Epic Fight Selection

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A contest for who can come up with the best fight story, I favour things that are well detailed but easy to vividly visualise from the text given. No well organized tournament fight stories

Submitted: June 28, 2018

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Submitted: June 28, 2018



I want vivd and lucid fight stories, fight stories where the fight is part of an organised tournament with large audiences, posters, rings, weight classes advertising mass marketing etc. are not allowed, millitary fights are not preffered. I prefer individual fights. Ill tell you if the stoy fits this, all submitted stories will be revied by me


Story must be from your account, previously posted stories are allowed.

Max. 2 stoires per person.

story must be between 300 to 5000 words long, stories on the shorter end below 1000 words will likely not ne preferred.

At least half the story should be combat or combat related action.

Motives and actions in the fight should be explained.

Story should be submitted before August 10 for the first round of selections.

More likely to win if:

Actions of story and fight are well described but easy to comprehend and serious.

Motives of the fight should be given, fighting charectors may not be fully rational, but motives and other things which make the fight make sense should be given.

At least something about the moves of the fight, injuries resulted, emotions, setting charectors must be given, story will be pushed back greatly if any of these are missing, though its up to you which one/ones your story will focus on. 

Details of setting and charector traits relevent to the immediate plot must be given.

Action must be according to the given description of your charector.

Charectors are not massively overpowered (strong, even superhuman doesnt mean overpewered).

Story is told from fighter POV or at least someone involved in the conflict in a way explained in the story. 

Fighters should not be a large group pf people fighting for someone else, especially not POV charector.

Story should be gripping and intense, reader should be in the fight.

Dont be discouraged if your story does not fit all these criteria perfectly, this is just what I prefer.

Winninng conditions:

All entries will be honestly reviewed

Top 7 will be included in the top seven list i will post after deciding in my next contest.

Top 5 will all be liked if there are at least 12 entries, they will also be asked to review my posted fight stories as I choose.

Top 3 will be asked to invent a charector, or suggest a plot twist for my series 'What Happened to this Bully' after reviewing it, thier story will be shelved, all non described details of this suggested novelty will be asumed or invented by me, suggesttions will only be taken if they read and review all posted parts of this series.

Top 2 will be fanned by me, I will reccomend them to other fight story fans, I will ask them generall fight story writing suggestions for me if they review my work.

No 1 will be declared the winner! Ill decide what other reward you get.

Good luck.




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