my navigation finder

I m sure m near
I asked a resident near
My eyes just popped out
There is no shop here

'Dude r u nuts
I got my tire done'
Well there was a shop
But 20 years back

In horror i listen
No way tat can be true
Everyone was killed
Rider and his crew

'but tat rider helped me
M sure he was real'
His soul wanders about
Searching for his meal

' i m still alive
Dont u see me talking'
Not for long my friend
Soon u wont be walking

Terrified i pressed the gas
Crazy town this is
With shaky hands i drive
'wipe ur sweat wit this'

The voice was from back
I felt a hand on me
So scared to turn around
With frozen eyes i see


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