My View on the ITV Crime and Punishment Season

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Submitted: February 12, 2020

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Submitted: February 12, 2020



My View on the ITV Crime and Punishment Season:

This is my article on the ITV crime and punishment season.
In this ITV series called crime and punishment Gordon Ramsay, Piers Morgan, Sir Trevor McDonald, and Susanna Reid go and interview criminals and try to understand the hidden world within their minds and their reasoning behind it. Also the international cocaine trade, police officers and how we punish offenders in Britain and across the world today.
Here’s a better insight of what the ITV crime and punishment entails.

Crime & Punishment


ITV has announced a brand new season of high impact, compelling documentary films under the ‘Crime & Punishment’ banner for the autumn.


Big name talent, including Gordon Ramsay, Ross Kemp, Susanna Reid, Sir Trevor McDonald and Piers Morgan will front films offering viewers a fresh insight into hidden worlds, the criminal mind, the international cocaine trade, police investigations and how we punish offenders in Britain today.


The run of films will be shown in consecutive weeks this autumn.  With unprecedented access to a team of UK homicide detectives, Sir Trevor McDonald shows how the vital ‘golden hour’, starting the moment a murder is reported, can make or break solving the case. Susanna Reid reveals the inside story of one of Britain’s most shocking recent murder cases, the killing of Becky Watts, featuring previously unseen interviews. Ross Kemp spends a week inside one of Britain’s most iconic prisons – getting a taste of jail on both sides of the bars. Gordon Ramsay explores the world of cocaine and its links to a global trail of crime and devastation, from Columbian farms to Britain’s streets, including some of London’s most glamorous postcodes.  And Piers Morgan travels to a US maximum security prison to interview one of America’s most vicious and cunning killers.


The Crime & Punishment season is commissioned for ITV by Sue Murphy, Head of Factual Entertainment and Jo Clinton-Davis, Controller of Factual.


Sue Murphy said: “Crime and the way we treat prisoners are subjects of great importance in modern Britain.  It affects us all and tells us much about the dark side of human nature and society. In this season of brand new crime programmes, well-known figures immerse themselves in challenging and often dangerous precincts, to bring ITV viewers an authentic, unflinching insight into hidden and extreme worlds.  Meeting people who live on both sides of the law, the films offer unique perspectives on how criminals operate, how they are caught and the consequences they face.”


Films commissioned in the run include:




Produced by Potato 1X60


Presented by Sir Trevor McDonald, with innovative access to the Northumbria homicide team, An Hour To Catch A Killer takes viewers to the heart of the all-important window of time that can make or break a murder investigation – the ‘Golden Hour’.  This principle, outlined in British Police’s Murder Investigation Manual, describes how the decisions detectives make during that first hour impact on whether or not they catch the killer.


Homicide detectives from Northumbria Police force start filming themselves from the second a call comes in, when the clock starts ticking on their chances of finding the culprit. For the first time the entire murder squad wear HD body Cameras, recording every moment as the first 60 minutes counts down.

This ‘moving rig’ filming allows unrestricted access to the heart of the investigation, taking viewers inside the crime scene where camera crew can’t ordinarily go because their presence would contaminate evidence.


From then on the programme has access to every level of the investigation as it develops, placing the viewer at the sharp end to get an insight into every move made by those leading  the case as they try to close in on the killer. And the programme stays with them until the perpetrator is found and charged.


Sir Trevor McDonald, who meets the family of the young woman brutally murdered in the tragic case the film follows, said: “An Hour To Catch A Killer will reveal the expertise of Northumbria Police's Homicide Team, through unprecedented access to every layer of the investigation. The use of Body Worn Cameras will provide an incredibly intimate insight into the crucial 'Golden Hour' of a murder inquiry as we follow the team's race against the clock to catch the killer.”


Presented by Sir Trevor McDonald

Filmed and Directed by John Holdsworth

Executive Producers:  Ed Taylor, Michael Kelpie





Produced by Studio Ramsay 2x60


This two-part film shows Gordon Ramsay as viewers have never seen him before, stripping away the veneer of cocaine’s glamorous image to expose how behind the powder many Brits consume as part of a night out lies a trail of criminality, cruelty and death driving its global trade.


Britain is the biggest consumer of cocaine in Europe and in Gordon’s own business, the restaurant trade, it’s rife. He’s witnessed it wreck the careers of colleagues and tragically he lost his close friend and chef protégé to a cocaine overdose in 2003.


In this two-part series Gordon’s journey takes him to South and Central America where he witnesses the illegal “cooking” process by which the drug is made, meets hired assassins and a big time drug-smuggler, is witness to the immediate aftermath of a cocaine-related murder and experiences the harsh reality of the ‘war on drugs’ by joining an elite Colombian anti-narcotics unit on a helicopter raid.


Back in the UK, Gordon joins police to catch a dealer and coke-taking drug-drivers, witnesses the arrest of couriers on their way to a major deal carrying tens of thousands of pounds and handles 30 kilos of freshly confiscated cocaine at a police testing lab.  And he reflects on the challenge of tackling the damage done by cocaine, regarded by many casual users as harmless fun, as he meets a UK dealer and a recovering addict.


Gordon Ramsay said: “I’ve wanted to understand the 'world' of cocaine ever since I lost one of my chefs at my flagship restaurant in Chelsea and I wanted to learn why it’s becoming such an epidemic not just globally but specifically in the culinary world. Understanding and seeing how it’s made, transported, distributed, abused and prevented, has opened my eyes to the dreadfully dark side of cocaine that is simply not talked about and shown me that it’s far from glamorous and harmless. The documentary is gritty and shocking, but importantly an eye opener and hopefully a real education to all those in our industry and beyond. I dare anyone to watch this series and not think again about taking cocaine."





Produced by STV Productions – 1x60


With unprecedented access, Ross Kemp immerses himself in prison life at the sharp end in HMP Barlinnie in Glasgow, the iconic prison that has served the city for almost 150 years. 


Shot over seven days with Ross, the film sees him meeting both prisoners and prison officers to taste what it’s like to serve time and work inside walls which have a dark past, as he discovers stories of the executions and the violent siege which have earned the jail its tough reputation.


Ross joins lifers as they prepare for freedom, works in the jail’s kitchen and meets repeat offenders who struggle to end their life of crime. 


Ross Kemp said: “I’m delighted to be working with ITV and STV Productions on a documentary about HMP Barlinnie in Glasgow. I’m looking forward to spending time not only with the inmates but also with the prison officers and attempting to get to the heart of what makes this iconic prison tick and trying to understand why so many who leave prison, often return.”





Produced by Plum Pictures – 1x60


In an extraordinary and chilling film, Piers Morgan enters Florida’s maximum security Blackwater Prison to interview one of America’s most vicious and cunning killers, Mark Reibe.


He has confessed to the abduction and murder of thirteen young women but then suddenly withdrew his confession. So how many did he really kill?


Reibe is serving life for the murder of one woman Donna Callaghan, but police are convinced he killed many more.


In a tense head-to-head, Reibe tries to manipulate Piers with his lies as he is challenged to finally tell the truth.


Piers Morgan said: “The serial killer subject of this programme is the single most dangerous person I have ever encountered - a man who ruthlessly preyed on dozens of young women, killing as many as 13. He ended our interview by ripping off his microphone and storming off as I confronted him about the full scale of his barbaric murder spree. In that moment, viewers will see him for what he is: an apparently normal, mild-mannered and slightly built human being capable of sudden furious rage. It is both a riveting encounter and a shocking insight into the warped, twisted mind of a serial killer.”





Produced by The Garden Productions 1x60


When 16-year-old Becky Watts went missing in 2015, it sparked a major police investigation and dominated headlines nationwide. Everyone was desperate to find the missing teenager. But only two people knew where she was – Becky’s stepbrother Nathan, and his girlfriend Shauna.


Featuring Becky’s family telling presenter Susanna Reid about the impact of this appalling crime, this new film has unprecedented access to never before seen footage recorded by the police at the heart of the investigation, revealing for the first time the astonishing inner workings of the case and the strategy and skill the detectives used to catch Becky’s killers.


Featuring incredible video footage and new first person testimony from the police, the documentary lifts the lid on the the 'cat and mouse' between the police and the suspects that played out in the interview room and the tactics that drove every step of this complex investigation, which ultimately caught the killers who thought they could get away with the brutal murder of a teenage girl on their doorstep.


Susanna said: "Hearing from a devastated family which has lost a young girl to such a shocking crime brings home how vital it is for killers to be brought to justice. And in this film we see an incredibly close, eye-opening perspective on how the culprits try to cover their tracks and the way detectives use their experience, expert skills and instincts to unravel their lies in their tireless determination to uncover the truth."

I have watch two of the ITV crime and punishment season one with Piers Morgan who interviewed a young man from the US who murdered his younger sister. As well as Sir Trevor McDonald who interviewed a man from the US who was a serial killer and had had raped numerous women. Sometimes as the viewer you try and make sense of why they did it. But at the end of the day they’re all paying the price for what they’ve done. Some of these criminals have carried out the most horrific acts which make you sick to the stomach.

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