The State of the NFL today

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This is a rant about the NFL today.

Submitted: November 21, 2008

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Submitted: November 21, 2008



The NFL today, under the reign of Roger Goodell, has become a monopoly for him and him alone. Visa likes to make TV commercials that say that the NFL is a game for the fans. Under Roger Goodell, it is not. During his short reign, we the fans have seen our wishes blindly disregarded. We the fans want to see football players able to celebrate after scoring! There may be something wrong with a player taking over a camera, but who would say that T.O.’s touchdown when he “used the football as a prop” to simulate a camera as something bad? And now, players cannot even touch the ground unless they’re praying?! Spiking a football is now illegal and is a delay of game penalty unless you just scored a touchdown. Why? Because, according to the NFL under Roger Goodell, it makes the game go too long. This is ludicrous on many levels. The fans want to see some fire from players, it’s one of the things that makes the game fun to watch. And if the referee is taking some time to go and collect the football after its spiked, then the referee needs to lose some weight! Talk to the advertisers and TV stations which creates the game today as we know it, and they would love to have an extra half-hour of game time! It’s more money for them, it’s more enjoyment for the fans, and there’s even a football benefit in this: teams that are traveling get another half-hour of being awake (like when the Dolphins travels to New England and play at 1), if you push back games by half-hour, so they won’t be losing every game. However, Roger Goodell is not satisfied by just denying fans what they want in celebration, he’s gone even farther. According the Wall Street Journal, under Goodell’s reign, NFL teams have hired over 1900 people to try and stop fines from being levied against them. That’s an average of 59 people hired by each team, there’s only 54 roster spots on an entire team. Moreover, what’s he fining for? He’s fined almost everyone he’s can for talking bad about the referees. And why shouldn’t coaches, players, general managers, and even owners talk about a bad call from the referee and complain about it? I don’t think that these people should start saying that the referees are horrible, they’re not. But, when they make a mistake, like in San Diego or in Pittsburg, these people shouldn’t feel the need to keep their mouths shut up because of a fine from Goodell. Even here his fines don’t stop. He’ll fine any player for making a big hit. The game is losing itself. Several hits have had horrible results this season, Tom Brady’s or Keith River’s injuries for example, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that the players responsible did anything wrong! It’s gotten to the point when even the most respected and quite players are stepping out against Goodell. And what does he do? Talk to them. He’s not changing, not until some pressure is applied by the fans, which is why some fines have recently been recalled. Ever wonder why Goodell seems to have switched from suspending everyone at the beginning of his reign and now just fines people? Might it have something to do with money? Sure, the NFL claims it gives the money away to charities, but it’s also a write off for them. Therefore, under Roger Goodell’s reign players cannot celebrate after plays (just imagine a scenario when your favorite team is 3rd and 20 and need a first down to keep your hopes alive and a great play happens netting you 30 yards and the player can only give the ball to the referee even if he’s out of bonds), nobody can talk bad about anything, and if players make really hard hitting plays their being fined. But hay, at least they’re not suspended then the game wouldn’t be competitive and remember the game of football is about the fans!

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