if my heart could speak

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IF MY heart could speak is poem about life and faith never lose faith in GOD HE READS THE HEART BECAUSE THE HEART ALWAYS HAS A STORY TO TELL.

Submitted: January 07, 2013

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Submitted: January 07, 2013




If  my  heart  could  speak  it would  tell a story  of  sadnesspain and  fear  of the  unknown  world  of  time  and  space. IF  my heart  could  speak  it  would  tell youa story  of  a woman  whopray  to her  GOD

 for  just  one more  day to feel  the  rays  of  the  sun shine  within  this  old  soul  of  mine  she  prayed to  GOD .I’m  but  the shell of  an poor  child  lost  in darknesseyes  open but  cannot see  the  light she said.

If  my heart  could  speak  it  would  tell  youthatit  has  grown  weakfrom  all  theyears  that  she  has suffer  for  years  with  pain  that  should  have  taken  all  that  she  ever known  about life  there will be  times  when  life throws  stumble blocks in life

  then there are  things  in life  that  just  knock  you off  your  feet  things that  will take  your  breath  away  she  continuedpraying  toGOD .I know that  there  would  bemountings  to clime  rivers  to cross  .if my heart could speak  it  would  tell  you  that  GOD  is  a mighty GOD 

screaming  out  to  death  I well come  you  in to  my  world  this  pain  controls  all  that  she  has  to  give 

Mind ,body  and soulas  shelay  in  hospital  unable  to take a  breathe  code blues  andthe  fear of  death  consumedher  as  the  pain  grown  stranger  hospital  says  are  getting  longer  death  beganto be more of  a friend  than a  enemy  the  fearof  deathbecomesmore  of an  greeting 

She thought to herself

She fell  to  her kneesGOD  I give  myselfto you  for  you  are  the  only  salvation  ofa new beginning  a light  that  shines  bright  giving  my  heart  a reason  to  beat 

My eyesa reason to seethatthere may bejusta beam of light out there somewhereif my heart could speak

 she  laid  her head  down  on to her  pillow  secure  with  her  faithshe  said  in  a whispered  to  GOD ,GODlet  your  power speakthrough the  heart of all who  has lost  their  way  fell to the wayside 

there are  no place  to lay their  head  no food  to  eat  worthless  cast ways  as they are  passed  by like  trash  on  the side  of  the streetshomeless  and  alone  no family left to carry on  invisible no more than humanwaste  tears  ran down  here  checks  as she  continued  to  pray 

Heavenly father weeping to herselfthis ismy brother my sister sons and daughters cold with nobodytook the timeto care lend a helping hand listen to the heart the story that it would tell

If the heart could heart could speak


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