Lost in thought..

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This is kind of a short story, maybe its a poem. I don't know. Its about the story a persons eyes can tell.. Human insight, i guess.. Just please read it and comment what you think.
Sorry, i'm not great at summaries!:P

Submitted: January 24, 2012

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Submitted: January 24, 2012



I was drawn to her, suddenly. I caught a glimpse out the corner of my eye and then my attention shifted. I sat there, watching, not fully aware that i was staring, intrigued. She was nothing special, but there was something different..

I had to focus! There was work to be done, others couldn't see me looking! But my eyes remained fixated upon her. Had i seen her before? Maybe, but i wouldn't have taken much notice then. It was now she was strange.

She had no eyes. The sun cast none upon her. It was her golden hair that obscured the sunlight from them. Darkness shrouded the area where they should be. But to me, she was blind.

She was unmoving, still. A pen ready in her hand never met paper. The open book left unread. She was lost. A land of her own. A land of thoughts. Of what? ?I thought I'd never know.. Until i saw her eyes.


Blue, deepest blue, with flecks of green and hazel bleeding through. Shifting nervously to the source of disruption. As the light exploded on to her face, darkness did not disintegrate.

Blue, with the black underlines, telling stories of sleepless nights where she was once again lost.

Blue, with a red tinge where tears had do many times rolled down and burned.


The disruption whispers quietly in her ear.

A smile beautiful, false and fake, disheartens concern.

But her mind is now awake.

Glancing around the room, she seeks for lost thoughts.

Eyes one hundred miles an hour, genitally coming to a halt.

There our eyes meet.


I knew, that where i saw blue, she saw green,

and thoughts and stories she had already seen.


She knew.

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Lost in thought..

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