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This is my Grade Nine (but marked as a grade ten) essay for The Most Dangerous Game. Please let me know what should be fixed. Its due tomorrow, so please, read and review!! Thanks.

Submitted: March 21, 2010

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Submitted: March 21, 2010



The film The Most Dangerous Game is intriguing, compelling and interesting for both genders and a wide variety of ages. Focusing on characters, intentions of the author (or setting) and the ending of the both the short story and film, we can see how the movie succeeds at creating a more absorbing atmosphere than the text.

To begin, we will talk about the characters in this film that play major roles in creating an intriguing screen-play. We can see that by adding a female character, Eve, the audience becomes more interested because of the presence of a woman. Thus adding 'sex cells' and romance to the overall storyline. The addition of Martin, Eve's drunkard brother, creates a comical aspect to the otherwise dark and dangerous film. He gives more of a lighter side whilst still amidst the evil Zaroff and adventurous Rainsford.

The additions of these few characters builds a story that is now funny, romantic, suspenseful as well as thrilling. Clearly begetting a multi-dimensional film versus that of the short story.

As we get into the setting of the film versus the short story, we can observe that the film creates a stronger visual scene inside your mind as you go through the many trails the director has shot on.

Though both use the same secluded Caribbean island as their stories' background, the film does a better job at creating a detailed and realistic world that is Ship-Trap Island. The film uses excellent lighting techniques along with capital camera angles to emphasize the vast forests or menacing dogs. We can see exactly what paths Rainsford's has trekked down and in which cave Zaroff killed his last prey inside. We can visualize all of this so well and so clearly because of how the film lays out its background; detailing is everywhere and there is so much to take in. Though the story does well at explaining its setting, the film has the advantage of being able to show us through moving pictures and sound. Ultimately, the setting is further more engraved in our memories because of the actual sighting of the island than just the words on paper.

Finally, we come to our ending which differs between the film and the text substantially. The film ending is much more detailed and clear to the members of the audience than the stories' ending is. We can witness the struggle and the battle between Rainsford and Zaroff and we then know what has actually occurred whereas in the short story, the author leaves the reader to assume what happens between the two and who 'furnishes a repast for the hounds'. Also, we can see Rainsford actually leave the island which gives some assurance to the fact that he probably does not continue murdering or hunting on the island. Whereas with the text, we are left to guess if he stays on Ship-Trap to hunt the best game or if he leaves the island a new man. A second reason why the film ending dominates the short stories' is that the film creates an ending with excitement and thrill that wins over its audience the moment the climax has begun. We are engaged in the film as much as the main characters are because of the intensity of it all. The film's ending offers so many more answers than that of the short story's. Overall, we are more so interested and fulfilled by watching the film's ending as it answers more of our questions and provides an entertaining view to a happy ending.

In conclusion, we can see that the film The Most Dangerous Game does a much more thorough job of entertaining and intriguing its audience. By analyzing the use of characters, the setting created by the author and director along with the view of both endings, we can conclude that the film succeeds at winning over its audience with its stunning romantic, comical and dangerous aspects. After all, it IS The Most Dangerous Game.

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