The twins twisted love part 2

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continuation of the twins twisted love part 1

Submitted: January 10, 2011

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Submitted: January 10, 2011




(morning came)

Father- Colin,wake up.. you should eat your breakfast.

Colin- (slow manner) im not hungry.

Father- how are you going to recover if you're not going to eat.

Colin- (slow manner) im confused. Why cant i remember anything,when everyone does.

Father- because you were in accident. you can't remember because you have amnesia.

(in school,James and Celine were both eating when Colin's classmates walked towards their table)

Kaycee- Celine, how's Colin?

Celine- i guess she's fine, she woke up already the other day.. you can visit her if you want.

Vanessa- that's good, we're going to visit her after the class.

Celine- well, prepare yourself okay?

Kaycee- what do you mean?

Celine- nothing.

(Colin's classmate left.. they continue eating.)

(after the class, they decided to go to the hospital.. together with Colin's classmates)

Vanessa- im really excited to see Colin's face. I've missed her so much.

Kaycee- i hope she's okay now, so she can go to school already.

(they arrived)

Mother- thank you for visiting my daughter.

Vanessa- no problem Mrs. Wilson.

Father- she's inside, you may enter the room now.

(they entered in her room)

Vanessa- Colin!! how are you today?

(Colin was confused)

Kaycee- hey, Colin? Why aren't you responding?

Colin- (slow manner) do i know you?

Vanessa- don't joke around like that okay?

Colin- (slow manner) im sorry, but you are....

(they look at each other.)

Kaycee- do you have amnesia Colin?

(James and Celine entered the room)

James- believe it or not.. she have.

Vanessa- how long?

James- the doctor didn't say anything about this yet. We are waiting for further results.

Kaycee- this couldn't be about the school,how will she be able to cope up?

James- we need special treatment for her. Im going to ask for guidance from the faculty members.

Vanessa- that's good,but why are you so helpful even though she's just your girlfriend's sister.

James- im the driver of the car who hit her.

Kaycee- what?! You are that reckless driver?

Celine- hey you guys,he is not reckless,its my sister's fault,she crossed a green light street.. DUH?!

Vanessa- why are you like that? It seems that you hate your twin sister?

Celine- why would you care?

Colin- (slow manner) i don't know any of you.. just him. (pointing to James)

Vanessa- no wonder, your own sister don't know you.

Kaycee- Stop that Vanessa.. anyway,we are leaving. (to Colin) hey Colin, get well soon okay.. so you can already remember us. Bye.

(her friends left.)

Celine- how come, Colin know you? You just met because of me,actually.. you hadn't met her at all,babe.. im confused..

James- babe,i don't know either. But maybe your dad said something about me,right?

Celine- maybe..

Colin- (slow manner) James, i dreamed again.

James- didn't i say that write all your dreams in the notebook?

Colin- (slow manner) oh.. your right.

Celine- babe,im little bit jealous about your closeness.(angry to Colin)

James- Celine,did you already forget im the one who caused all of these? Its all my fault thats why im just doing these because of the accident. So don't be jealous okay?

Celine- yeah, you're right.

James- should we go now?

Celine- let's go. (to Colin) Colin,you better rest now okay? We are going.

(when they left) (6pm)

Colin- (writing in her notebook)

May 21, 2010

why are they so close together.?

Her, and James.. im jealous.

Just like in my dream today,

James was with someone else.

They were both happy,

i was invisible.

He can't see me,im just standing by their side.

But again? Why?

Why do i think like i was left behind?

(Colin started to cry. She stood up and went outside the room,her father didn't notice her.. she continued until the nurse ran towards her.)

nurse- ma'am why are you walking outside your room,you need to rest and recover.

Colin- (slow manner) i need to go get some fresh air. Would you mind bringing me in the garden?

Nurse- did your father permitted you?

Colin- (lying) yeah.

(the nurse accompanied her in the garden,using a wheel chair)

nurse- ma'am im going to leave you for a while,but please call someone if you're going back to your room,okay?

(Colin nodded then the nurse left)

(another patient in that hospital walked towards her)

Ariel- hi! (waving at her)

Colin- (slow manner) who are you?

Ariel- im just another patient here. I'm Ariel,may i know your name?

Colin- (slow manner) Im Colin.

Ariel- why are you here in the hospital, what happened to you?

Colin- (slow manner) i don't know the whole details but my boyfriend hit me with his car.

Ariel- (shock) what?! Is that possible? How can your boyfriend accidentally hit you with his car? Don't you think its intentional?

Colin- James,can't do that!

(when Colin shouted,she said it pretty fast,not in slow manner)

Ariel- okay,okay. You don't need to shout at me. :) i understand.. did he visited you?

Colin- (slow manner) yes.

Ariel- can't you speak properly? I mean, you talk in slow manner(slow motion). You want to practice with me?

Colin- (slow manner) practice for what?

Ariel- (excited) practice for a faster way of talking!

Colin- (slow manner) is it wrong for me to talk like these?

Ariel- there's no problem with that Colin,but are you going to be like that for the rest of your life?

Colin- (slow manner) maybe?

Ariel- you shouldn't.. from tomorrow onwards,we are going to practice our way of talking. Okay? Do you agree?

Colin- (thinks for a minute) (slow manner) okay.

Ariel- meet me here at 2pm. Is that okay?

Colin- (slow manner) i think so?

Ariel- promise?!

Colin- (slow manner) promise.

Ariel- that's good then.

(Colin smiled,then her father was rushing towards her)

father- Colin,you scared me. I thought i lost you. (he looks at Ariel) who are you?

Ariel- my name is Ariel sir. Im already her friend.

Father- since when?

Ariel- today. :)

father- oh. Thank you for being so nice to her.

Ariel- no problem sir, may i know what room she's staying in?

Father- room 306. how about you?

Ariel- what a coincidence sir, im in the same floor,room 302.

father- ah! Good,by the way. My daughter needs to rest now. Would you mind if we leave first?

Ariel- you may leave sir. (to Colin) bye bye Colin,see you tomorrow at 2pm.

(Colin smiled and waved)

(they arrived at her room)

father- it seems that you found a new friend Colin?

(Colin smiled)

father- are you going on a date tomorrow?

Colin- (slow manner) he said he's going to practice me.

Father- practice for what?

Colin- (slow manner) my way of talking.

Father- wow,he's a nice person huh?

(Colin smiled)

father- i guess you found your destiny.

Colin- (slow manner) James is my boyfriend.

Father- oh. (her dad was confused.) hey Colin,can't you remember me? I noticed that after the accident you didn't call me daddy,just so you know. Im your father okay?

Colin- (slow manner) i thought you're my helper.

Father- (shocked) hey Colin! (laughing) You hurt me you know!!

Colin- (slow manner) im sorry dad. :)

Father- (smiles) so good to hear you,calling me dad.

(Colin smiled again then she rest)


(morning came,Colin is not yet awake.) (9:27am)

mother- i brought food. Would you like to eat first?

Father- yeah,did you already eat?

Mother- im finished.

(they noticed Colin,she was crying while sleeping)

mother- she's crying again.

Father- what do you mean? Maybe it's just a dream.

Mother- im so annoyed about the things that's bothering her.

Father- you can't just believe that she can't remember us.

Mother- it's not that. Im thinking maybe the accident had caused these events. That she recognized James as her boyfriend,and that her dreams are making her cry everyday.

Father- stop thinking non-sense things. Our daughter can do it on her own even if we don't help her.

Mother- i know but as a mother i want to help her. I don't want her to carry all the burden.

(Colin finally woke up after long sleep)

Colin- (slow manner) mom,dad are you fighting?

Mother- Colin,you're finally awake. Don't worry,dad and i are not fighting.

Colin- (slow manner) mom,what time is it?

Mother- it's already 10:00am. You had a long sleep,what do you want to eat?

Colin- (slow manner) i want to eat what dad was eating.

(her mother prepared her a food in plate)

(after eating)

Colin- (slow manner and whisper sound) im going to see him later.

Mother- did you said something,Colin?

Colin- (slow manner and little louder) im going to see him at 2pm.

(her mother seems shocked)

Mother- again? James?

Father- no...(he look at Colin) Colin's new friend. Ariel...

Mother- Ariel? Who's that?

Father- they met yesterday in the garden. Ariel made a promise to her to meet again there.

Colin- (slow manner) mom,where's my notebook and ballpen?

(her mother gave the notebook and ballpen to Colin,she started to write)

Colin- (writing on notebook)

(may 22,2010) today

I guess is the worst dream

since the accident..

James and that woman had their wedding

in the church where i wanted to be wed.

they did everything, i wanted to do in my wedding.

They were laughing at me,

it's bad.

I really lost my strength.

In a way that i want to die.

Why are they together?

Why can't i be happy..

but when i wake up today..

i remembered Ariel.

He said he wants to teach me to speak faster.

Well, he's nice.

And i was really happy when i remembered

that we will be seeing each other later..

at 2:00pm.

Colin- (slow manner) I'll see him later.. :)

mother- you seemed happy Colin.

Colin- (slow manner) yeah. It feels like it.

(the doctor entered the Room)

doctor- oh Colin,you're awake huh?

(Colin smiled to the doctor.)

mother- is their something wrong doctor?

Doctor- don't worry ma'am, nothing is wrong. I just want to check her vital signs for our baseline data.

Mother- oh is that so.

Doctor- by the way,Colin.. someone was walking back and forth outside your room. He seems shy to enter here.

Colin- (slow manner) who?

Doctor- i don't know his name,i said that he may enter your room,but he insist not to.

(her mother and father was surprised,and confused)

father and mother- James?!

Doctor- James.? the boyfriend of.....

(before the doctor finished his words)

mother- Colin's boyfriend!!

(the doctor didn't continue his words)

doctor- no.. its not James. That guy outside is also a patient here.

Colin- (shocked) Ariel?!

Doctor- come to think of it.. he's from room 302.

father- it's definitely Ariel,Colin!!

(Colin was happy and she put a smile in her face)

(then the doctor left.)

Colin- (faster manner) daddy!

(her father was shocked because Colin called her daddy)

father- called me daddy?

Colin- (slow manner) daddy,chase him. Chase Ariel for me.!

(her father didn't answer instead he ran outside the room and bump into Ariel)

Ariel- (shocked) sir!?

Father- i knew it would be you. Why don't you come inside?

Ariel- its embarrassing sir. You didn't expect me to come so im kinda shy.

Father- why need to be so modest of everything? really happy that you befriended my daughter.

Ariel- actually sir,her innocent face and angelic smile befriended me. (smiles)

father- what do you mean Ariel?

Ariel- More likely,im not that friendly to talk to somebody else who's a complete stranger.

Father- im really confused?

Ariel- that's a hint sir! (winked his left eye)

(Colin's father pull Ariel inside the room,and Ariel was surprised)

Colin- (fast manner) Ariel?!

Ariel- (scratching his hair) Colin?!

(they were both surprised)

mother- (with teasing effect) so who could this be,Colin?

(Colin was blushing)

Ariel- hi ma'am, im Ariel Dixon.

Mother- you are so formal Ariel. By the way, i heard that you made a promise yesterday with my daughter. Is that a date?

Colin- (slow manner) mom,it's not a date. If James can hear you im sure he'll get jealous.

Father- (whisper to Ariel) James was my other daughter's boyfriend,she seems mistaken because of the accident that caused her to have amnesia.

(Ariel was again shocked about Colin's condition)

Ariel- (whisper to the father) how about her twin sir? What's her reaction?

(they went outside to talk)

Father- her sister doesn't have a clue about what's happening. We please James not to tell her these.

Ariel- sir don't you think its unfair for your other daughter?

Father- in Colin's condition. We don't think its unfair.

(her mother called them.)

mother- hey Colin's looking for Ariel.

(again they entered.)

Ariel- Colin,im looking forward this afternoon okay?

Colin- (slow manner) okay.

Ariel- i should probably get going. My sister might be looking for me.

Mother- of course.. by the way you can come by whenever you want okay?

Ariel- sure.

(Ariel left the room)

(its quarter to 2pm when Colin decided to go in the garden.)

Father- aren't you a little excited for your practice Colin?

Colin- (slow manner) isn't this bad daddy, it's like im seeing another man besides James.

Father- this isn't bad.. Ariel was helping you,and James doesn't know you're doing this..

Colin- (slow manner) that's the point dad,James doesn't know..

father- Colin just forget all your worries and try to improve your speaking.

(Ariel arrived in the garden.)

Ariel- you're early,Colin.

Colin- (slow manner) yeah.. i really want to improve my speaking.

Father- so...... im gonna leave you for a while so you can have your time alone.

Colin- (slow manner) dad,stop that..

(her father leave them.)

Ariel- where should we start?

Colin- (slow manner) Ariel,i want to talk normally.. please...

Ariel- i understand. Then,follow my lead. Okay?

(Ariel started saying words that are hard to say. Then Colin followed it,and although it's hard for her to speak in the normal way she still tried her best.)

(after 1 hour)

Ariel- how about taking a break.? I don't want to force you Colin.

Colin- (bit slow) okay.

(they decided to go in the canteen.)

Ariel- (while eating) Colin, i can see that you're improving. Even if it's just an hour ago since we started.

Colin- (bit slow) thanks for your help.

Ariel- maybe you we're just scared to speak because you have an amnesia. Well,i really think that's the reason.

Colin- (bit slow) i feel like...(pause)....i can speak a little faster even if there are people around me.

Ariel- that's good. Im glad i could help.

Colin- (bit slow) thanks.

(after they finished eating,they started again on practicing. Ariel now was constructing a sentence and Colin would follow him in faster way.)

(its already 5pm and they were finished.)

Ariel- i bet they will be surprised Colin.

Colin- (normally speaking) yeah. Thanks very much Ariel,for your help.

Ariel- i really want to help you. Another thing Colin, I invited you today so we can have fun.

(Colin was in a dazed.)

Ariel- Colin? Are you okay?

Colin- sorry,i was just thinking..

Ariel- come with me i have something to show you.

Colin- where are we going?

(Ariel pulled Colin and ran in the elevator.)

Ariel- you'll be surprised. I really want to go there together with you.

(they reached the rooftop.)

Colin- are we even allowed here?

Ariel- of course. I have a permission.

Colin- but there's only the two of us,and i heard that people aren't allowed in the rooftop.

Ariel- okay,i lied. People are prohibited in here. We just sneaked out because i have a key.

Colin- what!! we better go back,we can get into a big trouble.

Ariel- no. let's just wait for a while.

(Colin looked at Ariel's serious face. It's already 5:30 when the sunset starts.)

Ariel- looked Colin.

(Colin was amazed at the sunset. She can't take her eyes off the sun. whose like smiling to them)

Colin- its amazing.

Ariel- you see this is what i wanted to show you. I usually go here whenever i feel down. This is my secret place.

Colin- if this is your secret place then why did you show it to me?

Ariel- well, just think of it as my congratulation and get well soon gift.

Colin- (flattered) thank you Ariel.

Ariel- if you want to go in here,just call me okay.

Colin- Ariel... i have something to tell you..

Ariel- huh? What is it.?

Colin- this would be the last time im going to see you. Im sorry.

Ariel- (shocked) why?

Colin- im feeling guilty about James, he doesn't know that i met another guy.

Ariel- but were not doing anything wrong?

Colin- i know..but my conscience tells me that this...this is wrong..

Ariel- then introduce me to him. As your friend.

Colin- i can't.

Ariel- (sad) then i guess this would be the last time im going to be with you.

Colin- im sorry,all i did was to trouble you.

Ariel- no, im sorry for confusing you.

(tears are starting to form in Colin's eyes.)

Colin- i need to go back. Goodbye Ariel. (then she ran away)

(Colin went back to her room while Ariel stayed in the rooftop)

Ariel- (talking to the sky) hey mom, i didn't even started to court her but here i am,.. im already dumped. I was dumped because she doesn't know that everything was a lie.....that James wasn't really her boyfriend. (Ariel lie down in the floor facing the sky.)

(inside Colin's room)

father- Colin,how's your day? (her father noticed Colin's teary eyes.)

father- Colin,what happened.?

Colin- (crying) dad..i hurt him.

Father- (shocked) you can speak normally now?

Colin- yes dad,but that's not the point. I said to Ariel that i won't see him anymore. And Goodbye was the last thing i said to him.

Father- but why? He helped you a lot today isn't it? Why are you avoiding him?

Colin- because my conscience tells me to avoid him..

father- you're conscience? You're conscience doesn't have anything to do with your feelings Colin. It's because you're confused.

Colin- dad,if i didn't do that I'll hurt James.

Father- Colin,Follow your heart..that's all i can say.

(Colin was confused. Then her mother enter the room.)

Mother- oh! Colin,you're already here. (noticed her eyes.) did you cry?

Colin- mom.

Mother- (shocked) you've improved Colin. You can speak very happy.

Father- yes. But she has another problem.

Mother- (worried) what do you mean?

Father- she said goodbye to Ariel.

Mother- that's normal isn't it? They need to separate today and see each other again by tomorrow.

Father- no..i mean she said goodbye to Ariel..PERMANENTLY. And it's all because of James.

(her mother was shocked.)

mother- (whispering) we need to tell her the truth.

Father- but,she's not ready yet.

Mother- she'll never get ready. Anytime is okay.

(they were about to tell her the truth but Celine and James arrived) (6:30pm)

Colin- James!! you arrived.

Celine- Colin how about greeting your own twin sister?(mad)

Colin- Hi.

Celine- hi? What's with that? Can't you still remember me?

James- ah, i noticed you can speak normally now.?

Colin- yes.

James- well, we brought foods.

Colin- I've already ate. (actually she didn't)

(the doctor came in)

doctor- hey Colin. How's your feeling?

Colin- fine.

Doctor- well i have a good news. I hope you'd like it but the problem is you'll be far from your friend Ariel.

Celine- whose Ariel?

Doctor- oh. Im sorry. You must be Celine? Her twin sister?

Celine- yes. :)

Colin- Doctor please continue....

Doctor- okay. Well, you'll be discharged. And in 3 days you can finally go out. Based on the findings,everything is normal except your amnesia. And for that we'll just prescribed medicines.

(Colin was happy and in the other side she's also sad.)

mother- really?

(her family was really happy)

father- did you hear that Colin?

Colin- yes dad.

(then the doctor left)

Celine- speaking of which. Who is Ariel?

Colin- he's no one.!

Celine- how could you hide your friend Colin.

Colin- James, can we go out for a while?

(her father called Celine so that Colin And James can talk. The two left the room.)

James- do you want to tell me something?

Colin- yeah. Well, please don't get jealous of Ariel. He's just a friend i met in this hospital.

(James was laughing.)

Colin- why are you laughing?

James- its because i really don't get jealous.

(Colin smiled to him and hug him)

Colin- i knew you'd understand me.

(Ariel suddenly passed them from the rooftop and she noticed him.) (7:00pm)

Colin- (shocked) Ariel!!

(James looked at Ariel)

James- well this could be Ariel?

Colin- ah, this is Ariel, my friend. Ariel this is boyfriend.

Ariel- nice meeting you James. I gotta go,my sister is already looking for me.

(Ariel headed in his room, and he purposely did that to avoid the two.)

James- he must be kind to you,Colin.

Colin- yes,. But you're different from him. You're kind.....and honest.....

James- (suddenly felt guilty) kind and honest? You don't know me at all Colin.

Colin- anyway. In 3 days I'll be discharge so,i want to go in the school as soon as possible and be with you. (smiles)

James- yeah. You should really go back to school..

(her mother called them because they are going home,then they enter the room)

Celine- why are you two always alone, if Colin can already speak normally.

Colin- because i need to talk to James about something.

Celine- then why can't you tell me?

(her father stop Celine for further noise.)

mother- we'll go home for now,James can you accompany us to our house?

James- yes,ma'am.

(they went home.)

Celine- mom,you go inside im gonna talk to James for a while okay?

(her mother enter their house.)

Celine- James,i know something's happening between you and Colin. (crying) why can't you say it to me?

James- baby,don't cry..its all because of Colin's situation is unpredictable. For now,she was just trusting me and nobody else.(of course it's a lie) so we need to hang on till her memory comes back.

Celine- i don't understand! Why do we need to be affected because of's all her fault,i wish mom didn't gave her birth.

James- (shouting) Celine! She is your sister! You're twin can you say that,..

(she was also shocked for what she said)

Celine- im sorry,im all messed up now,maybe because of confusion and..........jealousy.

James- babe,you don't need to be jealous. I love you.

Celine- i love you too,James. (then she kissed him in the cheeks)

(after they talked James went home)

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