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this is a short story or a book (i havent decided xd ) about kiro and scarlet.

Submitted: April 26, 2016

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Submitted: April 26, 2016





DECEMBER 21st 10:00 am

3rd period science yr.2016  narrator's POV- Grade: 9


It was a cold and miserable day, the only thing that seemed to make it worth living was the mild and boring school day ahead. But it was most spent watching the snowfall from a distant window. “Kiro! How many times do I have to remind you to stop having side conversations during class?” After the teacher said this Kiro turned from his group of chatty friends flashing his familiar smile and gliding his hand through his neon green hair, making eye contact with his teacher he said in a smug voice. “It must suck having a student with a better social life than you huh?” A wave of laughter came over the room as Kiro stared at the teacher smiling. “Kiro please step outside, I nder him making a screeching noise. As he did Scarlet studied will bewith you shortly.” Kiro stood up pushing his chair out from him carefully with her narrow beautiful eyes wandering and traveling his body her elegant purple hair swaying through the wind coming from a nearby open window.Although Scarlet has known Kiro for about three years she still hasn't quite figured what makes Kiro tick. Kiro is now sitting on a chair just outside the classroom, after the teacher called an independent study for the class so he could escape outside to speak with Kiro. Kiro you really need to learn not to talk. I understand that there might be drama that needs...discussing but when you come into my classroom all of that stays out of it.” The teacher hands Kiro a detention slip and tells him “I'm sorry but you need to learn” Kiro took the detention slip and said “yeah yeah I know” After class Kiro started to walk to detention he saw that Scarlet was sitting in the back closest to the door. As KIro walked in Scarlet glanced at him and waved without looking. Kiro seeing movement out the corner of his eye turned to see it was her and waved back knowing she didn't see, when Kiro arrived at the detention desk he wrote down his name turned in his detention slip and sat down behind Scarlet. After about twenty minutes of Kiro staring at the back of Scarlets head he decided to grab his backpack and break the silence grabbing his notebook and a green pen, he writes “Hey it's been awhile” he then taps Scarlet on the shoulder making her turn from her work making a sort of annoyed face but taking the small folded piece of paper being shoved in her face anyway. After she opened it Kiro was hoping she wouldn't toss it or tell the teacher she received it, instead she reached into her backpack taking out a purple marker and writing “yeah it has how have you been? she then passed it back to Kiro feeling him grab it from her hand. As Kiro unfolded it a couple of thoughts rushed through his head like “what did she write?” or “is it bad? Is it good?” when the paper was fully unfolded he read it and smiled in relief. He then glanced up at the clock seeing only four minutes of detention left, he grabbed his pen and wrote down fast and kind of sloppy “meet me after skool k?” then he quickly gave it to Scarlet just as the bell rang, Kiro grabbed his backpack rushing out the door moving quickly hoping to run into someone that’s passing by. “Hey! Kiro! What’s up dude?” after hearing this Kiro spun around to see Lucifer.One of Kiros best friends ”Hey man! Not much just got out of detention with Scarlet. I see you still have that annoying red hair” Kiro replied as he messed with Lucifer's blood red hair making him annoyed. “yeah and i see you're still a leprechaun!” said Lucifer while messing with KIros hair. “Haha...yeah whatever dude so i wa-” Kiros mind stopped focusing on what he was about to say to Lucifer because his eye caught something more interesting. It was Scarlet standing behind Kiro holding out the paper from detention she opened her mouth and uttered in a soft but comfortable tone “here...see you after school” she then ran off to class.






yr.  2014.

Kiro’s POV


It was the summer of 2014 me and Scarletwere sitting in the back of our school. The sun beat down on us as if it was punching us itself. I turn to Scarlet and said in a calm voice  “What time do you have to be home?” she turned to me moving her elegant blondehair and said in angel like voice “Around 6:30 why do you ask?” i look at my flip phone then back at her “it’s

6:00 right long does it take for you to get home?” Scarlet turned to me and replied with “about twenty i should probably get going. Can you walk me home?” I stand up holding out my hand to her and I say with a smile “sure but you're going to have to show me the way”Scarlet chuckled as she took my hand pulling herself up...that moment was the last time i saw her smile. Twenty minutes went past. We show up at Scarlets house. Cops are swarming the area. Ten minutes pass. We find out Scarlets mom had been shot. She blamed it on me for everything because I wanted to hang out with her while her mom was at work, even though she gets off at 5:00. When the police officer said that Scarlets mom had been shot, Scarlet froze and started crying uncontrollably. All I could do is stand and watch like a fucking dumbass. Thats one of the most regrettable things i ever done in my life. I cry myself to sleep when i think about it.




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