the pain of the broken hearted

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The words spoken from the heart by a man that's heart broken

Submitted: January 20, 2013

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Submitted: January 20, 2013



?y Name is Sashen Reddy...this is a little piece dedicated to those †?ªt are broken-hearted..

Our lives as plain and lonely souls,day by day living each day.. The day i met y0u was the day ?y soul revived and turned to a blooming rose.. We spoke,we laughed,we became the best of friends in due time... i 1 day realised y0u were ?y life ?y reason to exist and i fell inlove.. We became closer i made move and so did y0u before we knew it,friends turned into lovers.. The memories we shared,the fights we had,the tears we shed but in all i was crazy about y0u.. Time past and things changed †?ªt spark we once had had gone cold i told y0u but we fought.. Slow as the tides of the sea we drifted till 1 day a call to see me... i stood there as y0u said y0u need to go,i stood still knowing all is gone.. The dreams hopes and little plans i had gone like the foot prints washed away by the oceans cold water.. From the times we had all that's left are memories †?ªt haunt me each day,in silence i suffer.. Yearning for for 1 more touch,1 more word 1 more smile..memories are so dry ?y heart like a rock,cold,?y sould like a wondering nomad.. A simple sight of a couple floods ?y head with what once was.. i stand here alone plain and lonely,day by day living.. ?y heart will never forget y0u for as long as i breathe this life..

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