The Lost Agenda

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An unemployed carpenter finds work on a crew building what is supposed to be an army base. Thing are going great till he finds a file folder accidentally left behind by a visiting supervisor.

Submitted: March 12, 2013

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Submitted: March 12, 2013



“The Agenda”

By: Barrie Burton



  The man scanned the page like he had all the others and laid it on the top of the one and a half inch thick stack. Looked across the table at William Barrett and asked “Is this all there is?”

“Yes.” replied Barrett

“Have you shown this to anyone else?”

“No, according to the notations inside the file I didn’t think it would be safe to take it anywhere else.” Barrett stated,” I mean they make it sound like this is the last place they want it to end up.”

“Yes, well then Mr. Barrett I am going to take this upstairs and show it to the director and he will decide what to do from there. You just wait here and I will see what I can do about getting some food in here for you.” With that the man stood and exited the interrogation room.

Seven Days Earlier

In the New Mexico Desert


  William Barrett was one man on a ten man crew building what was supposed to be barracks buildings on a soon to be army base in the middle of a New Mexico desert. Barrett even believed that was true until he found the file folder that one of the visiting gold hats must have dropped. In the center of the front side of the folder it simply said “Agenda” and in the upper left corner of it was stamped “copy 21”. Well Barrett didn’t have time to look at it right now, he would have to hide it until the end of the day when he would have time to read it and see what it was all about.

  One thing about working in a desert, even a cold shower felt good after a day’s work. It was chow time and then he would find a corner and read his new discovery. If nothing else it would help pass the time until he went to bed for the night.

  Two hours of reading and William Barrett was scared and angry, both at the same time. The supposed army barracks’ that he was helping to build were actually meant to be used to house what they termed in the file as noncompliant personnel.  Highest on that list were civilians that owned any type of firearm and all former or soon to be discharged military personnel who have served in a combat zone.


  The gun owners because, they actually believed they had a right to own a firearm, and liked to make noise about their so called second amendment rights. The returning soldiers because they had been away during the gradual implementation of a lot of new laws and regulations. What had been a gradual thing to those who were here would be like a slap in the face with a frozen fish to anyone being presented to all those new laws all at once.

  The plan was very thorough and methodical and from what was in the file had been in the works for over forty years, and it was nowhere near ready for full implementation according to the timetable shown. Whoever was behind this was in no hurry. It was evident that it was a multigenerational endeavor.  Barrett was reminded about an analogy he had once heard about how to boil a live frog without him jumping out of the pot. It looked like whoever was behind this plan had heard the same story.

  One thing was certain. This folder needed to get out of this camp before anyone came looking for it. Barrett was forming a plan in his head. It would help if he knew exactly where he was located on a map but a rough guess was the best he could do for now. Tonight was his last night in this camp. His country was at stake, he had to at least try.

  Never having been a voracious eater he had many small packets of cheese spread, peanut butter, crackers and fig bars put back from the MRE’s that they were served at meal time. There were ice chest with bottles of cold water for the men to drink that were accessible twenty four seven, so water would not be hard to get. He didn’t know exactly how far it was to El Paso Tx. from here but surely he could walk it in two weeks or less. That was the one place he could take the file because information in the file hinted that it was the last place they wanted it to be.

  He gathered up twelve one liter bottles of water. Tied them with string to a piece of rope and put that around his waist. He placed his food and the file in a pillow case borrowed from his bed and headed for the Texas state line. There was seven hours until wakeup call at six in the morning. He planned to be long gone by then. Fortunately they were still thought of as employee’s instead of prisoner’s so leaving camp was not going to be a problem, until he didn’t show up for work in the morning he would not be missed.

  There had been a couple guys that had grown tired of the isolation and had headed out in search of some excitement. There had been no big fuss made over them and they had never come back, so maybe he would not be missed anymore than the other guy’s had. If so then he had no need to worry about being followed.

Present Day

El Paso, Tx. F.B.I. Field Office


“Well Chief what do you want to do with this guy?”

  “I am going to be thankful that he didn’t show up two hours ago before we arrived and were in place to keep a lid on this mess. The poor dumb bastard is tired and hungry. Find him something to eat, and here” he said as he reached into a desk drawer and removed a small vile if golden brown liquid “put this in his drink. As soon as it gets dark we will get rid of the body and get the hell out of this furnace they call a town.





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