Once Upon Ninja

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Naruto was dating a male known as Sasuke. He was his team mate. His best friend. His rival. But one day something happens what is it? Do they break Up? Do they have a fight? What could it be? Read to fin out.

Submitted: May 11, 2016

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Submitted: May 11, 2016




Chapter One


Today was the day Naruto was going to tell Sasuke Uchiha that he loves him. He couldn't wait until he did. There was going to be a huge date. Then a walk around the park and then dropping Sasuke off. He was going to drop the three words on Sasuke. The words that every couple uses to say how much they mean to them. 'I love you.'  Naruto was dressed up nicely as he started his way to a flower shop that Ino's parents ran. He bought to flowers for Sasuke. They all where pink. They was a a fake on in it. He was going to prove his love to him. He need Sasuke to see he loved him with all his heart, soul, and mind. Naruto got to Sasuke's house he knocked at it.


- flashback -


It was a nice sunny day and Naruto was walking home crying, he was being bullied again. He finally came to a stop of his crying just sniffling now. He looked over at the sunset. And he looked down see a dark haired boy. He saw the Uchiha sible on his shirt. Naruto thought to him self. 'Oh it's just the Uchiha kid. Sasuke." Everyone was all about him. How great he was going to be. How hot he was. How he is going to be the greatest. Naruto glares and clinched his fist. Naruto growled. He also thought to himself. I will Surpass this Uchiha. I will be come Hokage. BELIEVE IT!" He yelled. He yelled out 'Believe It!"  out loud. Sasuke looks at him and glares at him "Will you shut up loser." Sasid the raven hair boy.

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