Pity Thy Lovers

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I havent written a poem in a long time. So it may be a little rough, or haha even a lot rough. So be honest and open with your opinions! I dont mind the criticism at all! (: Its also written pretty funny, i hate the way booksie screws with your format so much, but please ignore that part and just focus on the words and the flow. Thank you!

Submitted: November 25, 2011

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Submitted: November 25, 2011



 "Oh don't scream so my love,

but instead whisper sweet words

into my ear, for only us to hear."

Her words came out in soft tones,

lips moving so carefully.

She was so quiet, so as not to

get caught.

Yet getting caught was not on

his mind, but something else.

"Run away with me.

My Scarlett Rose.

To Somewhere we can be together

and not have to hide ourselves beneath

the black satin sky. With only the moon

as our audience."

He kissed her hands so lovingly

Holding her wih such tenderness

that she might have cried if not for the


"I'd risk a million lives to be with you.

Let us run, run to place where no laws

ban for any wrong two to be together."

And so they ran,

the two lovers.

Young and filled with

ripe passion.

Both hungry for their love

to be free of hiding.

But as the sun rose

and lit the sky and gave

sight to those watching

the young lovers were

caught, and their blood

was shed.

For a prince was not

to be with a raven of the night.

And so for the rest of days,

the young lovers

were pitied

for their love was cursed

and their souls damned.

For each life they lived,

they fell for one another,

and lost one another in death.

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