Revenge at its finest

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Submitted: March 09, 2019

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Submitted: March 09, 2019



Revenge at its Finest


I look up at the clock. 11:35 I overworked again. Finishing up the last few stitches I tie off the thread and put away my sewing kit. Making sure everything is back where it goes. I look around the shop one last time then close and lock the doors.

I head down the street and turn left past the coffee shop. Looking back over my shoulder debating on going back and getting a hot drink but see that the small shop is closed. I freeze looking carefully. Nothing. “huh? I could have sworn I saw someone.” I comment to myself out loud. Deciding it was lack of sleep.

I head west on Apple Berry Avenue till I hit the train station. I look toward the clock tower. 12:35 the train won’t be here for another hour. Out of the corner of my eye, I see a blur of movement. The full force of a man hits me from behind Knocking me to the ground.

Instinct kicks in. I bring my elbow up into his nose.  What should have shattered his Vomeronasal cartilage and shoved fragments into his brain, did nothing. Not even a bloody lip.  He knocks my flat. His knee landing between my shoulder blades holding me immobile.

Panic sets in. I struggle as he leans down and Bites into my neck. “No!” I shout.

“Yes.” He says calmly then he adds “I’ve waited a long time for you, I will have you now you will be mine.”


Everything goes black.


Slowly I come too. He is standing over me. I glare up at him. “It’s not true. You’re not real.” I say with a hate-filled voice.

“It is true. I am real. You can’t deny me any longer.” He utters with a sigh. “Come to me when you learn to accept what you are, Axcylea.”  Then he turns and walks away.

He doesn’t get far. My new powers kick in. Filled with rage and hatred I raise.  Moving quickly I catch him and snap his neck. Then I slam him into a wooden light post then throw him across the train yard onto the train tracks. I’m on him faster than he can get up. He throws me into a pile of old railing. I land, spin out and grab the closest object. I rush him slamming his body into another lamp post I drive my weapon home. “This wolf Bites!” I exclaim.

Stepping back, I look to see if he is dead. He is. That is when I notice the burning sensation on the palm of my hand. I look at his chest. I see that what I grabbed was a silver railroad stake. Satisfied I walk away leaving his body to burn with the morning sun.

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