The Aftermath of The Murder of Reverend Susan Green

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( This story was based on the murder mystery board game Cluedo)

The Aftermath of The Murder of Reverend Susan Green:


It was judgement day for Father Winston White who was a retired vicar who worked for St Mark and St John church and was now living ay the St Alphaeus Ashram on Castleton Towers and was now on trial for the murder of Reverend Susan Green.
“I’d like to call Father Winston White to the stand” said the barrister.

Father White made his way to the stand.
“Father White, how long did you know Reverend Green for?” she asked.
“Roughly fifteen years” he responded.

“ You were angry with Reverend Green  why was that?”  queried the barrister

“ I’m a very old fashion Christian and I don’t think it’s acceptable to have women in the church as priests or in any high status role such as a Deacon, or bishop for example!” he explained.

“I see!” aid the barrister.

“Could you kindly tell the court  what happened that night?” requested the barrister.

Winston nodded.

“ I went to  went to the Our Lady of Light Chapel to do my private prayer as it’s my evening routine . When I entered the chapel I noticed Reverend Green kneeling at the altar in pray. I saw a brass candlestick at the back of the room so I quietly went and picked it up and whacked her around the head. After realising that I had committed a sin by killing somebody whilst in prayer I quickly left!” he told the court.

“Thank you Father White!” said the barrister as Winston was escorted back to the defence boxaccompanied by a prison officer.
After the defence and prosecution barristers had given their closing statements. The jury went and deliberated their verdict.
The next day dawned
“Could the defendant please stand” said the usher.
Winston stood up.
“Could the foreman of the jury stand” the usher asked.
The foreman of the jury stood up.
“Have you all reached a verdict that you all agree?” the usher questioned.
“Yes!” said the foreman of the jury.
“Do you find the defendant Father Winston Archibald White guilty or not guilty for the murder of Reverend Susan Margaret Green?he usher queried.

“Guilty!” the foreman of the jury responded. 

“Father Winston White you’ve been found guilty of the murder of Reverend Susan Margaret Green. I  sentence you to the gallows where you’ll hung by the neck until death” the judge ordered.

Winston had shown no  remorse for the crime he had committed as in his view Reverend Susan Green shouldn’t have not been allowed near the altar or be the priest of the Parish and knew that these rules should be followed by all Christian ministries! In his opinion he’d done the right thing.

Submitted: November 26, 2021

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