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Submitted: April 20, 2013

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Submitted: April 20, 2013




I jumped awake from a falling dream and breathed heavily. I heard something in the corner of my room and looked over to see Liam curled up, sleeping against the wall. I bit my lip remembering the fight. He looked so peaceful and he really needed the sleep. He had stayed up while I slept, he maybe got a total of four hours. Deciding to let him sleep I layed back down and watched him quietly. He mumbled softly in his sleep and stretched. As he yawned I closed my eyes. I heard his soft grunt as he stood up.

His fingertips touched my jaw lightly. They moved up to my cheek and caressed it softly.

"I'm so sorry." He whispered. He placed soft kiss on my temple and took his hand away. The skin where his lips touched tingled. I felt alone again as I felt him getting farther away. I heard my door shut quietly and I opened my eyes to my empty room. Pulling the blankets tighter around me, I layed there in silence. When I realized he wasn’t coming back to the room I got up and walked over to my door, as I got closer I heard him talking in a hushed voice.

“No, Brex, shut up! Let me fucking talk!”

“Yes she’s completely harmless.”

“Are you fucking insane?! No!” Liam growled.

“Damn it why are you such an idiot Brexton?”

“No you can’t meet her!”

“No. Just shut the hell up about her. She’s not the reason I called you.”

“I’m done with this bull. I’m not going to do this with you anymore. I don’t owe you anything and you don’t owe me.”

I heard him set his phone on the table and I sprinted back to my bed. What did I just hear? I’m sure it was one of his friends, or something. He was so hostile with whoever it was, but what doesn’t he want to do anymore? That’s the only thing I don’t get. What was it?

My doorknob jiggled and I closed my eyes again. I heard him sigh in relief and he made his way over to my bed. His hand touched my hair and no matter how worried about the conversation he just had with this Brexton guy he still made me feel safe. I relaxed under his touch. He climbed on the bed behind me and wrapped his arm around my waist pulling me to his chest. He relaxed and his breathing became even. His chest rose and fell against my back. Liam buried his face into my neck and he fell asleep snoring softly.

I woke up to light kisses being placed on the back of my neck and sun shining in through my window on my face. I reached back and touched Liam’s cheek telling him I was awake. He kept kissing my neck making his way to the side of it. I took in a deep breath and laid on my back.

“Good morning beautiful.” He whispered against my neck causing me to shiver.

“Mmm.. Morning.” I mumbled sleepily, rubbing my eyes. “What time is it?”

“Six in the morning. You slept a really long time.” He smiled and wrapped his hand around my waist.

“What time did you come back?” He placed a kiss at the base of my neck causing my voice to falter.

“I left around nine I think and came back at midnight and I passed out in the corner.” He chuckled softly to himself. “Then I woke up at one and came to bed with you. You slept the whole time. Unless you woke up while I was gone.” He kissed under my jaw softly and I shook my head.

“No I slept the whole time I guess.” I mumbled softly getting distracted by his kisses. He nodded and kissed me softly. “Where did you go when you left?”

“Home.” He gestured to his fresh clothes and I nodded. He laid on his side next to me and ran his fingers up and down my arm softly. Goosebumps rose on my skin and he smiled softly.

“Feel good?” He whispered and I nodded in response. He pulled me closer. “You’re so beautiful.” He breathed out into my ear. I let out a small breath and he smiled.

“What are we going to do today?” I squeaked out. He chuckled and moved the hair out of my face.

“What do you want to do?” His thumb traced my jaw softly.

“I don’t know. Um..” I trailed off into thought. His fingers intertwined with mine and he pulled my hand up to his mouth kissing each of my fingers delicately.

“Distracted?” He flashed a crooked smile and I nodded pulling my lips into my mouth. He furrowed his eyebrows and pulled my lips out of my mouth. “Hey now.” Liam leaned his face close to mine and licked his lips. His full lips enveloped mine and his strong hand held the back of my neck. Our lips moved in sync as his other hand pulled my waist close to his. I pushed my fingers into his hair and he let out a soft groan. I hitched my breath in my throat and kissed him harder wanting more. Our chests fell unevenly against one another.

“A-amanda.” He stuttered out in between breaths. He attacked my lips before I got the chance to talk. His tongue slipped across my bottom lip and I parted my lips allowing him entrance. His tongue snaked around my mouth and held complete dominance. He pulled away after a while, both out of breath. He laid back next to me his chest rising and falling unevenly.

“Holy...” He trailed off and a smile spread across his face. I giggled softly and looked over at him.


“Very good.” He pulled me close to him and kissed my forehead. Butterflies exploded in my stomach and I hid my face in his side. He rubbed my back softly and we laid there in comfortable silence for a while. The whole time I wondered what he was thinking about but I was too nervous to ask. Without notice Liam sat up, his cheeks bright red.

“I.. Uh. Uh.. I, um, I need to..” He stumbled over his words as he got out of bed. “Be right back.” He mumbled and walked quickly out of the room. He closed the door behind him and I heard the bathroom door shut a few seconds later.


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