The twins twisted love ending

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continuation of part 4

Submitted: January 15, 2011

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Submitted: January 15, 2011



(Sunday, ,8:30am)

Colin- Celine wake up!

Celine- it's so early Colin!

Colin- remember when we are kids? After we go to the church we always have a picnic near the lake. I want to try it again,it's Sunday. Let's go to the church and have a picnic afterwards.

(Celine stood up from the bed.)

Celine- you're full of memories Colin. I can't even think that you had an amnesia.

Colin- is that a compliment?

Celine- (smiles) of course!

(that morning the whole family went to the church and after, they headed to the lake.)

Colin- they are late.

Celine- they? Are we waiting for someone?

(James,Conner, Kaycee,Vanessa and Tracy arrived.)

Celine- wow guys you came.

Vanessa- of course.

Colin- Tracy, where's Ariel?

Tracy- im sorry,he said he couldn't come and force me to go here.

(Colin was disappointed. While James looked at her.)

James- (sad) i shouldn't have come here..

Celine- James,Colin was just confused right now. Just give her a time to think over this things.

James- the more i look at her confused, the more pain i feel inside my heart.

Celine- now you're talking? Just make her happy,i know somewhere in her heart, there's a feeling for you.

(Ariel arrived in the lakeside. And Colin was surprised.)

Ariel- what did i miss?

Colin- (happy) you came?!

(Colin hugged him which James saw.)

Ariel- (whisper) are you okay with this? James is staring at us.

Colin- (whisper) its okay.

(they all cook that morning.)

Vanessa- hey,I've got an about we play hide and seek?

Mommy- oh, exclude me please.

Daddy- exclude me too,we're just going to cook so that we can have lots of food later.

Kaycee- so all of us will play then? Except the parents?

Vanessa- yes!! but there's one condition?

Tracy- what is it?

Vanessa- the last person who can hide longer and cannot be find by the seeker will have a chance to kiss who he/she wants to kiss. If the seeker finds everyone in 10 minutes then that person will choose someone to kiss him/ her. After all it's just a 5 sec kiss. And we're just playing,just to add a thrill..what do you think?

(everyone agreed. Then they started playing hide and seek, the first finder was Tracy.)

Tracy- (herself) i shouldn't find them in 10 minutes,right?

(10 minutes passed and she find Celine,Conner Kaycee, and Vanessa.)

Vanessa- the love triangle cannot be found! Maybe they ran away!

Kaycee- stop it Vanessa! (laughing) your teasing them.

(Tracy found James.)

daddy- only the two left, this is getting really exciting.

Mommy- i wonder if Colin will be the last? And if she is,then who would she like to kiss? James or Ariel?

(then Tracy found Ariel at the back of the car.)

Celine- (to Conner) oh no,this is bad. Colin was the last one that Tracy couldn't find, if that so, then...

(then Tracy find Colin.)

Kaycee- well it's time for Colin to choose who she wants to kiss.

(Colin passed Ariel, then she also passed James.)

Colin- (teasing) sorry guys! But i like to kiss my sister.!

(She kissed her sister in the cheeks.)

Vanessa- you sure surprised us, Colin.

(the next game the last one who couldn't find was Conner. So Conner kissed Celine in the cheeks. The next game, it was Ariel who's last.)

Ariel- this is just a kiss game,so I'll pass.

Kaycee- hey no one should pass,right guys?

Vanessa- yeah!

Ariel- okay then. (Ariel walk towards Colin.)

(Colin was so nervous she couldn't look at Ariel's eyes. And James was so jealous because he knows that Ariel wants to kiss Colin.)

James- (whisper to Celine) i can't take this anymore. Im going to burst out.

Celine- (whisper) if you do that, Colin will sure hate you. You want that?

(but everyone was shocked when Ariel grabs Colin's hand and kissed it.)

Ariel- (smiles) no one said which part right?

Daddy- okay, enough of your games. The food is ready. Let's all eat..

(Colin sat beside Ariel)

Colin- thank you Ariel. Actually i was nervous earlier.

Ariel- i knew that, that's why i didn't kiss you in the cheeks, i also knew someone's going to burst out if i kiss you there.

(After they ate, they went fishing. Leaving their parents again.)

daddy- many people love our daughters.

Mommy- i hope they won't hurt themselves.

(that day was finished and they all went home.)

(Monday 6am)

Celine- hurry Colin. We need to leave now or we're gonna be late.

Mommy- why are you so early? It's 6am. You're usually leaving here by 7.

Celine- well mom. Colin and i changed our plans. We aren't going to ride a bus today.

Mommy- what? Why? It's far from your school.

Colin- we're going to walk today mom. Bye (kisses her mom.)

Celine- bye mom. Love you. (kisses her mom.)

(then they left.)

(while they're walking, they saw James leaning on the light post.)

James- good morning!

Celine- good morning James.

Colin- why are you here James?

James- i was waiting for you.

Colin- Celine do you know about this?

Celine- of course not! Im going ahead okay? Catch up when you're done talking.

(Celine hide while waiting for Colin, she still have that sad look, she was holding her chest.)

Celine- (herself) it still hurts. His presence still hurts me.

(Celine was about to cry.)

Colin- James, you heard my answer. My dream tricked me,i thought i was the one on my dream,but it's Celine. Don't you get it,we are hurting her. Please don't ask favors to her just to talk to me again.

James- i just want to hear your answer. Before your memory came back until now, did your feelings change?

Colin- yes. Im sorry James, i don't really like you.

(when Celine heard that,she ran to the school, then Colin walked leaving James behind.)

Celine- Colin, what did you talked about with James? Did you fixed everything?

Colin- (noticed Celine's eyes.) if you really don't love James, then why did you cry?

Celine- (surprised) what? What are you talking about?

Colin- don't trick me Celine, im your twin sister. Tell me the truth, you still love him right?

Celine- yeah.

Colin- then say it to him. Celine i don't love him,i finally realized that yesterday. The one i really like is Ariel. My heart beat races when i saw him, but when i saw James,i felt....nothing.

Celine- are you sure?

Colin- of course. Its my feelings after all.

(Celine hugged Colin. Then James arrived.)

Celine- James,can i talk to you for a second?

James- okay.

(they went to the hallway.)

James- what is it?

Celine- i heard that Colin dumped you?

James- yeah, i guess i can't do anything about that.

Celine- how do you feel about that?

James- well, it's okay. I didn't feel any.

Celine- what?! But you just got dumped.

James- i think its because I did loved you,that your sister's words doesn't affect me.

Celine- but you still love her?

(Colin interrupted when she opened the window and shout.)

Colin- (shouting) just tell him already that you still like him! (Closes the window)

(James was shocked. While Celine was embarrass.)

James- you still do?

Celine- well... yeah.. but i don't want you to think of my sister while you're with me, that's why im confirming if you still love her.

James- you confessed to me again for the second time huh?

Celine- its the third time,stupid. Anyway, i don't want your answers now,i want you to think wisely. So let's talk again some other time.

(Celine left, while Colin pulled James to talk)

James- (surprised) Colin?

Colin- you don't want to hurt my sister right? I'll be honest to you..if you hurt her,i won't forgive you.

James- as if i can do that to her.

Colin- sorry James,for confusing you. Im confused too, but yesterday i found out who i really want. Its Ariel.

James- im glad that you finally have that happiness Colin.

Colin- and i wished you and my sister would be happy too. Goodbye James.

(Colin left.)

(Conner and James talked about Celine.)

Conner- if you're sure about your feelings James then fine. Its because im sick, i can't take care of her. But really, if you hurt her again, you'll die in my hands before my last breath.

James- thanks Conner.

(that day when Colin and Celine visited Ariel, they were both shocked because Ariel was already discharge in the hospital. They don't know how to contact her, Colin was so depressed.)

Celine- im sorry about Ariel, Colin.

Colin- i can't do anything about it. He just left without saying goodbye.

Celine- maybe he'll come back for you.

(then they went home.)

mother- Colin, a letter for you,came.

Colin- letter? From who?

Mother- Ariel.

(Colin hurriedly opened the letter.)

Ariel's letter- Colin im sorry i didn't say goodbye to you. Im going to the other country far from here. I wished i can see you someday. I love you. Ariel.

Colin- (mad) that's it?! He's going far away from here, but didn't say goodbye to me. That's horrible. I don't wished to see you anymore! Stupid Ariel!

(early morning,in the gate)

Celine- Colin don't be depressed okay?

Colin- who said im depressed? Why would i be depressed,just because he left?

Celine- Come on, don't say that. There's a new guy enrolled in here, look. He's playing soccer today, he made fans already.

(Colin looked at the new guy but its far away so she couldn't see him clearly.)

Colin- what is that? Fans? Just because he's good looking? He's hair was re bonded. Just because he's good at playing soccer? He's gonna be troublesome.

Celine- that face looks familiar?

Colin- i don't care about the face. I just hate him, just like how i hate Ariel.

(after the soccer, girls started rushing to him.)

Colin- that girls are over acting. He's not a prince.

Celine- Colin, i just found out. That new student is your classmate. I heard he requested your section. Isn't that nice?

(James arrived)

James- are you interested to the new student?

Celine- what? James! You're the only one for me.

James- that's good. (notices Colin) Colin, why are you depressed?

Celine- (whisper) Ariel left her a letter saying he's going to the other country far from here. So he was angry all night long.

James- oh! That's why.

Colin- you guys! Don't talk about me okay?!

James- that's okay Colin, the new student looks nice.

Colin- nice?! I don't care.

(Celine and James was smiling evil)

Colin- you two are so strange today.

James- i think you should talk to the new guy. He's probably in your room by now.

Colin- i said i don't care about him.

(but Colin went to her classroom because she's tired walking, she find the new student and his fans encircling him. So she leaned in her table,facing the opposite side.)

girl 1- hey, Ariel.. where did you come from? I haven't see you in this city before.

Colin- (in her mind) so his name is Ariel too...i hate his name.

New student- well, i was hospitalized a while ago, because of my weak body.

Colin- (in her mind) hospitalized just like Ariel. Why did he play soccer if he has weak body. Stupid.

Girl 2- then why did you choose this section? I heard you requested our section.

Ariel- because a girl i like is here.

Colin- (imitating Ariel's tone.) because a girl i like is here..... so annoying.

Girl 3- so you do have a girlfriend....who's that girl? Is it me?

Ariel- her!

(pointing at Colin. Who's facing the window)

girls- her?! look at her,she's not even interested to you!

Ariel- because she thought i left her without saying goodbye.

(Colin realize something about the new student.)

Colin- (in her mind) Ariel with the same name? Hospitalized because of the weak body. Who is this new guy?

(As Colin look at the new student she was shocked.)

Colin- Ariel?!

Ariel- (smiles) what took you so long to realized it was me? Celine and James recognized me earlier,but you don't even want to look at me. While i was playing soccer, i thought you'd be happy that i can play again. I thought you'll cheer for me. But you didn't even glance at me.

Colin- but i thought you left me.

Ariel- do you really think i can do that?

Colin- but...the letter.

Ariel- its because i want to surprise you today.

Colin- i was really surprised....but your hair.. what did you do?

Ariel- does it look nice? Tracy wanted to re bond it, she said you'll really like it.

Colin- i do,but that's why i didn't recognize you..because of your hair.

Girl 1- come on just hug him already..we're getting jealous here!

(Colin hugged Ariel.)

Colin- i really thought you left me just like that.

Ariel- i was waiting for your reply Colin, that night when i confessed to you..

Colin- i answered you already, when we went on a picnic.

Ariel- when did you answer me?

Colin- when i was really happy that you came in our picnic. When i let you kissed me. I've answered you so many time Ariel. You just didn't know.

Ariel- really?

(Ariel hugged her more tighter.)

girl 2- give me a break.. so its Colin.

Girl 3- Colin, you're so lucky to have him.

Colin- (teasing) you're so lucky that you can look at him right now!

(everyone laughed.)

(After that day, Colin and Celine went home bringing James and Ariel to their house.)

mother & father- what?!?!?!

mother- your boyfriends?!

Colin- yes mom. He is Ariel, we went to the same school when we were kids. You met him already, that boy who always get bullied.

Father- oh! That kid. Are you really Ariel? But you're handsome than ever.

Ariel- thank you sir.

Mother- how about you little miss Celine? You and James? Again?

Celine- yes mom.

Father- James and Ariel, how can we be sure that you won't hurt our daughters?

Ariel- for 12 years I never stop loving her even if i didn't see her. Now that i can see her everyday, how can i stop loving your daughter? That's impossible. I'll love her forever.

Colin- that's so sweet Ariel.

Father- and you James? You hurt Celine already.

James- i didn't make a mistake when i loved Celine, its because of her that helped me realized my true feelings for Colin, its because that time, i still love Celine. And if i make a mistake again, its when i die leaving Celine alone.

Father- you boys know your priorities right? Study first before our daughters?

Ariel- no sir, your daughter first before our studies. Right James?

James- he's right.

(their parents was really shocked when they promised to marry Colin and Celine during the summer break.)

Colin- (surprised) you can't possibly think that.....

Celine- (surprised.) yeah.... you can't...

James- well, we already think about you don't need to object.

Mother- what?! You're getting our daughters?

(Ariel and James pulled a ring in their pockets and gave it to Colin and Celine.)

James- as we promised, we won't leave your daughters.

Ariel- and we'll start our promise from here.

Father- you're already old enough to decide on your own. So one thing i wished for my daughters. I want them to be happy to the man they love.

Mother- daddy..why are you giving our daughters so easily.

Father- because i want to see our future grandson and granddaughter.

(her mother couldn't do anything.)

(so during that summer break, the twins get married to Ariel and James, a double wedding.)

(they live happily ever after)


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