Can't Be Saved

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Random Script.......dont expect it to be good. i dont normally write scripts

Submitted: December 02, 2011

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Submitted: December 02, 2011



Scene 1: Party

People are dancing and drinking. Throwing bottles on the floor and laughing. Camera up close on two people kissing. Girl unbuttons shirt. Guy caressing girls face and nuzzling her neck. She closes her eyes and enjoy the feeling.

Main character: Blair smiles as she crosses the room with two styrafoam cups full of spiked punch in her hand. People dancing around her causing her to spill some of the drinks. Once she gets to her boyfriend, Jason, she hands him cup and sits down on a bean bag chair along side with him in the corner. They watch the party and take sips of their drinks. music blares really loud.(Teeth by Lady gaga)

Jason: I wouldn't mind if you got up to dance with any of these guys.(Jason Randone: dark brown hair. Green eyes. Tan. wearing a long sleeved buttoned down blue shirt and black jeans.)

Blair rolls eyes and smiles. "I know." (Blair Paytent: Brunette hair. Brown eyes. Pink lips. Wearing a red tank top and black jeans with a red jacket.

Jason smiles.

Blair:I rather stay here with you though. All those guys out there look old enough to be my dad.

Jason: laughs. Except for your ex who is walking this way.

Blair's eyes widen and turns to see her ex, Drake walking towards the corner eyeing Blair.

Blair: Fuck. Can you hold this? I know he's going to come over starting something.

Jason takes Blairs drink and watches her as she gets up.

Blair walks in front of Drake.

Drake: Hello, ex lover. (Drake Spectro: Black hair. Blue eyes. Wearing a blue and white striped shirt with blue jeans and a black jacket.

Blair: Why are you here?

Drake: (Shruggs) Can't an ex lover see his ex lover?

Blair bites lip and look down feeling a little sympathy for breaking up with Drake.

Drake lifts finger under Blair's chin to make her lift her head up.

Drake: No matter what, you'll always be mine. Blair slaps his hand away and glares at him.

Blair: ( Threatening tone.) I am not yours.

Drake grabs both of her arms and squeezes them.

Drake: Think again.

Jason sees whats happening and gets up.

Blair:(Yells) Let me go!

Drake pulls her closer.

Drake: You are mine. You hear me?

Jason walks up to the both of them and pushes Drake from Blair.

Drake glares at Jason.

Jason: The fuck are you doing? (Glares at Drake)

Drake: Nothing. It's nothing.

Camera does a close up on Blair's fearful face.

Jason grabs Blair's hand and leads her away from Drake. They go back in the corner to sit.

Jason: You okay?

Blair nods.

Drake walks away angry.

Blair sighs and looks over at Jason.

Jason: You want to leave, baby?

Blair shakes head.

Jason smiles and grabs Blair's hand.

Jason:You know you shouldn't have went up and talked to him.

Blair's smile disappear.

Blair: He was going to come over here and start talking shit to us so I beat him to the punch.

Jason: That wasn't necessary. A very stupid move in my eyes.

Blair: Well I don't care what you think. I'm suppose to not do something just because you think it's stupid?

Jason glares at her.

Jason: Why are you getting an attitude with me?

Blair closes her eyes and lightly shakes head. She sighes and opens eyes.

Blair: Sorry. Aunt flow is visiting.

Jason nods understanding her attitude.

Jason: PMS is a bitch.

Blair puches his arm.

Blair:Fuck you.

Gets up and leave to go upstairs.

Jason: (Yells)What did I say?!

Scene 2

Blair walks upstairs and puts hand on head. Close eyes because of a small headache that was forming.

She suddenly felt big hands pulling her into a dark room and the door closes.

Blair:What the hell?

She hears heavy breathing.

She starts to panic and look for the door.

Something smacks her cheek and she yells and falls to the floor. She's holding her cheek and her eyes are watering.

The light suddenly clicked on but it was very dim.

Blair sees Drake staring down at her.

Drake: Hey baby.

Blair tries to get up but Drake holds her down.

Drake: You're not going any where you fucking slut.

Blair spits on him. Drake wipes the spit off and spits in her face and then slaps her.

Blair cries as Drake crawls on top of her. Puts both knees on either side of her thighs.

Drake grabs Blairs arms and pins them to the floor.

Blair: (Cries)Get off!

Blair yells as she struggles to get up.

Drake pushes her back down.

Blair cries louder.

Blair: I'm begging you, please don't do this.

Drake reaches down and unbuttons his pants while still looking in Blairs eyes.

Blair shakes her head as more tears are streaking down.

Drake pulls his pants down slightly so his cock is out. He unbuttons and pulls down Blair's pants while she fights him. He quickly slides down her panties and immedialey slides inside of her. She cried out in pain as he filled her with his rough thrust. He grabs her neck with his hands and squeezes. She gaggs. Her eyes become red and watery.

Blair: Drake...(cough)..Please.

His thrust didn't slow nor became softer.

Drake let out small grunts.


Blair tries to breathe but it was hard.

Drake was ready to cum in her.

He let go of her neck and she screams.

He places his hand over her mouth to muffle her screams.

She just lays there while he's harshly pushing in and out.


He cums in her and breathes hard. He stays on top of her as he breathes deeply. She looks at the ceiling with tears in his eyes. Tears drips down to her ears.

Drake presses his lips against Blair's and then got up.

Blair lays on floor with teary eyes looking up at the ceiling.

Drake stares down at Blair.

Drake:You're mine.

Drake fastens his pants and walks out.

Blair cries while laying on the floor in pain.

Camera fades to black and title sequence appears. Can't Be Saved

Scene 3...(Blair's house)

Blair's mother is leaning against the refrigerator. She crosses her arms.

Blair sits in kitchen chair. Both hands on a coffee mug.

Her head is down and her eyes are red with tears.

Jason sits in kitchen chair across from Blair. He watches her carefully.

Blair's mother: I just want to know how this happened. (Blair's mother: Cara Paytent: Blue eyes, dirty blonde hair. Full pink curvy lips. Had on Black slacks and a flower robe.

Jason looks at Cara.

Jason: Blair got mad at me and she went upstairs. I let her cool down for a second and then I went to go look for her. I opened random doors and then finally found her laying naked on the floor. I picked her up and then rushed her out before anyone could see us.

Cara: Why would you take my daughter to a party? I thought I told you two to stay here or your house, Jason.

Blair: (Stares down at the coffee in her cup. Frowns. (Whispers) I'm sorry mom.

Cara shakes head and then looks up at the ceiling while leaning her head back against the refrigerator.

Jason: I'm sorry that I disobeyed you. (Looks at Cara)

Cara: Why don't you leave. I don't want to see you right now. Get out.

Jason sighs, gets up and place hand on Blair's shoulder. She stares up at him. He says I love you with his eyes. He takes hand away and walks out the door.

Blair slowly looks at her mother. Her mother walks up and slap Blair really hard across her face. Blair falls out of her chair and lands on the floor. She stares up at Cara with tears in her eyes.

Cara towers over Blair looking down at her.

Cara: Get up and take your ass to bed.

Blair holds her cheek with one hand as she pushes herself up and runs upstairs.

Cara sighs.

Scene 4 (Blair's Room)

Slams door and lays on bed.

Cries and then close eyes and falls asleep.

Screen fades to black.

Screen opens and we see the camera slowly hovering over Blair as she sleeps. Camera up close up shot on her eyes as she opens them. We see the lightness to her brown irises as the sun shines in them. She sits up and runs fingers through hair.

Scene 5 (Drake's house.) Camera close up Jason as he walks to the door.

Jason knocks on door.

Takes seven seconds.

Drake opens door.

Jason immediatley punches him in the face.

Drake falls onto the floor and then looks up at Jason.

Jason kicks Drake in his face breaking his nose.

Drake groans in pain. Camera does a close shot of Jason's face which is now full of anger.

Camera close up on Drake's bloody face.

Jason lifts foot and kicks Drake again. He gets on knees and punches Drake repeatedly in the face.

Jason sighs and gets up while staring down at Drake.

Drake is laying down not breathing and has a bloody face.

Jason staggers backwards and then finally leaves.

Scene 5: (Blair's Car)

Blair turns up radio while pressing the gas.

(Lady Gaga's Bad Romance comes on.)

Stops at a redlight and wipes the ears threatening to come down cheek.

Blair:Fuck this

Runs red light and swerves car to the wrong lane.

Anger is clearly on her face as car swerves.

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