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This story is based on a true incident that happened in kerala a state south of india.This incident is to showcase gender supression to women of india even though our state and nation claims a lot of respect to the womenhood of the country.raping,female child abortion,disparity in wages,inequality in upbringing,dowry and so on so forth are common.even educated states like kerala women faces a lot of challenges .Based on a true story the writter sympathises along with a lot of well wshers to the women hood of the country and to highlight the tendency to attack the weaker section of the society .if any message generates out of this paved the way for a good thought iam humbled

Submitted: December 19, 2013

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Submitted: December 19, 2013



Ann was excited as she is palnning to rush to home after a week long monotonus office job .The journey by train will take three hours to reach home from her office  and a daily journey to home seems difficult ,that is why even though  it is painfull she find a working ladies hostel for her stay.As soon she get a weekend she rushed to her mom and brother.Homesickness always haunted her even though she had a lot of jobs to do in the office and surrounded by her inmate girl friends.Especially this days are pretty important to her as her engaement already fixed to john who is working near to her office and known to her family well.She had all the reasons to dream about the marriage and the handsome young man to join her life.her sweet mom and brother remains bright in her mind.So this week journey to home is so important she was impatient to wait till evening to get into the passenger train at 6pm in the evening from cochin where she is currently working.She had already arranged to drop her at railway station,informed her mom and brother that she is scheduled to arrive in alate train as usual by 9pm and he will,her younger brother sunny will pick her  home.Things are all planned and worked out nicely as the train to her great suprise arrived in station in time with almostfilled she got a comfortable seat and there starts the journey

she was deeply enaged in dreams that she did not notice the move of the train for a couple of hours and when she opened up the train was almost empty the ladies compartment she is in seems vacant there was one or two passengers in now she has to cover more than a hour joureny

The weather was pretty bad and it starts drizziling frequent lighting and thunder give a very unpleasent look her enthusiansam to get home only made her stay in the train otherwise a vacant train and very empty look around was giving discomfort to her

suddenly due to the traffic signalling block the train got stuck in the mid which was really frieghtened her attempt to get in touch with her mom and brother over cell phones seems futile

A real state of shock covered her train was stranded in a dreaded place where she can hear the voice of only frogs crying and the sound thunder strike half an hour passed by

suddenly she noticed a devilish look entered from the rail to the train.At this stage  she started shivering.the person get had all the looks of a unclean begger torn cloths and very fearful her great astonishment she saw he is rushing towards her .he stared at her after reaching near to her, she started to move slowly to the otherpart of the empty boggie and was trying to get out of the stopped train at a stage but to her bad luck the train started moving in

the dreaded looking criminal reached near to her he ordered to give up all the oranaments and belongings she owns.she had no other alternative but to obey to feel that she will be spared from a rape or humilation.But the cruel animal in him jumped out.after receiving her valuables he rushed to her meantime she reached the door steps of the train she shouted loudily to the maximum possible to save her but due to various reasons she was un heard by all finally this cruel man caught hold of her in a rush to escape she fall out of the train.badily injured and unconcious this cruel animal too jumped out of the train and then the worst happened he raped the unconcious dead like body several tims and leave it half dead and left

hours later the train reached destination her mom and brother impatiently waiting to see her unfortunately they failed to meet her.messages where sent to all the way she covered and they got a message that an unconcious body of a lady in a very pathetic state was found in the rail track the family rushed to the spot and found that she was hospitlised

mean time the alert message was given to all rail authorities and the police about the the hospital the doctors confirmed that she was a victim of brutal rape.The mom and brother in a state of panic waited in the i.c.u to see that their ann will recover and come to life as before.But unfortunately nothing happend she could not come out of her unconcious stae and passed away

the story of ann now become a media sensitve issue and the whole state was in a mood to identify the criminal.and finally the police caught a neighbour hood state train begger aravind chamy

aravind chamy a born criminal had a dozen rape cases train robbery and molestation attempts against him.he hails from a middile class family and due to the family surrounding he was bought up in a manner the crime become his daily routine.soon the bribed police men and the unholy legal syetem join hand with aravind giving him full hand to continue the crimes finally he was caught and arrested in action ina very sencitve caes where he lost his palm and bccome handicapped.

after coming out of the jail he found that the usaul area and the state he was in did not give him the same freedom as he was enjoying he shifted to neighboring stae kerala.he found that womens compartment  is safe for him as he was handicap in accident he cannot face the resistance he used to face before.

he chose late hour trains only lady compartments as a safe heaven to loot .and ladies who lost belongings only report police and afraid of social disrespcet once they inform that they are attacked or raped.this give arvind great chance to continue in kerala.

finally all the legal presentaions given by his lawers who came to support him due to the sheer fact that he is a tamilian a neighbour state man and paid them well from resources unknown to all

odd questions where asked about his wealth?support to him?and his honeymoon with the lawautorities

arvind now sentenced to rigorous imprison ment now remains in jail but several such cases happens in our country .anns parents and brother weeps for her and so do john who was about to wed her 

the rest of the world forget about her dreams .the world is waitig for another ann to die to mourn






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