My View on Tenable

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My View on Tenable:

This is my article on Tenable.
Tenable is a daytime quiz show hosted by actor and comedian Warwick Davies.
Where a team of five people would be chosen by their captain to take on a tricky tenable tower. The team have three nominates where they ask a team mate for an answer to help them out. Their aim is to get five questions to earn a thousand pounds and have a place alongside their captain (whose automatically through to the final.) if the player reaches a thousand pounds they can play on if they’re brave enough to win twenty five thousand pounds for their prize fund. However, if they lose their life and give another incorrect answer they go to the vortex and try to be won back by their captain. Throughout each of the five rounds before the final the captain can overrule a player’s answer if they think their answer they’ve given is incorrect and come up with answer to replace the players’ answer. But they can overrule once in each of the rounds.
In the final to win their prize money they have to give all ten answers and cannot confer and have to choose between two categories.
It really is a fun game to watch and Warwick Davies’ personality brings an extra specialness to the show.

Submitted: January 15, 2020

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