The New Satanism

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This is the corner stone for the next evolutionary step in the satanic current! Here, a devout follower of Satan himself reveals his beliefs and gives a detailed account of how to hold a privet satanic ceremony!

Submitted: July 20, 2012

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Submitted: July 20, 2012




This article was written for the beginning Satanist, or anyone else for that matter, whom is reading up on Satanism. Being a Satanist I noticed that a lot of articles where written with the LaVain/atheistic, Luciferian, and theistic/spiritual mind set. So I decided to take it upon myself to write some basic principles that I use in my practice Satanism. To put my two cents in on what I consider to be the basic of Satanism.

Like most Americans, I grew up in a Christian home, and that’s where my personal walk on the satanic path began as a teenager where I fell into the whole animal killing/reverse Christian type of Satanism. The churches we went to where the Holy Roller Pentecostal churches and I can still remember people jumping, running, and speaking all that gibberish. I grew out of that stage and began to take a serious interest into Wicca and Gnosticism around age 18. I still enjoy ritual magic, but more on that later.

At the age of 22 or 23 I read "The Satanic Bible" by Anton LaVey and found something that I felt inside of me. I found the first piece to what has now become the foundation of my philosophy. The info in the book more or less gave me a license to be myself. Every thing else wanted me to change myself to there whim as oppose to Satanism where I could just be myself.

I started out as a LaVeyan Satanist and later found that there are some sub categories of Satanism, such as theistic Satanism. To the outsider looking in this is are equivalent of the varies denominations of the Christian faith. I had began to learn about the sub categories of Satanist after discovering Rev. John Allee on you tube while using the computer at the library. Only given 30 minuets of use per session, there wasn’t much time for learning, but was able to learn about theistic and LaVain Satanism, over time. I never was quite comfy with the title LaVeyan or theistic concepts of Satanism

About 3 years ago some things happened in my life that I don't care to get into and things settled down in my life and was able to obtain an internet connection of my own. I stumbled upon Zack (sin), Jason King, Dark Fool, and others on I am thankful that I did because I began to learn. My knowledge is limited even now, but I learned about Satanism.

And now that I got this much out of the way, in the next few sections, I will take you much deeper into not only my philosophy, but also give a basic understanding of my magical operations.


The Philosophy of Satanism


The Satanic Ritual Abuse Issue


Things My Sunday School Teacher Never Told Me!!!


At this point I would like to address the whole "Satanic Panic" issue of Satanists molesting children and sacrificing babies, animals and whatever else to an anamorphic deity named Satan. As will be explained, I don't believe in a literal deity named Satan exists, so that part is shut down. The "molestation/sacrifice of humans/animals" parts of it, if you will allow it, I will quote Mr. LaVey:

"Under NO circumstances would a Satanist sacrifice any animal or baby." "The Satanic Bible" page 89 Paragraph 1 Line 1.

"Satanism does not advocate rape, child molesting, sexual defilement of animals, or any other form of sexual activity which entails the participation of those who are unwilling or whose innocence or naiveté would allow them to be intimidated or misguided into doing something against their wishes" "The Satanic Bible" Page 79 Paragraph 2 Lines' 5 – 10.


Anyone who has seriously looked at Satanism over the past 40 to 60 years knows that the previous statement comes at no shock. If this seems unbelievable then feel awakened to the truth. And for those who refuse to read this simply because I'm a Satanist and all Satanists lie, then don‘t waste your time reading this because chances are good that everything in this text is probably a lie because it doesn‘t match up to what you believe to be Satanism. Well let's be honest here, Satanists do lie, I have lied before, but that's a whole other conversation. But guess what, Christians lie to.

I won’t deny the fact that human and animal sacrifice can and does happen. As well as ritualized rape and molestation of children and woman. When in a society that advocates half truths and flat out lies, this sort of behavior is bound to happen. What would you expect to happen? I blame every single person who knowingly passed on these lies. The ones that new they where lying for the sake of furthering there agenda and look at what it has caused! Also anyone who blindly follows these lies because in this age of computer technology, they can Google Satanism and find the facts about it. Lack of an internet connection is no excuse when schools and libraries have computers that can access the internet.

What the whole "Satanic Panic" had done was place all Satanists into one single category, calling all of us a bunch of pedophiles whom have nothing better to do then to go around kidnapping children, woman, and animals for sexual abuse and blood rituals. Again, I don't deny that this type of thing happens, but on a much smaller and isolated scale. Over the past 50 or so years, there have only been a small case of satanic ritual abuses, but I won't go any further because this info can be found on the internet and on websites that have nothing to do with Satanism or Christianity so there isn't any conflict of interest.

This is basically my stance on this subject: I only sacrifice those whom have gone out of there way to harm me by using a destructive rite that symbolically destroys them by placing needles or pens into a voodoo doll, written stories, ect. But no flesh nor blood rituals of any kind are performed by me. But more on my ritual workings later.


The Foundations of a Philosophy

with Religious Overtones



Satanism to me is a philosophy that has religious symbolism built into it, in which Satan is a key symbol. Satan or ha-Satan as it is in it's original Hebrew, meaning the "opposite" and the "accuser", was a title given to different characters both human and divine whom challenged the humans of the Hebrew Bible. Christianity and Islam came along and they developed Satan into the villain that he has become.

In my form of Satanism, I use Satan as a symbol of the following:

1) Opposition against all religions that require bowing down to a deity other then the self. I am opposed to bowing down to anything other then ones own self. To bow down to anything other then your self, you are giving up some part, if not all of your ability to control your life reasonably as well as logic and reason. This is not a good thing and can cause more harm then good. Not to say that one can’t have a good life in these religions but bowing down to anything then one’s own self opens you up to manipulation more easily. The Abrahamic faiths aren't bad with in them selves, the doing unto others as we have them do unto us has it's merits, but when there is a concept of bowing down to a unknowable deity combined with everyone else is wrong is not at all a healthy combination. I will speak of individuality in a moment, but when ever there is a "we're right and there wrong" mentality is a clear sign of when you should go the opposite direction.

2) Rebellion against current social norms that have become obsolete and a change to a social Darwinist society. In our society, are culture has gotten so wrapped up in Christian morals that it’s not even funny anymore. So many churches, organizations, charities, politicians, etc., that use religion as a crutch in society is proof of that this very fact. Religion has become such a crutch that politicians can use religion to get votes, truly a separation of church and state. Theocracy does not work in a democracy, it never has and it never will. It is to the point that a church can get by without paying taxes, if we taxed all the churches not only will there be far fewer of them and more tax money for are schools, streets etc. By the way, this not an approach against any religion. the Church of Satan pays taxes and rightly so. Churches and religions should pay taxes like any other business. If I ran my own church, I would be more then willing to pay taxes.

3) Individuality is a very important concept to the Satanist because the true Satanists shuns things like herd mentality and conformity. Following the heard makes the person vulnerable to cults, schemes, etc. There are few situations in which a Satanist would want to congregate with a large group of people, and socializing is one of those situations.

4) Input “The Nine Satanic Statements” from “The Satanic Bible”.


1. Satan represents indulgence instead of abstinence!

2. Satan represents vital existence instead of spiritual pipe dreams!

3. Satan represents undefiled wisdom instead of hypocritical self-deceit!

4. Satan represents kindness to those who deserve it instead of love wasted on ingrates!

5. Satan represents vengeance instead of turning the other cheek!

6. Satan represents responsibility to the responsible instead of concern for psychic vampires!

7. Satan represents man as just another animal, sometimes better, more often worse than those that walk on all fours, who, because of his "divine spiritual and intellectual development" has become the most vicious animal of all!

8. Satan represents all the so-called sins, as they all lead to physical, mental, or emotional gratification!

9. Satan has been the best friend of the church as he has kept it in business all of these years!


Now that much is said, I want to be clear that Satan is not just a symbol. I do recognize that there are forces in nature that sciences has yet to explain, although they are getting very close to an explanation. I believe that it won't be much longer before we have technology that will measure someone’s occult power, but it will be much longer before we will have anything that can tell us if there is a deity in the theistic sense. This life force is what surrounds us and what connects us to the universe, our planet, and each other. We aren't connected in the sense of conjoined twins, so much as a divine spark that lives inside are minds and bodies and is activated during a heightened sense of awareness.

The heightened sense of awareness can be achieved through a combination of occult practice, meditation/yoga type methods, and mind altering substances, I prefer a combination of the three. I should say that one should NOT consume synthetics such as crystal meth or heroine nor do I condone law breaking and if alcohol is consumed, drink responsibly. I do recommend the consumption of mind altering plants that are legal but do so at your own risk. Consume only small amounts during experiments to see what the effects are and only chose, if any, that will work for and not against you. Not everyone wants to combine mind altering plants with ritual and that is fine.

Satan, along with a list of other "deities" is one symbol that represents one aspect of what I call the life stream of the universe. This life stream is real in the sense of the air we breath and the gravity that keeps us on this earth and it has it's own laws of physics. I use multiple so called deities to explain the different aspects of the life stream, as you will learn, I use several different invocations of various deities to tap into different aspects of the life force. But we’ll get into this in more detail later.

Satanic Magic for the Unsanctimonious


If you had read "The Satanic Bible", "Satanic Witch", and "The Satanic Rituals" you already know the basics to satanic magic, at least as it's used amongst the LaVain Satanism. I agree with most of the theoretical concepts of greater magic found in "The Satanic Bible" and build from that. Also, I'm not going to write on lesser magic other then recommended that you, dear reader, read "The Satanic Witch" cover to cover, and rummage through parts, if not all of the bibliography.

Satanic Ritual Magic

in Theory and Practice


Let's begin with my theory and practice of magical operations. All magic, both greater and lesser magic is a form of psychology. Again, if you had read the books given in the introduction of this section, you know how LaVey distinguished lesser and greater magic.

In keeping with LaVey's concept of greater magic essentially a form of self hypnosis, allow me to expand on this. The universe is made up of, amongst other things, energy and force! Ritual magic is the art and science of bending these energy and forces according to one's will.

Rituals can be solitary and social events, but it come's down to the individual Satanists to decide to wither or not s/he will attend a group or perform a solitary ritual. Although a compassion ritual may be better left to a solitary ritual, the destruction and lust ritual's may be performed in both group and solitary ritual's.

On page 17 of “The Satanic Rituals” LaVey wrote, “...rituals, which are directed towards a specific end that the performer desires; ceremonies, are pageants that pay homage to or commemorating an event, aspect of life, admired personage, or declaration of faith. Generally, a ritual is used to attain and a ceremony is used to sustain.” LaVey outlines three different rites that may be used in “The Satanic Bible” which are Lust, Destruction, and Compassion. These are very good umbrella terms that I wound depart from, “The Ceremony of the Stifling Air” and “The Homage to Chart”, both found in “The Satanic Rituals”, are examples of ceremony.

Lastly, The universe contains a push/pull effect that must be adhered to, what goes up, must come down. One can not push while pulling and vise-versa. To a lesser degree, gravity is a fine example: what goes up must come down. The universe is full of cause and effect. This is an important effect to remember in performing magic in general.

One might argue that because of the universes push/pull effect, there is a 7 fold law and use it as an excuse to not perform destructive rites. Bullshit, bullshit, bullshit! The only reason any magical ritual backfires onto the magician is the fact that the magician himself or herself is that s/he is weak and undeserving of the end result.

Any magical ritual, for example a cures, that is properly performed is only adding to what the universe is pushing down on the victim. The victim, after all is already weaken by his own actions and is disserving of the wraith and the magician is free of any guilt or repercussions.

Now that my concept of magic is explained, what about the actual practice? "The Satanic Bible", "The Satanic Witch", and "The Satanic Rituals" provide rites for both group and solitary as well as a well thought out system of lesser magic. However, one may not restrict themselves to just these texts. As a novice, I highly recommend that you decide what attracts you the most. If you're into the gothic setting of LaVey's rite at the end of "TBS", them read up on similar books. If you're interested in Egyptian mythology, then read the "Egyptian Book of the Dead" and read up on material by the OTO (Thelma) and the Temple of Set.

Just keep in mind that as a novice, keep things simple and stick to the basics. Performing experiments after careful study of the subject and have taken the time to work out step by step what the ritual will consist of. In a few pages, I will give a detailed guide to a simple ritual, but first I want to go over the tools of the trade.


The Ritual Chamber


The Ritual Tools


The ritual chamber is where all the magic happens. This area is the special place where rituals and any other magical operation is performed. Usually, I would recommend a separate room for this. But any area that can be set aside for the alter itself, or place where one can be erect and disassembled when needed. It doesn't matter where, so long as there is a place that can act as a ritual room/chamber, your in good shape.

Next is the point down pentagram/pentacle. A pentagram is a five point star in a circle while a five point star alone is a pentacle. The point down star has always been associated with the left hand path and of Satan. While the point up star is often associated with the right hand path. There must be a point down star above the alter in honor of Satan.

The Altar is to face west because wile the east symbolic of spirituality and Satanism is oppose to the spiritual, west is chosen. Alters of past religions have always been made of flesh and blood. Satanism not being not far from being different. The difference is that during group rite's, a living nude woman is used and is not chopped to death. However, during solitary rite's, a nude woman is not required and any raised platform is good. The altar surveys as the focal point for the rite.

The atheme/sword is associated with power and the masculine. It is to be used in invocating the deities except Isis and Lilith. The atheme serves as a symbol for both power, masculinity, and Satan.

The Chalice is associated with sensuality and femininity, the chalice is used while invocating Isis as she is my symbol for femininity and other things. Also the chalice is used to invocate Lilith as being not only a female but also the spirit of the feminist movement.

Black robes are recommended, but all black clothing will be fine. Also a necklace with a point down star should be worn.

A black candle should sit on the left side of the altar to represent the left hand path, while a white candle should site on the rite to symbolize the right hand path. More on candles later on this document.

A bell is used at the start and end of the rite to purifies and to pollute the air with in the magical area.

The elixir of life may be anything the magician prefers such as water, tea, coffee, etc. This liquid is the symbol of the life force that flown within all the living universe, including everything on earth.

An incense burner is needed for burning incense. Burning incense is to release the energy from the herbs, spices, ect.

What follows is my panted, tried and true method of ritual magic. This is in no way a one all, be all type of rite. Do some outside reading and adjust this rite according to your needs. There aren't rite or wrong answers here, but I encourage to explore the subject as little or as much as you want.


A Simple Satanic Ritual


This is a basic ritual that one can start with. I have created this as a new standard ritual that I use in my own rituals. If all this sounds confusing.


1 Dress for ritual (robes/black clothing and the star of Satan are placed onto the body properly).

2 Assemble devices for ritual; light candles and shut out all outside light sources.

3 Purification of the air by ringing of the bell.

4 Incense and oils, if any are to be used, are light and rubbed onto candles, the body, etc..

5 “Invocation to Satan” are now said by Priest/Tess.

6 Drink from chalice. This is symbolic of taking communion with the spirits, I may not believe in the literal existence, but have imagination.

7 This step is the high point in the ritual and is where your will is manifested. Simply stating the why, what for of the ceremony and what you want out of it is just enough. Anton LaVey gives, in my opinion, a good example of what to do here. In the next section, I will give some steps as to what I do during this point of the ritual.

8 Ringing of the Bell as pollutionary, and then the words "SO IT IS DONE" are spoken by the priest. Candles are extinguished.





Further Explanations of my Basic Ritual


Anton LaVey’s basic ritual that is found in TBS is and of itself a ritual and during step 7, you may use his step 10 rituals here, but if you want more options or simply looking to experiment, here are a few tips.

For curses, I use LaVey’s Voodoo doll that is found in the “Satanic Witch” during this part. I usually have one pre made because of the link of time it takes to make the doll. This voodoo doll spell can be used, like any spell, by itself. I am not going to reiterate the steps of this voodoo doll because it can already be found in LaVey’s “Satanic Witch”

Another example is that you can draw an inverted 5 pointed star write the word Satan at each point then draw a circle around it then write your desirer around that and then draw another circle around that. During a rite state your desire, then thrust the athama through the paper and burn it in the appropriate candle (curses in the white and blessing in the black).

Lastly these are my steps and my beliefs. The reader should take it upon themselves to read up on Satanism and run there own magical experiments to discover what works for them.


Further Study

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