Stand Up For What You Believe In

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Stand Up For What You Believe In:


The day of the protest march dawned. Patients and their families, mental health nurses, mental health support workers, psychiatrists, psychologists, peer support coordinators, mental health consultants, and chair person from mental health organisations Pathways 2, and Mind began their march to 10 Downing Street as they were angry with government for the cuts they had done to the mental health sector and were fuming over what Tessa Mey’s chancellor Phillip Hammington had said in his budget in his budget speech as he was giving resources such a 24/7 Crisis Team, as well as special ambulances to deal with for example were already in place and they all knew it wasn’t going to work. Zackary and his parents were one of the families protesting. As since Zackary was diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder back in June 2012. They were disgusted with the help they were receiving . Zackary’s biological mother Emma-Jane had received better care than Zackary was now as she was given respite places where she could admit herself whenever she needed to. But thanks to former prime minister Terry Blank had got rid of these respite places and instead the patients and their families were suffering in silence or having to the Crisis Team or the Samaritans helpline who were very unhelpful and advised the families to call the police who were not trained in mental health!

The board of the mental health organisations of Pathways2 and Mind had written a letter to Tessa Mey and had a petition of over a thousand signatures to change the way the mental health sector was being managed and run and wanted the government to act and make changes with immediate effect!

By having this protest at least all of the people involved in the mental health sector as well as the patients and their families who suffered with some sort of ,mental illness could now have their voices to be heard and hoped that the government would now do something about it. All they could now is wait and see what happened!


Submitted: May 25, 2022

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