The Dangerous Experiment

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic
Pit is a scientist that is about to create a dangerous experiment that will open the gate to another dimension and cause the mysterious disappearance. What was the reason that made this experiment go wrong.

Submitted: February 12, 2013

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Submitted: February 12, 2013




Pit was always a man of science and his mind was concerned only with numbers and data. He never wanted to think irrationally and believe in existence of parallel dimensions. He was the top nuclear scientist at the world famous atomic energy institute. He performed his experiments in an orderly fashion. He always played by the rules and he was proud of his previous results and credits. Everything was about to change now.


It was a normal day for Pit and he ran a usual daily procedure. He checked the radiation levels and checked the equipment for any malfunctions. Everything was running smoothly and without any problems. Then he proceeded to the basement where there was the masterpiece of his lifework. It was a particle accelerator, but not an ordinary one. He managed to create an accelerator of miniature dimensions, compared to other equipment of this kind. It looked like a dream for him. He was holding an accelerator of a size of a normal briefcase in his hands and he admired his work. There were still some minor changes that he had to make in order to make this equipment operational. He needed a great source of power. It had to be a high power surge that would awake the accelerator from its slumber and make it possible to research the mysteries of the universe.


Pit thought for a long time and he was unable to find the right solution for the power problem. The whole energy that could be supplied by the electric system of his great city would not be enough to make the starting reaction. He knew that he only needed the initial power surge and the machine would supply itself with its own energy after that. He would be able to create not only a perfect particle accelerator, but also a perfect energy source that could be used at any time.


Pit though about some high power sources, such as lightning, tidal waves, gravitational fall or something like that. He needed high temperature and extreme conditions. Pit got a silly and dangerous idea how to start his equipment. He wanted to use volcano eruption for generation of his starting power surge. He knows that volcano eruptions are powerful and unstoppable and that they can generate enough temperature and pressure from the depths of the Earth. Now was his task to get the approval of the scientific committee in order to start his experiments.


The time for judgment has come and Pit was ready to present his idea to the scientific committee.


“What you are about to do is not only crazy and scientifically unacceptable but it also extremely dangerous and it could threaten the lives of many people.” The head of the committee declared to Pit.


“ I have made all of the calculations and I am sure I can make it without consequences. I just need to put my equipment on a suitable spot during the volcano eruption and wait until the temperature and pressure is right…” Pit replied.


“ Stop, I don’t want to hear about this nonsense. It is obvious that you live in a fantasy world and that you don’t think in a rational way. I will not allow your experiment and you can say goodbye to your funding for this particular research. “ The head of the committee shouted at Pit.


“ You will regret the day you refused my proposal. I quit from this job and I don’t care what you think. I know my experiments can be successful.” Pit said and left the building.

“ He is crazy and I don’t think we should allow him to do any further researches. Let him stay home or let him find another job. “ The head of the committee was relieved that this session is over.


Pit went back to his laboratory to pick his things and he didn’t forget to pick his accelerator prototype. Although he was not allowed to take it, Pit made a devious plan and he exchanged his real particle accelerator with a combination of the parts of his previously used equipment.


“ Nobody will notice the difference and it will be so easy to smuggle the real particle accelerator past the guards.” Pit mumbled.


Pit left the laboratory and he was ready to go on long journey. He accumulated some money from his previous works and he owned a yacht that could take him to a small volcanic island in the Pacific Ocean. He had everything he needed and he was ready to start a dangerous trip. Pit was alone and he didn’t have any family or friends that would miss him and ask about his whereabouts.


The sea was calm at first and Pit thought that it would be an easy task to reach the volcanic island. But on the third day, the weather changed dramatically. The sky was dark and filled with dense clouds. The storm was about to start.


“ I am not prepared for this. What can I do? I will hide in a cabin and wait until the storm stops.” Pit was frightened and he didn’t know how to solve this situation.


“ I must protect the particle accelerator in my briefcase, it should be kept away from the waves and wind.”


The storm continued furiously and Pit’s ship was too small to deal with such conditions. He ran into his cabin and prayed that the storm will stop. The storm became bigger and thunders and lightning were everywhere. Will Pit survive the storm?


Suddenly the lightning struck Pit’s ship. The power surge surrounded the whole ship. Pit was in his cabin and he was holding tightly to his particle accelerator equipment.


“ It is over, the power surge will ruin my equipment. I don’t know what to do? “ Pit shouted.


But the things went well and the storm passed by. The only problem was a broken sail and minor cracks on the ship. Pit came out of the cabin and he realized that the ocean was calm and it is completely safe to continue his journey.


“ We made it through this one. “ Pit looked at his equipment and exclaimed happily.


“ Now is the time to reach the shores of the volcanic island. It shouldn’t be far away from here.


After a week of traveling, Pit was near the volcanic island. He made all of the necessary calculations and he knew that the volcano would start eruption in about four days. He made a plan and he knew how to keep the safe distance and how to collect back his equipment when the time comes.


It was a sunny day when the time has come for the eruption. Pit thought that his calculations were correct and that he will see the fruits of his labor on that day. But he was wrong. Nothing happened and he continued to wait for the time of the eruption.


“I must have miscalculated the data. But I am sure that the eruption will start very soon.”


“ I just need to be patient and wait for a couple of days.”


Pit was a patient guy and he would never abandon a quest that is before him. The days went by and nothing happened. One year has passed and there were no changes. Pit accustomed to his life on this deserted island. Food was plentiful. The ocean was full of fish and the woods were full of small animals that Pit could catch. He was prepared for this and he enjoyed the solitary life on the island.


One day the ground started to tremble and the large quantities of smoke poured out of the volcano. Pit was startled but he was not scared. He happy and he knew that this is the day that can make his dreams come true. His particle accelerator equipment was in the right position and he already prepared his ship.


“ I will wait till the eruption finishes and I will come back later. “ Pit was certain that his plan would work.


The eruption was fierce and it lasted for a couple of days. Pit was afraid for his equipment.


“ Will the eruption destroy it? Does it have what it takes to handle the high temperatures and pressures?”


On the third day of the eruption, a strange thing happened. A bright and strong light started to shine right next to the place where Pit put his equipment.


“ It is wonderful. Does this mean that my equipment works?” Pit jumped happily in his ship while he looked at the eruption from a safe distance.


But now the things became different. The light increased in intensity and it blinded the Pit’s vision for a moment.


“ What is happening? Is it the end of my dreams? Is my equipment destroyed?” Pit cried loudly.


The light quickly surrounded the entire small volcanic island. It was an intense light that was brighter than anything Pit saw before. The light continued to travel in all directions. It reached the Pit’s ship.


“ It is all over. I will not survive this. There is nobody who can help me.” Pit shouted his last words.


The second day everything was calm and peaceful. But something extremely strange happened. Where is the island? Where is Pit? Where are all the animals and trees that were on the island? Everything is gone and there is only ocean. It looked like Pit has opened a gateway to another dimension by using his equipment. The experiment has gone wrong and it caused a complete annihilation of a whole island. Nobody looked for Pit because they thought he died in a boat accident in the ocean. But the satellite pictures surely gave the strange impression on the researchers. Where is the small volcanic island that was here not long ago? All of the researchers were puzzled by the mystery of disappearing island.







© Copyright 2020 Sasa Sijak. All rights reserved.

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