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Submitted: April 20, 2013

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Submitted: April 20, 2013




“Good.” He took my hand and pulled me too the table pulling the chair out for me to sit in and I blushed.

“You’re such a gentleman.”

“I’m just treating you the way you should be treated.” That made me blush once more and I looked down at my food. My stomach churned not wanting to eat any of it. I nibbled at a piece of bacon as I watched him scarf down his food eagerly.

“You would think you hadn’t eaten in weeks.” I giggled watching him. He looked up at me confused for a second then sat up and wiped his mouth.

“Oh sorry.. I didn’t mean..” He looked down embarrassed.

“No eat. You’re hungry and I made this all for you.” I smiled. He finished his plate and sat back and sighed contently. Giggling I quickly picked up my plate dumping it in the trash so he didn’t see that I hadn’t ate any of it.

“Was it good?” I asked as I picked up his plate and set it in the empty sink. I heard the chair’s legs scrape against the floor as he stood up.

“It was delicious.” His voice right in my ear. I jumped not expecting him to be there then relaxed as his hand rubbed my back. I turned to face him. His eyes instantly made contact with mine filled with the same emotion I couldn’t quite place.

“I’m going to brush my teeth, okay?” I spoke softly and he nodded pulling away. I walked past him to the bathroom once more and he followed me.

“Do you happen to have an extra toothbrush I could use? I don’t think you want to smell my morning breath.” He laughed to himself and I nodded fishing one out of the drawer for him. He opened the package it was in and thanked me. I brushed my teeth leaning against the wall and he faced me sitting on the sink. I went to go spit out the toothpaste just as he did and giggled awkwardly motioning him to go ahead. He laughed and rinsed out his mouth and I did the same after he was done.

Liam walked out to the couch and sat down on the edge. I stood across the room from him and smiled softly.

“So, what do you want to do?” He asked me smiling big. I shrugged softly.

“I’m up for anything.”

“Go get a coat. An actual coat.” He laughed and shooed me away. I left the room and got my coat from my closet. I could hear him talking on the phone in a hushed tone and stayed in my room until he was done. When he stopped talking I walked back into the living room with my coat on.

“Where are we going?” I questioned him.

“Just wait. It’s a surprise.” He shut off the lights around my apartment and waited at the door for me.

“Is what I’m wearing okay?” I gestured to my sweats and he nodded reaching for my hand.

“You look perfect.” He flashed me a crooked smile that made my heart melt instantly and I took his hand. Lacing his fingers with mine he led me downstairs and out the apartment building door. I walked close to him trying to catch all the heat he was letting off and he led me through the city. It wasn’t like I hadn’t been here before but with him everything was so much more beautiful. The bare trees even looked beautiful.

Soon we reached what looked to be an abandoned building but he pushed open the door to a dark room. I looked up at him confused.

“What are we doing here?” I question my voice filled with curiosity.

“You’ll see.” He said and led me into the room. He shut the heavy metal door behind us and as soon as the door clicked shut little Christmas lights lit up the room. I looked around the room amazed a smile spread across my cheeks.

“Liam.. Oh my God..” He took my hands making me look at him. He was beaming. The guy I had met barely a full day ago had set all this up. There is no way he had someone do all this in twenty minutes. He must’ve left last night while I was sleeping.

“Do you like it?” He questioned. His green eyes twinkled in the lights and I nodded speechless. He grabbed a remote from the table and clicked a button. Arms by Christina Perri played in the background and tears welled up in my eyes out of pure happiness. His eyes met mine once more and he smiled.

“Dance with me?” He held out his hand for mine. I placed my small hand in his and he immediately pulled my body to his. His left hand placed itself softly on the small of my back and we twirled around the room to the song. I laid my head on his chest and let him lead me. The smile never left my face.

Soon the song was over and we gradually stopped moving. We stayed still for a few moments holding each other close. I felt his hand move up my back and set itself on my jawbone. It pulled lightly at it and I gave in looking up into his eyes. His thumb rubbed my cheek softly. The feeling in his eyes was back once again. The one I couldn’t place.

“Liam..” I began. But he placed his finger on my lips gently hushing me. He dipped his face to mine and I felt his lips envelop mine. I closed my eyes and kissed him back. His hand stroked my cheek once more before he pulled away. I looked up him and I swear the butterflies were about to make me explode. I could do nothing but blush and stare into his eyes.

I felt completely at ease, more than I had ever with Dylan. We stared at each other for what seemed like the longest time. Liam pecked my lips once more before pulling away. I watched him walk across the room and pick up one single rose off the table. I could feel the hotness in my ears as he made his way back over to me.

“I know you are broken, and I know you need time to get over him Amanda, but when you are past the hurt he brought upon you, I want you to tell me. When that time comes, no matter how long I have to wait I am going to make you my girlfriend. I will wait ten thousand years, a whole lifetime, to make you mine.” He handed me the rose and continued. “You only deserve the best. You are so beautiful. No girl should ever be hurt. She should never cry.” The tears welled up in my eyes as he spoke and a smile spread from ear to ear. He squeezed my hands once and I nodded.

“When I’m ready I will tell you.” I whispered. Liam pulled me into a hug and held me close. I felt so safe when he had his arms around me. He was going to treat me right. He pulled away too soon and caressed my cheek softly.

“Did you like it?”

“I absolutely loved it.” A huge smile broke out across his face and he picked me up in a hug and twirled me around. I squealed and held onto him.


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